Holiday Gift Guide: Couples Gifts

A Gift for Me is a Gift for You

That you’ve made it here means you’ve blessedly evolved beyond the antiquated, misguided notion that even the most exciting sex toys for couples somehow mean you (or your sex life) is lacking. Even if your playtime needs a kick-start, there’s absolutely no shame in using these products or even being curious about them. Almost any sex toy you might have in your bedside dresser right now, from a high-design vibrator to a decidedly non-vibrating dildo, can be a couples sex toy. All you have to do is add another person to the mix!

If you are interested in using toys with your partner, experimenting with the toys and vibrators you already own and know together is a great place to start. Toys are a great addition if you’re looking to try something totally new, or want some help mixing things up in the bedroom. If you’re in a relationship and looking to increase both pleasure and intimacy, consider experimenting with sex toys created with partnered play in mind.

Using pleasure products with your partner is far from being a sign that your intimacy is somehow lacking, it shows that you’re open to exploration and adventure. In fact, shopping for a toy together can even count as foreplay. You can even browse together online from your bed. It proves you’re confident, and adventurous, and an all-around thoughtful lover.

Finger Vibes

The easiest way to start incorporating vibrators into your playtime is with a finger vibe. It makes the toy an extension of your hand, so now wherever you’d be touching will now be stimulated with added vibration. The Fin includes a finger strap so it won’t slip off hands covered in lube. Do you like strong vibrations? Then the VeDO finger vibes will best suit you. The Vivi is longer and thinner, and the Yumi is wider with a pinpoint nub. Neither is better or worse, just a personal preference for shape!

This vibe was designed to be worn during penetration but is also perfect as a dual stimulating panty vibrator because of its app capabilities.

We-Vibe: The Gold Standard of Couples Toys!

If you’re looking for toys with both partners in mind then look no further than the We-Vibe Chorus. This vibe was designed to be worn during penetration but is also perfect as a dual stimulating panty vibrator because of its app capabilities. You can also wear it in a harness so the wearer will have vibration they can change without having to take off the harness! If the app isn’t interesting to you, then think about investing in the Match. But really any of the We-Vibe are perfect toys for couples. They also make cock rings like the Pivot or the Verge. The Pivot is perfect for adding vibration to dildos or wearing as a traditional cock ring. The Verge is perfect for folks looking for perineum (AKA taint) stimulation.


If the app-controlled option is exciting for you start by figuring out which body part you wanna vibrate. There’s the Jive for the G spot, the Moxie if you’re just looking for clit stimulation. We-Vibe didn’t forget the back door! You have a standard plug shape with the Ditto, or the adjustable prostate targeted Vector. These are all options if you wanted to make your trip to the supermarket more interesting. If you’re staying home and just want to let your partner control your vibe there is also a G spot vibe the Rave, and an anal safe rabbit, the Nova. My personal fave is their suction toy the Melt, and their Wand that comes with 2 different textured sleeve attachments perfect for a wide array of body parts.


Have you wanted to open your relationship and didn’t know where to start? Maybe you’re looking for new tips on how to stimulate a penis or a vulva? Giving the gift of anal play, but don’t know where to start? Perhaps for the holidays, you want to start exploring your kinky side? Or maybe you just want to continue your journey of healing. Books are such a great gift to give because they can help you learn and prepare for some sexy experimenting and exploration. Think about what you’ve been curious about, or what your partner has expressed interest in, and grab a book to start on the journey of fulfilling their curiosity.

Everyone Has A Butt.

After you’ve read up about butt stuff, you’re ready to get the tools to explore! Whether you have a G-spot or a P-spot curved plugs are ideal. Not only do they follow the body’s natural curve, the shape will lean towards the prostate, and the wall between the backdoor and the vagina is so thin that it’s possible to stimulate your G-spot from the backdoor. So the Nexus set is a great place to start because it includes 3 different sizes. Or the Playtime Curly Q is great for those looking to explore backdoor play with vibration added. If you just want one simple plug then the Fun Factory Bootie is my go to!


No backdoor exploration is complete without lube.

Don’t forget to grab lube! No backdoor exploration is complete without lube. Thicker formulas tend to last longer and put a nicer cushion on fingers or toys so look for lubes with those features. Like Sliquid Sassy, Wicked Jelle, Slippery Stuff Gel, or Sutil Rich formula.

Sensations are important!

If you’re one of the couples who is up on the latest toys and you’re just trying to complete your collection, start to focus on sensations like massage candles, or pinwheels. Massage candles melt down to give you a warm oil that can be poured directly on the skin. Then skin craves variety, so mix it up by running a pinwheel on their skin. Want to up the ante? Throw on a blindfold. Once you take away one of the senses, the others get heightened. So taking away your partner’s sense of sight will make each touch intensified and full of anticipation.

Toys that can free up your hands for other activities 😉

When you think of toys as tools that can help you stimulate your partner it widely opens up your possibilities. You can get a thrusting vibe like the Stronic G to use on your partner while you stimulate their clit for them. Or the Cha Cha Rabbit is a thrusting option that’s anal safe, so you could stimulate someones prostate while you manually stimulate their penis or other erogenous area. There’s even an option to stroke a penis with the Alex Thruster. Then you can focus on other body parts!

Strap on Sex

Strap on sex is an option for partner play. If you’re just starting out there are a few options that come with the harness and dildo to attach like the Pegasus sets. They’re all rechargeable, remote control toys, that you can swap out the dildo if you decide to add more toys to your collection down the line. The Strap-On-Me collection are some of the most ergonomically designed double dildos. With vibrating and poseable options there’s something for everyone. Just be sure to use a harness with it, these are great for giving G-spot stim to the wearer but will be easier to use and control when you use them with a harness.

Go forth and decide your next purchase

Now you have some ideas to narrow down your search for the perfect sexy gift to send to your partner whether they’re near or far it’s up to you to choose the gift. Think back on conversations you’ve had about what you wanted to explore. Then go ahead and enjoy with them.


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