A Super Smashing Sex Toy Gift Guide

The Gifts That Keep on Giving

Sex toys are the closest thing to giving someone on-demand orgasms. But the options can get overwhelming, even within Spectrum Boutique’s carefully curated selection. Here’s a list of my favorite pleasurable giftables, to help narrow down your choices.

Some characteristics that add to a sex toy’s giftability include:

  • Overall quality – Does it do the thing it was designed to do well?
  • Uniqueness – What makes this toy stand out?
  • Versatility – Can its range of sensations suit a variety of moods?
  • Presentation – Do its packaging and design look good? Not every item on this list has sleek packaging, but a sturdy box or pouch for long-term storage sure helps!

Often, you’ll also see a trade-off between versatility and specialization, and that’s okay. It’s good for beginners to have many simple options to explore, while those with already-massive collections would probably prefer something offbeat or oddly specific. There’s something for everyone on this list.

Table of contents

  • Bundles & luxe splurges
  • Dildos
  • Insertable vibrators
  • External vibrators
  • Penis toys
  • Giftables under $30
  • Gift cards

Bundles and luxe splurges

These giftables don’t quite belong in the other categories but go above and beyond in the bougie factor. They are Extra™, and I’d be thrilled to receive the ones I don’t already own.

First up is the Velvet Thruster Mini Teddy and VixSkin Colossus cock extender. The Teddy is a body-safe, handheld fucking machine with a suction cup base. This compact power tool thrusts up to 125 times per minute, with a thrust length of 2.5”. And when you pair it with a VixSkin Colossus extension sleeve, you get a girthy AF, realistically squishy, self-propelled cock. If I had to keep only one powered toy, this would probably be it.

Next is the We-Vibe & Womanizer Discover Gift Box. (NOW DISCONTINUED) This kit includes:

  • The renowned We-Vibe Tango 
  • An older version of the Womanizer Starlet pressure wave stimulator
  • A We-Vibe Dusk plug sleeve (insert it vaginally with the Tango through the loop for hands-free clitoral vibrations!)
  • A single-speed battery edition of their wearable couples’ We-Vibe

… and some other sexy things, like a massage candle and 3.4 oz of lube. The Tango alone retails $80, the Starlet $76, and Dusk $40, so this $169 kit is a great way to get bang for your buck.

Now, imagine something like a touch-free soap dispenser, but for lube. The Experience Warm Lube Dispenser does precisely that. What’s more? It heats your lube or massage oil in under two minutes. So convenient. So delightful.

The b-Vibe Rimming Plug is another excellent pick for the connoisseur who seems to have everything. The tip vibrates, and the beads in the neck spin for a rimming sensation in the anus’s sensitive fine touch receptors. It also comes with a storage case and remote. Available in Petite, Original Size, and XL.

Lastly, Liberator’s Throe is infamously known as “the squirt blanket.” It’s more absorbent than a regular bath towel— and far sexier to the touch. One side has a silky satin finish, and the other is a soft microfiber, blending in with the rest of your bedroom decor.

Best Giftable Dildos

For a dildo with unbeatable “WOW” factor in its packaging, go for njoy. Their products usually come in sturdy boxes with pink or red satin lining inside. (Or, if you get their Eleven… a leather purse.) I love everything made by them:

As far as dual-density dildos go, Vixen Creations’ VixSkin is often my go-to recommendation. The line features a firm core and squishy outer layer for a realistic, flesh-like feeling. There’s a VixSkin dildo for everyone, but I’m partial to the Johnny (read my review) and Gambler.

Lately, though, I’ve been into Uberrime’s dual-density dildos, the Bella and Supero. Both girthy, both firm where it counts and squishy where it counts, and both available in beautiful pearlescent jewel tones. I haven’t written a full review of them yet, but it will include the words, “I am die, and I am cry.”

