“Where do you think you’re going,” he whispered peeking through a parting in his sheets. “Bring your sexy ass back to this bed.” His subtle request startled me as I tried to sneak out of the room without waking Rob or Morgan. The three of us ended up sprawled out across his room after a long night of party hopping in Las Vegas.  It was AVN weekend and all of the pornstars were out. I was more acquainted with Morgan who I met at an Exxxotica Expo through her manager a year prior. We became close through our scorpio bond. Her relationship with Rob had a sibling type vibe, yet their sexual attraction to each other was evident. When Morgan introduced me to this man, I instantly felt attracted to him. I knew we would fuck at some point during the weekend, but I didn’t have any particular plans. 

So at that moment when he beckoned me back into his bed, I knew he was calling me out, magnetizing  me into the manifestation of my long awaited fantasy. And I was SHOOK. I smacked my lips in protest and veered over my shoulder to respond to his request.  “It’s going to be a long day today, and I really want to get some sleep in my own bed,” I whispered hoping Morgan wouldn’t overhear our conversation. “Girl, stop playing and come get back in this King sized bed. There is enough room for all of us and you can sleep here,” he chuckled, raising his voice a little louder.  The sun began to greet us through the half drawn curtains of his bedroom windows. I took a moment to really think about what I was saying here. Was I really going to allow fear to stop me from having a threesome with this fine ass man and my best friend? HELL NO! He opened the covers for me exposing the erection growing behind his red boxers. I knew he wasn’t going to let me sleep.  A satisfactory smirk collected in the left corner of his full lips. I decided to join him after all. I undressed quickly throwing last night’s mini dress onto the floor, and slipped beside Rob as he pulled me into his body, closing the entrance to his bed around my exposed flesh. 

“Ah, Now that’s better…this is the way it’s supposed to be,” Rob sighed as he rolled onto his back wrapping an arm around Morgan.  She decided to join in on our cuddle session. I took a deep breath, and let out a long exhale to relax into the reality of this scene.  A FMF was about to take place. Our bodies melded as he stretched his fingers to grab a handful of my ass before joining his lips with mine. He felt electric, and Morgan’s stares were the encouragement I needed to fall into a trance of ecstasy. Her hands traveled across Rob’s body onto mine connecting with my exposed, erect nipple. They both were now fully engaged in pleasuring me. His lips surveyed mine, delivering messages of desire as he shifted his body to climb on top of me. But his intentions were to move out of the way to allow Morgan to have a change to play with me too. He went down low, and she remained up top, kissing my lips and squeezing my full breasts as he sampled a taste of my sweet yoni. 

No longer choosing to be a passive member of this threesome foreplay, I moved my lips to Morgan’s gum drop nipples and began to devour them with my tongue.  Our three bodies working together for collective pleasure must have looked like a delicious chocolate trio that anyone would have wanted to join. And I was the main treat.  Morgan and Rob were working to give me the experience of a lifetime. A clicking sound announced the arrival of a visitor entering Rob’s suite with a key of his own. His manager entered our playspace arranging himself on the couch . We had a voyeur in our midst. Morgan could feel the intensity building between Rob and I, and decided to divert her attention to our new player. Feeling my waters run down onto his face, Rob came up for air to ask my permission to enter me. His full lingam throbbed in anticipation of filling me up and stretching me out. I nodded silently with widened eyes ashe repositioned himself on his knees pulling my pelvis into his own. And as he penetrated me, I creamed instantly letting out a sigh of ecstasy. He dug into the depths of my sacred center, and I received him fully for what seemed like an eternity. We didn’t stop until a director began to bang on the door requesting for my pussy to release its vice grip on his actor, over three hours later. He was being summoned to set, and he wasn’t allowed to cum just yet.  Rob had to save his energy for 4 scenes he was booked to shoot shortly after leaving me.

