Jasmine & King Noire: The Dynamic Duo

An interview with the award-winning adult performers & sex educators creating a more inclusive and ethically sound industry


Jetsetting Jasmine and King Noire are a dynamic duo who are partners in love, the artistic and porn production Royal Fetish Films, educators in sex-positive parenting, parents to adorable kids, adult entertainment, master fetish training, direct service, and Jasmine is a Licensed Clinical Therapist for Blue Pearl Therapy

It was an absolute pleasure to sit down with them and be witness to accomplishments, business acumen, and their relationship in all its dynamism, trust, and care.

EUPHEMIA: So it’s safe to say they are absolute icons and wear all the hats! How did you choose to positioned yourselves, your values, and your brand in the industry and how has that evolution looked? 

KING: The first thing for both of us, before we even worked together was providing for People of Colour (POC), and I think even more specifically – Women of Color (WOC). I began in the industry 20 years ago, and I specifically catered to Black and Brown women as there were no options for women to go out and have the same good time. But we’ve been embraced by all types of people, and that reinforces that what we’re doing is needed. All people can relate to us. 

JASMINE: Well, I’ve been sexy all my life! But, my profession started in a similar place with hosting, sex toy parties, and pole parties to start something fun and enjoyable and then it turned into something very therapeutic. I started to see the same hangups, patterns of shame, and themes that women needed permission to enjoy and explore sexuality. I’ve been a Clinical Therapist for over 15 years, and King and I have worked together for 9 years, and continue to follow this guiding principle with every new opportunity and avenues within the industry. We’ve come to realise that when we focused on Black women and WOC we focus on all marginalised communities.

EUPHEMIA: Which of your personal identities or experiences do you think are important to be represented, especially in an industry that can heavily and harmfully reinforce stereotypes?

JASMINE: Stereotypes are sooo overdone. So many films, even ethical/amateur/organic feed into being perfectly packaged and pretty. But for me, the birth of Royal Fetish Films is showing POC in our natural state. Representing us having normal conversations, flirting, or being romantic. We mess up, we’re foolish, silly, laugh, cry, laugh at each other — so many things that happen in a sexual encounter that so often get lost.

KING: We also hammer home that our company is a Black-owned business, and it puts the camera in the hands of women. We’re automatically different from the mainstream model as our films are about pleasure, not just the look. Also, we have scenes where the men don’t cum and there is no cumshot. For many production houses, the most important shot is the man’s cumshot.

EUPHEMIA: Many consumers of porn forget porn is watching people at work, and it’s their livelihood. Also now with SESTA FOSTA it’s becoming harder to reach audiences and good visibility and exposure. How can the public support and celebrate you that you don’t see enough of, or at all? 

KING: Well for starters, Jasmine needs to have her “Beyonce wind” on her at all times to celebrate her! But for second, gives us all the moneys. Put your wallet where your mouth is. People have no problem saying on Twitter, “I watched you on PornHub or XVideos”, or a tagged picture of video from a stolen website. That doesn’t help if you’re not paying for the content that you like. Go buy a scene or every scene! Pay and download the films, join performers’ OnlyFans, or follow their website. So then people can actually afford to keep making content and survive.

JASMINE: I definitely agree about purchasing porn. I’d also really like to see people challenges censorship and SESTA/FOSTA, and self-educate about the difference between sex work and sex trafficking. 

There are also so many interesting new ways to support sex workers. Sexual shame trickles down and can lend itself to how people access porn and sex entertainment more widely. If people publicly supported things like sex education, normalising conversations about sex, then it would be easier for people to share with your friends and say “hey there’s this one entertainer I love you should check out”, or “Oh you have issues, then talk with this sexpert”. 

EUPHEMIA: How would you like the industry to promote and support you individually, and also other people in the industry with your identity and experiences? 

JASMINE AND KING: *jointly* stop being racist. Also, we’re not a fetish, we’re human beings. 

