With so many anal toys in butt land, it’s hard to pick one that meets all your needs in. b-Vibe is a butt toy company that I confidently recommend to anyone looking for anything in the booty realm. 

I recently collaborated with b-Vibe on the Texture Collection, and chose to design my first line of toys with them because they create sex toys the way that everyone else should be manufacturing toys. b-Vibe has quickly become one of the most innovative sex toy companies, so much so that their new releases and technology cast echoes of design inspiration (and sadly imitation) to other manufacturers who follow in their footsteps. I think it’s safe to say that b-Vibe’s quick success has proven that it’s finally time we treat butt toys with the same attention and detail as we have with vibrators.

Most brands try to churn out product release as fast as they can, which makes for a lot of half baked ideas and faulty manufacturing. b-Vibe has an extensive and ever expanding selection of toys, yet it’s clear that each piece had a lot of thought into it. Most companies don’t even product-test with actual people before bringing products to market (seriously!) yet b-Vibe gets user input and feedback before finalizing designs—which is very obvious to me as someone who has used many a toy that makes me go… who is this even for? Does this work on ANY human body?

Just about any of b-Vibe’s shapes are equally as thrilling in a front hole as they are in a back hole.

And unlike other brands, b-Vibe works closely with their manufacturing facility, which means that their design and manufacturing teams are in close communication. The average toy company either buys prefabricated shapes from a manufacturer without any design input, or they send off their ideas to a facility overseas and hope for the best. While b-Vibe products are a little bit more than other butt toys, I rarely if ever encounter a customer who received a defective b-Vibe toy or a toy that dies prematurely. Purchasing a higher quality toy means that you get to enjoy it for longer, not spend money on a replacement when it dies within a year or two, and there’s less waste because you’re not replacing a cheap toy over and over again. I think b-Vibe toys are very much worth the extra cost.

No matter what you’re looking for in a sex toy, b-Vibe has you covered. Here’s a bit more about why I love b-Vibe, and which lines to look for based on what you want from a sex toy. Even though they’re butt toys, I think you’ll see how truly versatile they are.

1. Butt plug, meet VAJ plug!

Just about any of b-Vibe’s shapes are equally as thrilling in a front hole as they are in a back hole. Take it from me, the Rimming Plug and Twist from the Texture Collection are exquisite in a vagina. In fact, I know many people who use the weighted Snug Plugs as vaginal weights for kegel exercises. Because these plugs are made from silicone, you can clean them easily without worrying about a bacteria transfer from butt to vagina. There’s something about the lower taper on a torpedo-shaped butt plug that gives my g-spot some extra lovely sensations that no dildo can provide. I also HIGHLY recommend double penetration with a plug in the vagina and another one in the butt—the bases are so slim that there’s no crowding outside and you can still access your opening with a finger if you want to add that into the mix too!

The main difference between a plug vs. an anal friendly dildo is that a plug is designed to allow the anus (or vaginal opening) to close around a thin neck towards the base, whereas a dildo generally does not get skinnier towards the base. Dildos tend to be used more for in-and-out motions, while plugs are designed to go in and stay in. So when a plug is used vaginally, the weight of it is pressing against the g-spot (especially if you have a shallow g-spot like me) even more than a dildo if you were to just sit on it. 

2. Butt plug dance party!!! By far the best plugs for longer term wear.

Sure, you can always wear a butt plug in the privacy of your own home, but wearing one out and about is an arousing secret for you (and perhaps a special friend as well!) I know people who have worked 8 hour shifts on their feet with a butt plug in…muahaha! The same benefits of the thin neck of a plug for vaginal use is obviously also true for anal plugs and the anus—and the weight of the Snug Plugs against the inside of your booty hole are exactly what makes the Snug Plug line such a genius design.

While all plugs slim down towards the base, Snug Plugs are the only butt toys with a neck so slim that my butt hole feels almost entirely closed around it. The weight also makes it so that you can actually feel the plug (in a good way) as you move. In general, if you’re going to be wearing a plug for a while, a large neck on a plug is going to become uncomfortable quickly. No one wants your anus pried open when you’re trying to focus on and enjoy the internal sensations of a butt plug (unless of course that’s your thing!) Best of all, there are even vibrating versions of Snug Plug available.

3. Just as good for beginners as it is for advanced players

The Snug Plug line has 5 sizes that range from 0.8” in diameter to 2” in diameter, which means there is truly something for everyone in this line. But aside from the Snug Plugs which I obviously can’t stop talking about, there is also the Anal Training and Education Set, which has a little bit of everything. Ideal for those who want a range of sizes right off the bat, this kit includes a small solid silicone plug, a medium vibrating plug, and a large weighted plug—as well as a bunch of accessories and an educational booklet. Honestly, you could get this kit as a first time anal toy purchase and immediately be living a life of anal luxury. 

I am also a huge fan of the Novice Plug—while it may be a bit pricey for a first time plug purchase, it has everything a first time butt plug needs to make it a viable choice for beginners. It’s got a tapered tip, a slim diameter, and VIBRATION! The tapered tip makes the “tipping in” insertion of it much more manageable than plugs with thicker ends, and the vibration really helps the sphincter relax. Bless this plug!!

If there’s one type of toy that should have mandatory educational literature with every purchase, it’s anal toys

4. Education in every box

If there’s one type of toy that should have mandatory educational literature with every purchase, it’s anal toys, and b-Vibe has created an educational booklet that goes in every toy box. Not only does it provide accurate information, it’s also written in an inclusive manner that doesn’t assume the user’s gender, orientation, or reason for wanting to play with their butt. As b-Vibe’s 2019 slogan says, “Everybody has a butt!”—yet many toy companies still choose to gender their toys because apparently alienating customers works for them…

5. A butt plug, but make it EXTERNAL

Sure, most of us don’t consider plugs external toys, but when a butt plug has a STRONG motor with lots of speed control, why not use it as an external massager? In fact, the Texture Collection is a real treat to rub up on. With lube, each plug is smooth enough that it won’t stick or catch on the material, but the textures provide delicious crevices to moosh your bits against. There have been many occasions where I’ve been traveling (or too lazy to get up and get another toy to use) and have used my vibrating butt toys as a Swiss Army Knife sex toy—a thing for external, vaginal and/or anal use. Vibrators tend to follow the same general design and silhouette, so if you’re ever in the mood to change it up, I highly recommend going for a more non-traditional shape for external play! 

I love watching companies that care about education and inclusivity succeeding, and it’s clear that b-Vibe toys were all created with the user’s experience kept in mind the entire time. When there’s this much thought put into a sex toy, it really translates into the experience when using a toy. I think it’s great to go for a toy you can afford over no toy at all, but this is a brand where you absolutely get what you pay for, and your butt deserves the best!!!


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