Help! My toy won’t turn on!

Some battery-operated toys have a paper slip in the battery compartment to protect the batteries that come with the toy, and it’s easy to mistake this for a defect. Make sure you’ve inspected the battery compartment, placed batteries in their proper positions, and screwed the cap on tightly before assuming it is defective.

Most rechargeable toys need to be given a full charge before use, so let the toy charge to completion before using it for the first time. Refer to the information booklet included for specific charging instructions. Doing so protects the integrity of the battery, much like a cell phone or any other product with a rechargeable battery.

I don’t like this toy, what do I do with it now?

Argh! We’re sorry to hear that your toy isn’t the bees knees. All of our products are amazing and high-quality, but we can’t always account for personal preferences. Sometimes finding the *perfect* sex toy is a bit of trial and error, since we can’t realistically allow you to “test-drive” toys before purchase. Luckily, sex toys are versatile, and can be used so many different ways! Feel free to get creative with how you use your toy, it can take a little experimentation to find the best way to use a toy on your body. Vibrating cock rings, dildos and butt toys can always make for great external vibrators, masturbation sleeves are great for slipping over a vibrator for some extra texture, and any vibrator makes for a great body massager! Feel free to leave toy reviews, or send us your opinions for future improvements.

Does Spectrum have a brick & mortar shop?

At the moment, we are online only, but we are happy to assist you and provide personal recommendations via email (or even via DMs!)

How do I clean my toys?

Refer to our materials page for all you need to know about cleaning and care!

What kind of lubes can I use with my toys?

Our materials page covers this as well, hooray!

I’m trying to buy a gift for someone, what the heck should I get them?

It’s nearly impossible to assume what someone else will like, since we all like different things. If you know this person very intimately, it’s certainly possible to make an educated guess. We always recommend books, lubes, and massage products because they are very versatile and can be appreciated by just about anyone! You could also get them a gift card.

My package is not complete! Where is the rest of my stuff?

Sometimes products ship in two separate package depending on their size and dimensions, so your order may arrive in two separate packages. You may have only received the first part of your shipment, and the rest of your items should be arriving shortly! If this is not the case, email info@spectrumboutique.com and we will sort it out as soon as possible.

Can I put this in my butt?

On each product page, there is a “specs” tab. Go to the toy’s page, click on the “specs” tab, and if “anal” is listed as a spec, the toy is anal-friendly! As a general rule of thumb, do not insert anything anally unless it has a definitely stopping point (such as a base) or a strong, reinforced pull cord (kegel balls, for instance, do not have pull cords strong enough to make them safe for anal use.) This is because the anus has a vacuum-like quality to it, and it’s very easy for toys to get sucked inside due to the great amount of pressure the butt has. Unlike the vaginal canal, there is no end to the anal canal, and if the toy were to reach the colon it would pose a great health risk and medical assistance would be needed immediately. Spectrum Boutique is not liable for the misuse of toys resulting in medical injury.

I drank a bottle of lube!! Will I be okay?

We definitely don’t recommend drinking lube in mass quantities because that would be quite pricey, but all of our lubes are body-safe, ingestible, and are in no way poisonous. Product ingredients are listed on each product page, as well as on the bottles, if you are concerned.

Will my package/billing statement say “SPECTRUM” on it?

All billing and shipping is 100% discreet, guaranteed! All order arrive in a plain white box with no logos or indicators that you ordered from a sex toy store.

I’m not sure the thing I got is the thing I ordered, how can I double-check?

Shoot us an email at info@spectrumboutique.com and we’ll get to the bottom of this!

I lost the charge cord for my toy, how do I get a new one?

All rechargeable products come with their own charger, but if you’ve broken or misplaced a charger, there are ways of replacing it. We recommend contacting the brand or manufacturer directly!

How old do I have to be to order from Spectrum?

U.S. law requires you to be 18 or older to order from Spectrum Boutique.

Is this toy waterproof?

Product packaging is often misleading. Many products that are not waterproof boast waterproof capabilities. If you aren’t sure whether a toy is waterproof or not, go to the product page, and click on the “specs” tab. If the toy is listed as “splash-proof”, this means the toy is shower-friendly, but should not be submersed. If the toy is listed as “waterproof”, then the toy is, in fact, waterproof and can be submersed. If a toy plugs into a wall outlet, do not use the toy near water, and spot-clean the toy while unplugged. Spectrum Boutique is not liable for any injury resulting from misuse of a toy.

Can I transmit STIs/diseases by sharing this toy?

Our materials page goes over what materials can be disinfected, and how to go about doing so. In general, placing a condom over a toy is a great way to make clean-up easy while also preventing the transmission of STIs.