Masturbation Month

An Illustrated Guide of Handy Hints and Tips

In celebration of masturbation month, we would like to share some handy hints and tips to help you through this marvelous month. These tips may be particularly useful for those who struggle with the practice of self-pleasure or just want to change their routine. We are keen to move away from some of the old myths and taboos around masturbation and invite you to join us at the Bliss Club to venture down a new pathway to pleasure. Whether you’re a master of masturbation or still perfecting your craft, we have a little something for everybody, and our illustrated guide will give you a bit of flavour of what we’re about. 

Masturbation is a completely normal and natural way to explore your body and experience pleasure.

Masturbation is a completely normal and natural way to explore your body and experience pleasure. It’s often the first sexual experience we encounter, even without realising it. While we’re here to share the joys of masturbation, it’s important to note that not everybody enjoys masturbating and there’s no reason to do it if you don’t want to. For those that do wish to indulge or might like to try something different, we’d like to share some of our favourite tips and techniques to keep you stimulated throughout masturbation month and beyond! 

There’s no ‘right’ way to masturbate, these are just some of the ways you can stimulate yourself and we’ll discuss these in more detail later:

  • Massage – direct and indirect stimulation
  • Water – temperature and pressure play
  • Suction – intensity and air pressure
  • Vibration – pulsing and palpitating patterns

Tips, tricks and sensual rituals

Before we get into it, we’d like to tell you about a sensual ritual that is perfect for when you have alone time. It’s a magical ritual that will allow you to push the limits of your body, learn to love yourself, and simply take some well deserved time out for yourself that is purely dedicated to your pleasure.

It's a magical ritual that will allow you to push the limits of your body, learn to love yourself, and simply take some well deserved time out for yourself that is purely dedicated to your pleasure.

Setting the scene

You will need a clean and tidy space that feels warm and welcoming – this might be a room in your home or in the bathroom if you prefer water play. You can also do this in a private garden or outdoor space if you feel more comfortable outdoors.  

  • Turn off your phone and computer, you won’t need any devices (unless you want to listen to music).
  • Light some candles, and for scent and relaxation, burn some incense or essential oils.
  • Prepare a mirror, massage oil and lubricant if you have them, (and play some gentle background music if you wish).

Now you’re ready to go:

Start by saying out loud what you want to unblock in yourself. Release any sexual tensions or inhibitions by visualising them slowly leaving your body. If you already feel free of any blockages, you can just take a moment to relax and tune into your sensual self. 

Peace and pleasure

It’s time to anoint your body with massage oil. Caress your skin from head to toe. Take time and look at yourself in the mirror. Focus on the areas of your body that you like the most and admire your beauty in the candlelight. Enjoy this moment. This routine, combined with some focused breathing exercises and an awareness of your physical sensations, can lead to a heightened and more embodied sense of pleasure. 

Where you go from here is up to you. Close your eyes and let your hands wander… be aware of how your body feels as you drift away to your deepest level of intimacy. Imagine that your body has sent you an open invitation to access all areas. Dare to venture to the unknown and discover every opening and all its mysteries. There are a multitude of ways to explore your body and doing it alone can be a great way to go further because no one is watching.

Dare to venture to the unknown and discover every opening and all its mysteries.

Let the games begin!

There are many wonderful ways in which to touch yourself and we’ve put together a few suggestions for you (as shown in the illustrations below). This list is far from exhaustive, but it might inspire you to try something new or develop your own techniques. 

Lather with lube and rotate and circulate:

Double digits down below or in the rear :

Pinpoint with a fingertip and slip and slide from side to side:

Hold out your gun fingers and pull the trigger:

Open and close the private partition:

Some people prefer not to touch themselves directly so you can use the following techniques for indirect touch. 

Humping is a technique where you straddle a pillow and use your body weight to press against it. It can be very soft and gentle on your sensitive areas and can be a great way to gradually build up the excitement.  

