Holiday Gift Guide: Naughty List

Kinky Gifts that Hit the Spot

As far as years go, 2020 will be known for a lot of things. One thing that happened this year, is that all of us have found ways to connect with pleasure at home, including kink. As we turn our attention to the holiday season, we’ve got you covered with the Kinky Holiday gift guide!

Whether you’re treating yourself or buying something for a play partner, the holiday season is a great time to explore the pleasures and benefits of BDSM.

As kink educators, my partner Foxxy and I advocate for kink experiences that are practical, consensual, and fit comfortably in your life. Having the right gear is a key part of that. Whether you’re treating yourself or buying something for a play partner, the holiday season is a great time to explore the pleasures and benefits of BDSM.

We know the holiday season is very different this year. When choosing items for our list, we picked things that can be used for solo play and enjoyment or can be used at home. The added benefit is that all of these products are versatile enough to be used in the dungeon when it’s safe to gather again.

Read on for our kinky, curated list! 

1. Sportsheets Under The Bed Restraint System 

As we mentioned, this is the year that the dungeon came home, so it makes sense to add some kink gear to the bedroom. The Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System turns your regular bed into a bondage bed. The restraints fit under the mattress and spread out into four polypropylene cuffs, which are comfortable to wear and fully adjustable. 

The versatility of this System is endless and makes it easy to consensually tie your partner down or have them spread eagle on the bed. Truly a must-have for kinky people or bondage aficionados.

2. Enchanted Heart Paddle

Foxxy likes things that are cute, sensual, and leave wicked marks. The Enchanted Heart Paddle hits (!) all three of those markers. The Paddle is actually two toys in one. One side is a traditional paddle that’s covered with velvet. The lack of padding means blows from this side of the paddle will be more intense and certain to hold your bottom’s attention. The other side of the paddle is covered with a plush fur that serves two purposes. One, the fur side of the paddle can deliver deeper, more concussive strikes due to its weight. Secondly, the fur can act as a sensation toy when drawn strategically across the body. The textured handle of the paddle ensures a solid grip on the toy, no matter how long the scene lasts. 

Foxxy loves the versatility of the Paddle, which fits all her moods, whether she wants to give pleasure or pain. If you want to offer some consensual season’s beatings of your own, The Enchanted Heart Paddle is a great stocking stuffer.

3. Stockroom Suede Dragon Tail Whip

Playing at home has some drawbacks, space being one of them. You can’t throw a 12ft whip inside your house unless you live in an airplane hanger. If you’re seeking a higher level of impact play, it can be a challenge to find something that is compact, yet effective. 

Enter the Stockroom Suede Dragon Tail Whip. At a length of 32 inches, the Whip is small enough to safely throw in a bedroom or basement but won’t disappoint when it comes to scenes.

Not familiar with Dragon Tail Whips? They are easier to throw when compared to conventional whips can produce an array of sensations, from mild to intense. The suede construction will ensure that you can deliver the right amount of pain along with pleasure. When thrown properly, Dragon Tails can produce stingy or thuddy strikes. Leather and Suede fetishists will love the smell and feel of this whip. Need to deliver a severe spanking? Hold the handle and tip of the Dragon Tail and form a loop for a completely different impact experience. 

The other advantage of a toy like the Dragon Tail is that its size allows potential tops to practice at home. Want to get really good at a kink skill? Put in the time and build your proficiency and this whip makes that possible. Pick up the Stockroom Suede Dragon Tail, we guarantee your bottom’s bottom will be redder than Rudolph’s nose.

4. OhMiBod Esca 2 App-Controlled Vibrator 

The OhMiBod Esca 2 App-Controlled Vibrator is a fun way of going remote, that has nothing to do with work. Put it on, give the app to a lover (or keep it to yourself) and enjoy Christmas dinner once again. Even with the boorish relatives. And they are none the wiser. Make sure you have underwear that can hold it in place and won’t stretch out while wearing it. Of course, if your meddling relatives ask why you’re on your phone, just say it’s a work call.

The flexible seat of the Stool has an opening that allows someone to sit in the perfect position to receive erotic stimulation from a toy or a partner’s body.

5. Fetish Fantasy The Incredible Sex Stool

Want to add some comfort to your dominance or submission in 2021? Enter the Fetish Fantasy The Incredible Sex Stool. The Stool is a versatile piece of gear that serves to bring functionality to the bedroom. 

In kink, the right furniture can increase the time spent in a scene and therefore the pleasure. The Incredible Sex Stool is a simple concept, a piece of gear that makes play more comfortable. The flexible seat of the Stool has an opening that allows someone to sit in the perfect position to receive erotic stimulation from a toy or a partner’s body. As for comfort, the sturdy steel construction means straddling without the discomfort of muscle strain or positioning that can end a scene early. The Stool is also ideal for queening, taking the pressure of facesitting away so everyone can focus on oral enjoyment. 

Small and unobtrusive, the Stool is easy to clean after the most intense scene and is easy to store in a corner of the bedroom or the closet. The Incredible Sex Stool is a great way to begin your personal collection of affordable and dependable sex furniture.


6. Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace

One of the challenges (and pleasures) of this holiday season is thinking of subtle ways to include kink and gear into our everyday life. The Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace is one of Foxxy’s favorites. 

By appearances alone, the Crave Vesper serves as a stylish piece of jewelry that totally fits with your finest holiday outfits, or comfy PJ’s. The Crave Vesper also conceals a powerful, multifunction vibrator, ready at a moment’s notice for a scene. 

Kinky exhibitionists will smile at the allure of wearing a favorite toy in plain sight, confident that the uninitiated won’t guess its true purpose. Fans of quality gear will appreciate the vibrator’s motor and stainless steel construction, which works with either silicone or water-based lube. This toy is great for self-gifting or a nice find for a partner. Pick up the Crave Vesper this holiday for a delightful stocking stuffer.

There you have it, our kinky holiday list! Each of these products can add a unique touch of kink to any dynamic. Keeping with our theme of kinking in these unique times, everything on this list makes it possible to bring the fun of the dungeon experience home. Looking forward, this gear gives a nod to the future, whether you want to build skills, play in new ways or want to add some great pieces to your toy bag. 

However you choose to celebrate, this holiday will be very different. Foxxy and I wish you peace, safety, and moments of kink that make the season brighter. Wear a mask and Happy Holidays!

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