JO Premium Silicone Cooling Lubricant

JO Cool – A uniquely invigorating personal lubricant that cools and tingles. Silky smooth and long lasting, this silicone lube can also be used as a skin moisturizer, conditioner & massage oil. Non-sticky & fragrance-free, apply as needed or desired, but stop use if irritation occurs. Keep away from kids & pets; slippery on surfaces, wipe spills immediately. Not a contraceptive/spermicide.

  • JO Cool: a unique lube with a cooling and tingling sensation
  • Silky smooth & long-lasting, also usable as massage oil and skin moisturizer
  • Non-sticky & fragrance-free, apply liberally and wipe spills promptly
  • Keep away from children & pets; not a contraceptive/spermicide

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