There’s also a plethora of other silicone artisans to support if you’re looking for something unique. There’s the coveted polka-dot Luzarte Jollet (read my Jollet review). Perhaps an Eggplant Dildo for your friend who loves emojis, or a carrot butt plug. A Split Peaches Screw You to cheer up a friend who’s otherwise screwed over. Or have fun with vibrant stripes, like on the BS Atelier Max or Blush Novelties Avant dildo.

Insertable vibrators

The BMS Factory Swan Wand Classic is thuddy AF and has two very differently-sized insertable ends. One is a very average 1.5” diameter with a gentle curve, and the other 2”. If you’ve ever wanted to insert the Magic Wand’s head, it’s kind of like that. But more tapered and G-spotty.

For an average-sized but still bulbous G-spot vibrator, check out the BMS Pillow Talk Sassy. It’s not as rumbly as the Swan Wand, but make no mistake: its motor outperforms the LELO Mona 2’s. 

Lastly, if you want to gift someone a rabbit vibrator, you must consider the We-Vibe Nova. Other rabbit vibrators often either break contact when you thrust them or are too flimsy to do much for my clit. Not so with the Nova. Its clitoral prong flexes to fit a variety of anatomies and maintains firm external pressure while you thrust. It also features the trademark high-amp vibrations that We-Vibe is known for.

External vibrators

Speaking of high-amplitude vibrations, how could I write a gift guide without including the Magic Wand? Sure, it’s a power tool that you might not want to give to someone new to sex toys, but! It’s a reliable option for those who enjoy broad stimulation with lots of thuddy power. Plus, you can customize it with attachments for G-spot massage or a vibrating penis stroker. I’d definitely suggest the Magic Wand Plus or Rechargeable. Unlike the Original, they have non-porous silicone heads, 4 speeds instead of 2, and the overall vibration quality is rumblier.

If you want broad power in a more compact shape, get the Clandestine Mimic Plus. It’s hella versatile with its sweeping curves, pointy tip, and a slender profile that fits comfortably between bodies. If you want sharp and pinpoint fluttering, consider a Fun Factory Volta, the only rechargeable clit vibe to make me squirt, a Fantasy For Her Ultimate Pleasure, or a NU Sensuelle Trinitii.

Penis toys

Along with the stroker attachment for the Magic Wand, there are also toys designed explicitly for penises. Among them are Fleshlights, of course— soft, high quality, with so many porn star orifice casts to choose from. For a vibrating penis toy, also consider a Fun Factory Manta or Hot Octopuss Jett. The Jett is a set of two powerful battery bullets with a silicone ring sleeve for pressing them against a phallus. You can, of course, use them as a clit vibe too! And if you’ve wanted to cast a vulva into a silicone stroker, there’s the Clone-A-Pussy kit.

Sexy Stocking Stuffers

You don’t have to break the bank to upgrade someone’s toybox. Everything in this section is under $35.

For someone who loves riding their dildos, get a double-sided suction cup. It works as an adapter to turn a flat-based silicone dildo into one that you can mount to a flat surface of your choosing!

Glass dildos are also an elegant but budget-friendly way to play with penetration. My favorite glass toy is the cobalt blue Chrystalino Champ for cervix massage. The Firefly Glass G Wand is also up there. It’s a missile for my A-spot, the erogenous area in front of my cervix.

Finally, Blush Novelties has a range of affordable, body-safe goodies, like the cheeky candy heart plugs and powerful Exposed Nocturnal bullet (review). And their Aria Flutter features a tiny flickering “tongue” for a unique, pinpoint “licking” sensation. It’s like a stripped-down version of the Trinitii. Use it against your clit or nipples. It’s cute, fun, travel-friendly, and only $29.99.

Spectrum Boutique gift cards

If you still want to indulge that special someone in ecstasy but:

  • Can’t afford something luxe that they would love
  • Just don’t know what to get them

…a Spectrum Boutique gift card is a great choice! Choose the amount you want and let them pick their pleasure.

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