We love lube and all of its many benefits! Lube keeps things gliding smoothly during play while reducing unwanted friction, allowing for more pleasure, and some even moisturize from the inside out! Whether you’re looking for lube to use for solo play or with toys, the best anal sex lube, an edible lube for oral, or a great all-around sex lube, our collection has something for you! Water-based lubes are great all purpose lubes because they’re compatible with all toy materials and condoms, while silicone lube works great in the shower, but shouldn’t be used with silicone toys. Hybrid lubes combine the lasting power of silicone lube with some of the extra viscosity of water-based lube, and oil-based lube is great for longer lasting play (don’t use it on latex barriers, tho)! And remember, when in doubt, add more lube!