My first threesome experience exploded my cherry and leveled up my sexual play to level 1000. I’ve had many threesomes since that morning in 2015, and the opportunities present themselves effortlessly. There is so much more to be said about that first time, but as they say, “What happens in Vegas…”

* * *

Threesomes are amazing, but every situation is not as fun and free spirited as my experience.  My threesome involved three single, sex positive people who decided spontaneously to have an erotic time together. We didn’t plan out our play. We all tested before arriving in Vegas for AVN, and were STI free. We communicated what we wanted, and we had a place to play safely. We had no attachment to each other, so we are able to interact without jealousy, guilt or fear being in the way. For monogamous couples who desire to fulfill the fantasy of having a third person as a sexual player, threesomes require planning and consistent communication.

On the surface, a threesome is seen as a fun way to spice up a relationship. The often untouched undercurrents of threesomes are the energetic implications and life lessons that come along with them. There are a myriad of emotions that can arise when facing the decision to menage a trois. Knowing how to deal with what comes up emotionally is just as important as knowing the who, what, and how of your threesome play.  Making the time to plan out the experience can save your relationship from imploading during what is supposed to be an erotic and exciting experience. Checking your Jealousy at the door is a start, and knowing why you want to have this experience in the first place will serve as an anchor to maintain connection when you’re deep into your scene. 

Establish your purpose

Why are you having a threesome? You need a deeper motivation than fulfilling a freaky fantasy. Your motivation will keep you connected with your partner when ego thoughts begin to fill your mind while you’re 

in action. Think of your motivation as an anchor keeping your relationship grounded. Make the time to mull over what you want to achieve with this treesome so you can advocate for each others’ pleasure and remain on the same team. An example of a motivation is, “to play and connect in innocence with a like-minded partner.”

Communicate your desires

Saying the words and hearing the words, “I want to have sex with someone else” can feel triggering, and it’s necessary to own this desire before entering into a threesome. Prepare to hold loving, compassionate space for each other to express your desires without judgement. Remember that you’re on the same pleasure team preparing for an exciting experience together.  You must be comfortable receiving each other’s requests to join sexually, and remember that you are operating in non-monogamy ethically because you are doing it within full consent of each other. Talking about how you want to interact will set the stage of how the threesome will play out, and will allow you to deal with unsavory emotions that may come up around this type of eroticism.  When you can have this conversation without feeling deeply triggered, you can move on to solidifying your plans.

Create safety words or signals

Threesomes are considered to be a form of kinky play, and with anything kink safe words are necessary to navigate the scene. Discuss and agree on safe words or signals to use when you feel disconnected, excited or feel the need to slow things down. It’s also a good idea to share your safe word with your unicorn so they feel included in knowing when the play is shifting.


Knowing who you want to play with, how you want to play with them and being aware of their health status is key to having a successful experience. When coming across someone who feels like a good fit for your threesome, it is important to vet them properly to ensure your safety and theirs. Plan a Facetime, Skype date or meet in person for a casual date to get to know your unicorn better. During this date, you can ask all of the questions you need to in order to feel more acquainted with your play partner. If you are a couple looking for a third, this also gives your potential unicorn the chance to get to know you. As a couple, your threesome is only as successful as your unicorn, and the uni has to feel like the couple is a perfect match for them. Ask everyone what they would like to experience and what they seek to derive from interacting with you.

Plan, plan, and plan some more

Knowing the time, date, location and details of how your threesome will play out leaves little room for unsavory experiences. What positions will you be in? What will your atmosphere look like? Will you use condoms or will you become fluid bonded? Are all sexual acts permitted, or are there certain things you don’t want to experience? What type of pairing do you desire? Be as detailed as possible when planning your erotic experience and don’t leave any detail out. The more you plan, the more comfortable everyone will feel, and you will have enjoyable memories to share later. Writing your plans down can help to get the thoughts out of your head and into the world to better organize your experience.  Keeping a journal for your erotic planning is an easy way to keep all of your thoughts organized, safe and easily accessible for both partners to read.

Incorporate aftercare

When coming down from the chemical cocktail causing you to feel euphoria, connection and pleasure, you will need to ground back into reality. What does aftercare look like for you as partners and for your unicorn? Is aftercare eating together, cuddling, or leaving each other alone? When discussing your plans, make sure to incorporate aftercare into your play to assist all partners with grounding back into reality.

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