As the country is in the midst of social distancing, self-isolation and being extra cautious of germs as concerns about COVID-19, we’re all looking for different and creative ways to fill our time. If the stats from Pornhub are any indication, many people are embracing their closed quarters and getting in touch with their sex lives (partnered and solo). 

When you picked where you’re currently living, you probably had no idea to even consider anticipating that you might one day be self-quarantining. Until now, my apartment was a place for sleeping and the usual home activities: cooking, eating dinner, watching Netflix, playing video games, reading, and the occasional hanging out with friends. Now it’s my place for E V E R Y T H I N G. You probably can’t change where you live right now: Your place is your place. Unless you’re out doing one of the jobs that is keeping us all going, you’ll be spending a whole lot of time in it for the foreseeable future. But you can change up how your living space works for you.


There are a lot of things in life that you can’t control or you can’t improve quickly, but your bedroom is a place you have control and you can tailor it to yourself. Your bedroom tends to be a pretty good expression of how you are feeling about yourself at that point in time, and is completely covered in your pheromones. A sexy bedroom is ideal, but you also want it to be a bedroom that supports your love for yourself as well as for others. So think outside of bedroom cliches, and try to focus on elements that represent who you really are deep down. Think in terms of personal, comfortable and curated.

Think of each sense as a way to upgrade your space and optimize it for sexy times, solo or partnered.

We use touch and sight frequently when we have sex, but incorporating sound, taste and smell could ramp it up to another level. Think of each sense as a way to upgrade your space and optimize it for sexy times, solo or partnered. 

Lighting is key

Unflattering lighting is a mood killer for anyone! A simple way to make your lighting instantly sexier is swapping out the light bulbs for low-wattage soft pink bulbs. Everyone looks and feels their best in soft, warm lighting. The pink lighting in particular acts like an IRL filter that hides any blemishes you don’t want to highlight. People have been throwing scarves over their lamps for a boudoir effect forever! However, a pale pink light bulb is much safer. After all; you don’t want to have to call the fire department for help during a pandemic. Think pink or even rosy violet. Creating layers of light in a room is the best approach for creating an inviting space. If your room has only an overhead light, add some lamps. Your bedroom should be lit for you as well as for practical use. Ideally that means at least three points of light, which is typically two reading lamps and one opposite. Think in terms of the blueprint for bedrooms, a nice hotel. A good hotel setup will have a nice light in bed near you before you go to sleep while the rest of the room is softly illuminated with low, indirect light and NOT a fixture on your ceiling.

Candles always carry a romantic significance and for good reason. The light they cast is the softest, warmest and sexiest around. EVERYONE looks good in candlelight. Grab a JimmyJane Afterglow Massage Candle or a Desirables Massage Candle and you’ll have a great candle that adds some soft lighting, and when the candle burns down a bit you’ll get the added bonus of a warm massage oil that you can pour directly on the skin. When the candles melt down, they get warm but not hot so you have warm massage oil ready to go!


Peace and quiet are vitally important in the bedroom, but especially if you’re trying to make your bedroom even sexier. A quiet bedroom communicates privacy, intimacy and coziness. To quiet down even the noisiest bedroom you simply need to add a lot of fabric to dampen the sound. Heavy, tall curtains and a good rug or wall to wall carpet will do most of the real work to muffle noise here. This is to dampen any outside noise, especially if you live in an urban area.

Alternatively, music and sex both tap into a very primitive part of your brain, and that’s why the two go so well together. Create a playlist with some more tips that make you feel sexy, then cue up your speakers. Music with a sexy beat that gives you a wave-like feeling, tends to feel the most erotic. For some people, that might be hip-hop, for others it’s EDM or even pop. Plus, research has shown that music can stir your memory, so playing a tune from your past as a couple can conjure up good emotions (“Remember that time when we…”).

Florencia Alvarado


While you want to consider all the senses when in the bedroom, touch is a majorly important one. Supple, high quality bedding under your body, a warm rug under your feet and a warm, oversized towel to wrap up in will take a normal space to the next level. Think of cool, silky sheets in summer and warming flannel bedding in winter so you can tantalize and sooth the sense of touch. Don’t forget plump, cushy comforters and plush, deep pile carpets.