JASMINE: Or at least behave professionally, be professional with your racism as would have to in any other workspace. There are things that happen in our industry that wouldn’t fly in any other industry. People are marketing and making money off the fact that there are no Black people in their films, or they have pay discrepancies. The kind of support I would want from my peers is to speak up, and don’t employ or endorse companies that aren’t professional in this way. I want to see more houses defy stereotypes and be thoughtful about working with diverse performers with sexual orientation and gender too. I want more focus on making cool art together, rather than them marketing their diversity. We do this really well, and I’ve also had really positive experiences with Paraperv

KING: Yeah, at Starbucks you can’t say I’m not serving coffee to any Black people — you’d definitely get fired. Yet people don’t have any black people on their site or decide they’re not shooting any Black people on film that day. Race relations have taken a step backwards. 

Yet performers are just as diverse as people who seek content. The industry would do better if it was open to all the different aspects of human sexuality and how they’re expressed through different performers.

EUPHEMIA: What are your professional turn-ons? 

JASMINE: I’ve had some awesome sexual experiences I wouldn’t have stumbled across because of my everyday life structure. When I’m working it’s an opportunity for sexual exploration like fetish play, bi play, and couples play. But I’m very forthcoming with other performers if something is new for me, and learn from them. I’m not that interested in regular boy-girl scenes nowadays as I’ve had a lot of that sex, so it’s gotta be really interesting. 

Another real turn-on is passive income and travel. Getting money from something we shot 3-4 years ago, that’s such a rush. We’ve figured out a way to make sex work for us!

I also love psychological domination. If I can empower my clients or students to believe they can introduce kink and submission without minimising anything then they will go further. 

KING: I really really like being watched, which is not different from personal turn-ons, but when it’s professional there are a whole lot more people watching. Also, I’m nothing else if not on brand, so I love hard restraints, chains, cuffs, impact tools like floggers, dragon tails, canes. Then getting paid for it is definitely a serious turn on for me too.

EUPHEMIA: Do either of you do financial domination? 

JASMINE: Yes, we do. It’s something we practice as personal kink and offer a professional service for other dominatrixes. 

There’s such a narrow stereotype of the old man but I love how creative you need to be to learn how our fin subs are motivated and like to practice. We find interesting uniques ways they would like to separate with or give up their money. One anonymous client sends cash in an envelope with no letter in the mail, such a classy act.

EUPHEMIA: As educators who talk about trauma, and Jasmine as a Licensed Clinical Therapist and Masters in Clinical Social Work, what are some resources or tools for people to support themselves and build their capacity while they explore sex, gender, identity, kink, and fetish play? 

JASMINE: Psychotherapy/talk therapy, I think it’s incredibly important. A lot of people come to me with sexual hangups, and as we scratch surface there’s usually related mental health issues and sexual or general trauma. It’s so important to connect with a therapist who’s relatable, and you can be candid and vulnerable. Try on a therapist, it’s ok to shop. When it comes to healthcare it’s rare that people actually shop. You can outgrow your therapist, or find one that suits you better. 

There is also some really great social support for online kink communities and LGBTQIA communities where people can be an observer or exhibitionist. It’s ok to say nothing and watch other people interact and see if it’s relatable. Then when ready you can speak up if you choose. 

EUPHEMIA: Are there assumptions from others that you supposedly can’t be both a parent and a performer?

JASMINE: Yeah when people found out that we were pregnant with our third baby, they were saying “oh what you going to do now, are you going to quit your job?” And we were like “Noooo, we’ll keep working!” 

Another assumption that’s really weird is people think our children are definitely going to go into porn. It’s a really negative perception as isn’t placed on other families and jobs. Like any family, your children aren’t always the same as you. 

People also assume we hide our work from our kids, which isn’t true but they are never in situations that aren’t fitting for their age. Though now that we’re the faces of porn and parenting people understand this more because we educate. We’ve made it work for us and now we travel the world with our message about sex-positive parenting. When we travel, family-friendly accommodation used to be unheard of. But we’re changing the way people think about porn performers and their families.

EUPHEMIA: What work are you most proud of and why? We’d love to share it with all your new and old fans.

KING: I’m super proud of Sacred Sex, which is on Royal Fetish Films. It’s a scene when Jasmine was six months pregnant. She directed it, and it won best short feature award at Fet Con. Pregnant porn is very rarely portrayed.

JASMINE: Yes it’s so pretty. We were able to capture the way we made love during our pregnancy, and I had makeup on and fancy lingerie!

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