Have a Love Affair with a New Toy

Prioritize Sexual Self-Care

If you’re feeling hungry and there’s nothing in the kitchen, you buy food. When you’re feeling bored, you buy something entertaining. So when you’re feeling horny, you buy a sex toy from your favorite sex shop. Everything should be that simple! The coronavirus pandemic is forcing us to navigate an economic crisis on top of a global pandemic, so if a sex toy isn’t at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, that’s totally understandable! While self-care and joy are always worthwhile pursuits, they don’t have to involve spending money or “treating yourself.” There are a lot of inexpensive ways to find a release right now.

If you don’t have extra cash to drop on an expensive vibrator right now, that doesn’t mean you’re going to be left out of finding a great sex toy. There are quality, less expensive options available. So if you’re new to toys or are looking to try something different, starting in the lower range can make a ton of sense. Then, once you figure out exactly what kind of toy works for you, you can upgrade to something more expensive with a similar size, shape, or function.

While an inexpensive toy may be cheaper initially, it can become more expensive in the long run.

If you’re socialized to approach your pleasure as embarrassing or selfish, spending money on it might seem totally unreasonable. This is why it’s important to feel like your bodies and your pleasure are worth being priorities. Expensive toys can save you money in the long run. A warranty might not be the sexiest thing to think about when it comes to your sex toys, but having a good warranty on any electronic device protects you and your investment. While an inexpensive toy may be cheaper initially, it can become more expensive in the long run. Think of it this way, if you buy an expensive toy that has a 30-day warranty and breaks after two months, you have to go back and buy a new one, but If you invest in a toy that has a year (or longer) warranty and it breaks after two months, you’ll be able to get a replacement at no additional cost.

We have to keep in mind how important taking care of yourself is, which means prioritizing your mental, physical and emotional health. It can be particularly difficult when you’re in a relationship to take time for yourself without feeling selfish or demanding. But self-care is important no matter your relationship status. If you and your partner both practice self-care, you will be more understanding, loving, and accepting of yourselves, which will be mirrored in your relationship. A healthy relationship requires two healthy people.

Self Care Groundwork

  • Invest in yourself. Spend at least 15–30 minutes each day doing something you enjoy. 
  • Treat yourself as if you were your own best friend: be kind and supportive.
  • Do something mindful to relax at the end of the day.
  • Take time to appreciate yourself.

The simplest way to upgrade your sex life

Incorporating a good quality body-safe lube into the sex your having is the easiest way to upgrade your playtime, no matter if it’s solo or partnered. AH YES! Organic Water-Based Lubricant is an all-natural silky gel that moisturizes as it lubricates. The texture feels just like your body’s natural lubrication. This organic lubricant has a formula matched to vaginal pH, making it perfect for folks with sensitive skin. It’s safe for use with rubber latex, polyisoprene condoms, and all toys!

Upgrade to best-selling favorite vibes

If you’re someone who’s into sex toys, you know all about the We-Vibe Touch and Tango. Well, they’ve upgraded those toys to the Touch X and Tango X, and they’ve both rocked my world! The new Touch X and Tango X both include an upgraded and rumblier motor, as well as upgraded button controls. While the original toys had one button to cycle through all the intensities, the new versions have a plus, minus, and separate pulsation button. These controls not only offer new lower intensity settings but make it easier to control the vibrations without having to cycle completely though. The Touch X is even more flexible than the original, so if you want to use this toy during partner play, it’s perfect since the soft silicone will flex between the bodies easier. The Tango X includes a softer silicone handle instead of the hard plastic to hold, and for me, it feels easier to hold.

Pleasureair for Penis Owners

The Arcwave Ion takes the popular suction motor from Womanizer and made a sleek, discreet, and pleasurable sleeve with suction one of the pleasure centers of the penis. The Arcwave Ion is perfect for the person who has tried other strokers and wondered what else is out there. Now penis owners have access to the same level of quality in a similarly sophisticated toy that provides a completely new type of sensation. With Ion, Pleasure Air provides powerful air pulses to the frenulum under the tip of the penis. Ion features eight intensity levels to completely customize your experience. Since this toy delivers new sensations, it requires exploring your body in the most fun way to optimize your own experience. Take a walk on the wild side!

With Alex Neo, every time is a new chance to explore your deepest desires.

New App-Enabled toys (perfect for Cam models)

The New Svakom Neo Line is a versatile bunch of toys that have a bunch of really fun features! They come in a few fun styles. Two different shapes for a bullet in the Phoenix and Ella, and also a prostate or G-spot toy with the Vick, and an interactive thrusting masturbation sleeve with five different fantasy scenarios. Beach, the wild, classroom, on the plane, and in the office. With Alex Neo, every time is a new chance to explore your deepest desires. You’ll also be able to sync with interactive videos and camming websites by simply downloading the “FeelConnect 3.0” App on the Google Play store or “FeelConnect 3”.

Dildos and Sheaths, oh my!

The new Sportsheets dildos are jewel-colored dreams that are all smooth with a slight curve and bulb for G or P spot stimulation. The suction cups are sturdy and strong and give a great hold on smooth surfaces. The sturdy base is also perfect for adding to your favorite harness! With varying lengths, you can pick your ideal length while these toys don’t get very wide. The most unique is the silicone sheaths now available. The Banx is non-vibrating, while the Lennox is rechargeable and waterproof! So if you’ve been looking for a hollow toy to incorporate into your play, look no further!

On the opposite end of no texture is the new Pris Toys. While they don’t have a ton of texture, they will have way more than the smooth toys from Sportsheets. The Ursula and Ursa Minor are great for folks looking for a smooth toy with a curve that’s softer because it’s dual-density. If you are a dual-density fan but want a toy with a more pronounced head but no additional texture, then you have the Nova for folks looking for a shorter toy and the Comet for those looking for length. Then the Gemini is perfect for folks who want perineum stimulation while they’re using the Gemini on their prostate or for folks who want clit stimulation during G spot stimulation. The outside arm is nice and soft for grinding, and it has a space to put a bullet if you want added vibration as well!

Think in terms of sensation

Now that you see some of the new options, take into consideration the sensation you’re on the hunt for. Are you looking to add a better slip to your playtime or something new for your G or P spot? With so many new, pleasurable choices, the easiest place to start is what sensation do you want to incorporate; then, you can find the perfect toy for your individual needs. How will you add to your pleasure?

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