And there’s nothing quite like the nurturing feel of sinking back into a pile of soft, overstuffed throw pillows. Why not get pillows that can do double duty in your bedroom? Liberator pillows are great for getting or staying in different positions. They’re sturdy but soft, so they’re the perfect addition to solo, partner or even video sex. The Liberator Wedge has a subtle slope that combined with its perfect firmness is ideal for giving you extra support and lift for missionary and anal, as well as providing the perfect angle for longer oral sessions without suffering from a crick in the neck. It also makes new positions easier and more satisfying by deepening the angle of penetration to heighten sensation and reach the G-spot and prostate. Plus, use it as a fulcrum point under knees to add oomph to your pelvic thrusts. Or if cute lips are more your speed, grab the Liberator Kiss.


If you're sick of having to fall asleep in a puddle of fluids, this is a game changer! 

Since the bed is where you’re most likely having all this sex, we’ll start there. If you can, invest in really good sheets. If you’ve never invested in good sheets, treat yourself and see how that one piece elevates your sleeping space. When you’re looking for new sheets, get a set that’s made from a breathable material, like cotton or linen, rather than heavy polyester or cheap satin. Then be sure to protect those sheets from lube, oil, and body fluids with a Liberator Throe. This blanket will not let ANYTHING leak through, and it’s reversible too—one side is soft, plush, and cuddly, while the other is silky smooth. If you’re sick of having to fall asleep in a puddle of fluids, this is a game changer! 


For the ultimate luxurious sex session, get a Warm Sex Toy Warmer, or Warm Touch Lube Dispenser and never deal with a cold dildo, or cold lube ever again. The future is here, with the Warm lube warmer all you have to do is wave your hand under and it dispenses your lube of choice into your hand at the perfect temperature, never burning hot! Truly an opulent way to take your sexy space to the next level.

While some may feel mirrors make them too self-conscious, it’s worth the risk.


Lingerie can be a fun addition to sexy selfies. This doesn’t necessarily have to be an extravagant ordeal like corsets, thigh-highs, stilettos. Sure, it can be, but it could also just be something different, something that brings out your confidence. Maybe for you that means a silk chemise or that perfect black dress, or maybe a new pair of nice fitting underwear. By slightly changing the regular routine it will awaken the eyes, thus sparking new ideas about what to do with the night.

While some may feel mirrors make them too self-conscious, it’s worth the risk. While not good for a sleepy, slumbering bedroom, an attractive, large standing mirror or wall mirror that allows you to watch yourselves (when you’re ready to) is super stimulating and can take you to new heights. If it’s a large standing mirror, you can easily move it if you want to as well.


If you’re with your partner during quarantine why not make some sexy artwork to hang in the bedroom. The Love Is Art Kit includes all of the materials you need to create an abstract painting while being intimate with the one you love. You simply roll the plastic tarp, place the canvas on top, pour the specially formulated paint onto the canvas, and then use your bodies to move the paint around and across the canvas, creating a unique abstract image. If nothing else, this is a unique way to pass the time and touch each other. 


Scent is an incredibly powerful tool. Studies show that it’s linked to memory and emotion, even more so than our other senses. So curating the scent of your space is a great way to manipulate it in your favor. Want a more relaxing vibe? Trying to get things more spicy? It’s all possible. Aphrodisiac scents are fragrances that arouse sexual instinct by increasing desire, pleasure or performance. Aphrodisiac scents include pumpkin, lavender, vanilla, cinnamon, peppermint, and ginger.

In fact, one study found that the scent of pumpkin pie mixed with lavender increased blood flow to the genitals by 40 percent when sniffed. Also, the smell of pumpkin pie mixed with the smell of doughnuts increased blood flow by 31.5 percent. Scientists speculate that people might be reacting to the vanilla and cinnamon in the pie, both of which are aphrodisiacs. Vanilla in particular has a subtle, nearly subconscious aphrodisiac quality to it and is particularly arousing. It’s also known to help calm, focus and make people feel happier overall.

Some more sensual scents are jasmine and ginger. Jasmine is known to be an uplifting scent that reduces fears and boosts confidence. It’s euphoric and helps create emotional warmth. While Ginger has been found to be energizing and uplifting. A study of Chinese folk medicines found that ginger acts as a circulatory stimulant and when blood is pumping we know that things are more sensitive. Incorporate your favorite scents with candles, or essential oil diffusers.

Sexy Essentials

If you throw things like sex toys, lube, barriers and condoms in a one central drawer, you’re less likely to dig around for those things in the heat of the moment. Put these items inside a discreet container (this could be as simple as a shoe box with a lid) and keep it in a place where other people (kids, a dog, room mate) won’t find it. Even grabbing some storage to keep your accessories in one place and free from dust and prying eyes is a quick way to upgrade your bedroom.

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