Holiday Gift Guide: Nice List

Gifts For Your Family and Friends You're Not Fucking

We all have people on our gift lists who we aren’t intimate with, yet here you are on a sex shop website wondering if you can finish all of your holiday shopping in one night. Well, unless you have that kind of relationship with the people in your life your worries that you may send the wrong signals are warranted. I learned the hard way that gifting a sex toy is a bad idea, no matter how amazing it is.

My embarrassing holiday gifting story, that I was recently reminded of, from when I was just a young prospective sex educator and I gifted “arousal gel” to my mother. Early in the year at a conference, I had won a gift basket full of fantastic stuff. So it was on Christmas Eve night after everyone was asleep and I slipped the present into my mom’s stocking hung on the fireplace. In the morning when opening gifts was happening I did have a little ping of concern, but it was too late. Once it was discovered faces went flush with embarrassment, accusations were flung at my father, and then I stepped in to take the well-deserved blame. Since then I have grown as a person and I am here to help you not make that mistake.

When thinking about a sex shop the first thought is sex toys and that is why I, as a sex therapist, send clients to progressive sex shops with great customer services to find something that truly suits them. Yet, a sex toy shop is often full of eclectic items that you cannot find anywhere else and that can set you apart from other gift-givers. I have a few recommendations I have found around Spectrum for various people in your life that you don’t fuck.

Gifts recommendations:

1. Clean Light Laboratories Uvee 

We are in a pandemic and a UVC sterilizer is a helpful gift. Not only does it sterilize sex toys, but it can also be great to sterilize frequently handled items like a phone. I have one set up in my entryway and it’s is part of my routine with getting home and washing my hands.

2. Sliquid Balance Rejuvenate

A bottle of massage oil could be a great gift for a couple. Include the oil in a self-care kit with a few other products that they can use while spending time together and reconnecting. 

If that couple has kids, include a coupon to babysit their kids one evening so that they can have some adult time.

Massage tools are a fantastic gift for even a newbie to give a great massage or up someone’s massage game.

3. Désirables Adori Porcelain Massage Stones

Massage tools are a fantastic gift for even a newbie to give a great massage or up someone’s massage game. To go along with massage oil, using a massage tool helps deliver a deeper massage and allow for a longer massage.

4. What Makes a Baby

Progressive sex shops often have a selection of books that educate on the topics of sexuality. If you happen to have very young niblings (gender-neutral term to use in place of niece/nephew) this is an incredible book to give their parents.

5. Sex is a Funny Word

Continuing on the education of the young ones, this book (In the top #10 banned books this year) is a shame-free and gender-affirming explanation of sex for children approaching their teens.

6. pStyle Stand To Pee Device

A Stand To Pee Device is an interesting item that lets a vulva owner direct their stream where they want and also this stand to pee funnel can be a gift for an outdoorsy friend can use in the woods or give to a friend who takes road trips who can use it on the side of the road.

7. Trauma is Really Strange

If you have a person in your life who is interested in or works in mental health this comic book formatted exploration of trauma principles is an incredible and succinct read.

If you have a gender-neutral/non-binary friend this enamel pin can be a fantastic gift for showing the pronoun that fits them.

8. NYTC Pronoun Pin

If you have a gender-neutral/non-binary friend this enamel pin can be a fantastic gift for showing the pronoun that fits them.

9. BMS Factory Lockable Vibe Case Discreet Storage

Sex toy shops have fun boxes and storage solutions that have locks on them. An interesting gift for someone who has siblings or roommates.

10. Sex & Mischief Satin Blindfold

A classic item in the BDSM isle is a blindfold for sensation play. Which is a great item to be put in a sleepy time gift basket with some slippers, lavender tea, and a candle.

11. Bonus: Batteries

Not an actual gift but you can’t forget the batteries. Also, these can be the needed bump to get free shipping.  

I hope I have been able to enlighten you on some of the other offerings available at a sex toy shop because these kinds of things are some of my favorite things to find. After looking through all the toys, clothes, implements, and lubes you can find some gems for the people you don’t fuck.

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