Even more subtle is the cross-legged technique which is perfect for discreet and inconspicuous pleasure. Simply cross your legs and contract your inner thigh muscles to put pressure on your genitals. You can tease and tantalise yourself and nobody will ever know!

If you prefer water play, and depending on the country you live in, here are two wet and watery ways to wank. In Europe we have a rather versatile shower head to play with. You can use it as it is, but we prefer to unscrew the hose to have a more consistent spray. (Be careful with the seal, this may become worn with excessive use).

In the United States, it seems that this type of shower fitting is not available (depending on the region), which is a real shame! BUT, the Water Slyde is a great alternative. Just hang it on your tap with its pretty ribbon and let the water flow… between your thighs. Simple but very effective! 

The great thing about water play is that you have the double sensation of temperature and pressure, and you can alter these as desired.

If you want to try out some sex toys, we recommend including these three items in your masturbation month starter pack:

We like to call this one the “clit hoover“. Its suction function is incredible, and we had a wild time the first time we tried it. It can be a bit tricky to find exactly the right spot as it needs to be placed directly on the glans but once it’s in place it’s magic. If you find the suction a bit too strong, you can put it just above your glans (on the shaft) or over your panties to reduce the intensity. 

Click here to see a selection of suction toys.

As far as vibrators go, one of our favourites is the Hitachi Magic Wand. It plugs into the mains, but it’s by far the most powerful we’ve ever used. It sends out such low and deep vibrations that your whole body will experience the most amazing sensations. Again, this is a toy that can be a bit intense on some areas so you may wish to experience the vibrations through clothing or cushions just to take the edge off a little. You can also use it to massage your back or backside (as we prefer). And yes, it’s wonderful – the possibilities are endless. 

If penetration is more your thing (or maybe you just want to multiply your pleasure), then you have a wide range of dildos to choose from. Our preferred choice is the suction cup dildo because it’s easy to use and can be enjoyed hands-free. This one is self-explanatory, but if you want to get creative, you might like to try masturbating with the suction end. We’ll leave that one to your imagination! 

We are also seeing more sex toys that are designed for people with penises coming more into the mainstream

These toys are suitable for all genders and we encourage everyone to try them. We are also seeing more sex toys that are designed for people with penises coming more into the mainstream, and there are two items that caught our attention.

To begin with, there’s the masturbator sleeve that can be found in various sizes and colours with a price range to suit all budgets. There are even some with a suction cup to keep your hands free. The texture and tightness of the sleeve gives the sensation of penetration, and we’ve heard it feels particularly pleasant when placed in hot water beforehand. Don’t forget to use lashings of lube for extra slippery sensations.

And of course, there’s the prostate massager, which is becoming increasingly more popular. 

If it’s your first time, we recommend the smaller size to start with and use with a special anal lubricant for easier insertion. The idea is to cause contractions against the perineum so that the toy gently massages your prostate. Don’t worry if it doesn’t work on the first attempt, we’ve had a lot of feedback from people who after several tries have had wonderful experiences and completely new orgasms! And you don’t need to have an erection when you try your prostate massager, so just relax and let yourself go. 

Sometimes we fall into the habit of repeating the same routines over and over again, often forgetting that our hands can be the most amazing tools and can be used in many different ways. Here are some moves you can try if you want to mix things up a little.

Push and pull in opposite directions:

Interlock around the cock:

Press play on the prostate:

Tickle the tip:

Up and over the gear stick:

And don’t forget the lube, lube and more lube…!

You can try out these moves during your solo sessions or they can be a tasty addition to partnered play. After an extended period of lockdown restrictions (which now seems like a lifetime), many people are ready to re-engage with others, so mutual masturbation might be a good way to reconnect with your lover(s) and wet your sexual appetite.  

For more creative sex tips and tricks, feel free to join us at the Bliss Club… everyone is welcome ☺


Happy masturbation month!

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