Dual Stimulation Made Lazy

Top 6 Simple Twofers

Dual-stimulating sex toys are popular for a reason. Rabbit vibes are the classic example: toys with a shaft for vaginal stimulation, plus an external arm to vibrate the clitoris too.

Wanting to target two pleasure centers at once makes sense, because (1) more pleasure is good! and (2) it’s fairly uncommon to orgasm just from vaginal play. (Our best data says only 20 to 25% of people with vaginas do on a regular basis, without clitoral stimulation during sex.) The clitoris may be called “the only organ that exists exclusively for pleasure,” as it’s the primary way that most people with clits achieve orgasm. But for many, blended stimulation—clitoral plus vaginal—adds even more.

And sex toys make dual stimulation even easier. They can improve reach (allow you to reach down farther, more easily), let you focus on one hotspot while you have the toy hitting the other, or let you come doubly when a partner’s fingers or mouth aren’t wanted or available.

This article will go beyond the traditional rabbit, to toys that thrust into the vagina (rather than stay still and vibrate). And, because rabbits do not fit every body, I’ll also discuss combos of two toys that leave your hands freer—so you’re not having to hold both at once.

1. Happy Rabbit Thrusting / Happy Rabbit Rotating

As you might guess from their names, the Happy Rabbit Thrusting and Happy Rabbit Beaded do a little more than vibrate: they have shafts that thrust and rotate, respectively. This is super-fun (and lazy!) if you enjoy vaginal toys that do more than just sit in place.

Happy Rabbit Thrusting is awesome if you’re someone who loves the G-spot stimulation that comes from thrusting a dildo. Its rounded head massages, almost kneads, the G-spot. Meanwhile, the bunny ears are that classic rabbit shape that surrounds the clitoris right and left. With 10 different vibe functions, the bunny ears are rumbly!

Instead of moving up and down, Happy Rabbit Beaded twirls ’round for a different kind of G-spot massage. See this Happy Rabbit’s head spinning merrily in Spectrum’s hilarious dancing-flower vid!

2. CalExotics Orange County Cutie

It’s a fact that some people like really focused clitoral stimulation; getting that spot targeted straight-on.

The Orange County Cutie by CalExotics has a flippy-flappy external wing that almost flies right at the clit. The rubbing motion is intense on the higher speeds! And the curved shaft is like a thick finger, hooking right down onto the G-spot. It lets you sit back…and do nothing except savor the massage and the fluttering tip.

See it in action, thrusting and flicking here!

3. We-Vibe Sync

Have a penis-owning partner who wants to participate? We-Vibe’s couples toys are designed to be worn during penis-in-vagina sex, so the wearer gets hands-free vibes on their clit. And both partners feel the vibes from the insertable arm, which sits against the G-spot.

But hey, you don’t have to use them with another person: pair Sync, Match, or Unite with your favorite dildo too, or just wear it while you’re Netflix-and-chilling with yourself!

Right now there are 3 We-Vibe wearables, with Unite offering the least features and Sync the most. Match (the middle option) and Sync (the premium one) are both app-controlled, so you can change the vibe patterns through your phone and create lots of custom rhythms. Sync’s adjustable joints allow it to bend most comfortably—especially helpful if you’re not 100% “average” in terms of clit-to-vagina distance.

4. Uberrime Sensi + Bullet Vibrator

Because clitoris-to-vagina distance does vary from person to person, some people with clits will have a hard time getting an excellent alignment with rabbit vibes and similar two-in-one stimulators. To ensure a perfect fit, two different toys are the securest route.

If you want to go 100% hands-free with your dildo, the Uberrime Sensi is perfect because it was created as a vaginal plug. It’s meant to sit still. The silicone is very squishy, excellent for clenching around as you get more aroused. Or to work your pelvic floor—Sensi can be a strengthening tool. It’s something like a stress ball for the vagina!

Bullet vibes are small vibrators that are easy to hold and easy to target the clit with. See the Sensuelle Point for your best bang for under $50, or go with the renowned We-Vibe Tango for the rumbliest bullet in town.

Confession: this was originally going to be a top 5 list, but I figured, Why not go a little further???

5. We-Vibe Melt + Your Choice of Dildo

The We-Vibe Melt is the most compact, ergonomic air pulsation (Womanizer-type) toy around. This clit-blower was made to fit better between bodies during penetration. As such, it’s also a helluva lot easier to use alongside a dildo than the Womanizer Premium and Lelo Sonas too: Melt’s body ends at the mouth, rather than sticking out toward the vagina (blocking precious ground). And it curves beautifully, bending upward to rest against the user’s pubic mound.

The only question is which dildo to use with it! Non-representational dildos are a very valid choice… And the body-safe realistic choices just keep getting better. Check out dual-density silicone for the most lifelike feel: the Blush Neo Elite lineup is incredibly affordable platinum silicone, or the VixSkin Mustang is a perennial favorite—the one the most people find the most realistic.

6. Butt Plug + Wand Vibrator

Confession: this was originally going to be a top 5 list, but I figured, Why not go a little further??? Anal plugs can add a lot of feeling to clitoral (or penis) stimulation.

Any butt plug will do this, but I particularly suggest (1) a textured plug or (2) a weightier plug for more pressure.

  1. For texture, see the new b-Vibe X Zoë Ligon Vibrating collection—whoa, more sensation!
  2. And for weight: the b-Vibe Snug Plugs are available in 5 sizes, from quite small to thick; and 2 sizes that vibrate your booty. Inside their silicone body, all Snug Plugs have weighted balls that jiggle around while you’re moving your body. Or just lie back and feel the extra heaviness while you…

…stimulate your whole pelvic floor with a wand vibrator. Wands are known for being the strongest handheld vibes. Their power carries to stimulate structures deeper in the pelvic floor: like the internal clitoris and PC muscles. The Vibratex (Hitachi) Magic Wands are classic vibes, known for being kick-ass for decades. In particular, check out the Magic Wand Plus for the most power power plus speed range, or the Magic Wand Rechargeable if you prefer going cordless. (I do!)

And if you want a fully waterproof wand for use in the shower or truly wet play, then try the “starts-strong, gets-stronger” FemmeFunn Ultra Wand and its Boost function!

Since the anal canal has lots of nerve endings, you’re likely to feel even more aroused than usual after inserting a plug. Chill out for a minute and listen to your body…or jump right in with your favorite external vibe. Either way, a plug with a good flared base will sit still and stimulate so your hands are free to do whatever you like.


Of course this is far from a complete guide, and very clit and vag-centered: dual stimulation can involve more way erogenous zones too. Consider nipple toys in combo with any clit toy, or a prostate plug paired with your favorite penis toy or partnered sex. As always, explore your own preferences to find the most pleasure.

I hope this run-down has given you some ideas about first-rate toys that do more. Have fun!


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