Blush Wellness Eternal Remote Control Lightweight Rechargeable Wand

The Blush Wellness Eternal Wand is a luxurious silicone rechargeable massage wand with a 4-way remote control, designed for ultimate relaxation and self-care.

  • Crafted from pure Puria™ platinum-cured Silicone and wrapped in satin-smooth Ultrasilk®, this massage wand is both soft to the touch and durable.
  • Enjoy up to 50 minutes of uninterrupted relaxation on a single charge, eliminating the need for constant battery replacements.
  • Easily adjust intensity and vibrating patterns using the 4-way remote control, allowing you to tailor your massage to your preferences.
  • The wand features an ergonomically designed handle for extra reach and ease of use, making it ideal for targeting muscle tension and hard-to-reach areas during your self-care routine