Why All Sex Toys Are “For Men”

While Marketing Often Appeals to a Gender Binary, Sex Toys are Genderless!

I am often asked, “Do you have any sex toys for men?” This is a trick question! When people ask this, they often mean, Do you have any toys for penises? Specifically, they’re looking for masturbation sleeves, cock rings, basically anything that goes around a penis. Given that our heteronormative society tends to define sex as penis-in-vagina intercourse, it makes sense that a customer would assume that the only toys “for men” are penetrable.

The actual answer to this question is, yes! All the toys are for everybody, regardless of their gender identity or genitals. You can use sex toys however you please — with the one note of caution being that you shouldn’t use a toy anally if it isn’t anal-safe (flared base or definite stopping point on the toy.) Vibrators feel great on penises, and many of the compact masturbation sleeves feel great on a clitoris. Some men have vulvas and some women have penises, and we all have butts, so the possibilities of how we use toys are endless! We just aren’t used to toys being marketed outside of cisgender binaries and stereotypes of how people masturbate based on their gender assignment at birth.

Some men have vulvas and some women have penises, and we all have butts, so the possibilities of how we use toys are endless!

Having said that, here are some amazing toy picks for those of us with a penis and prostate. Sleeves and cock rings are just the beginning!


Masturbation sleeves are often referred to as “pocket pussies” or even simply just “Fleshlights” — the brand name itself has become a catch-all term, like the “Kleenex” or “Tampax” of the sleeve world! Fleshlight is an awesome brand, but there are a lot more options out there!

  • We can hardly keep the Blue Valentine and Orange Passion in stock! Not only is this compact sleeve deliciously texture to stimulate the head of a penis, it stretches to accommodate more size than when it’s unstretched, and is also a great sleeve for FTM guys with a bit of bottom growth!
  • The Fleshlight Quickshot is great solo, but is also quite fun to incorporate into handjobs and blowjobs thanks to both ends being open. It’s also very fun to use see-through toys so you can see all the action going on inside.
  • The Tenga Flip Orb is super easy to clean because it opens up! The firm orbs suspended in super soft elastomer also create a really unique sensation as you slide past them.
  • Got $5? Then you can afford a sleeve! The Svakom Hedy is easy on the wallet and is a perfect intro to sleeves! They’re discreet and perfect for travel, too.

Giulia Lineette

Prostate stimulation is somewhat similar to g-spot stimulation, except you access the prostate through the butt!

Cock Rings

Cock rings are designed to help you stay erect; blood is able to flow into the penis, but it doesn’t flow out as easily, therefore you stay hard for longer. You can just put them around the shaft, or shaft and behind the balls. They also just look HOT, like a fun penis decoration. Just make sure to take it off if it starts to feel uncomfortable — it’s good to take breaks with cock rings so that there is SOME blood flow and things don’t start to feel numb. 

  • Vibrating cock rings are super versatile, and Juke is a high-quality rechargeable cock ring that won’t break the bank. The vibrations are fun for both the wearer and the receiver, and it can also double as a “finger” vibe too!
  • Julian’s Stud Ring is a bolo tie for your cock. Not sure what size cock ring is right for you? This adjustable ring removes the risk of your cock ring not fitting. It’s also made from latex, so it’s stretchy and works with water based AND silicone based lubes.
  • Leather is an aesthetic, but the 5-Snap Leather Cock Ring also lets you choose your own size. Plus, you can use any lube with it, including oils.

Prostate Toys

Prostate stimulation is somewhat similar to g-spot stimulation, except you access the prostate through the butt! It’s located roughly 2 inches past the sphincter on the belly side, and it responds to firm, rhythmic strokes — not pokes! Here are some toys that are perfect next steps once you’ve gotten acquainted with a finger or two… or three…

  • The Mood Naughty 2 Plug comes in several sizes, and it has gentle curves that are perfect for p-spot stimulation. It’s all silicone, and relatively inexpensive! The slim base is super comfy between the cheeks.
  • One reason people love rabbit vibes is the rotation, but there are prostate toys that rotate too! The Revo Stealth is here to take you over the edge with an internal rotating head and external arm that presses against the perineum for indirect prostate stimulation simultaneously.
  • Not only is the shape of the nJoy Pfun Plug absolutely perfect for prostate stimulation, the weight of the stainless steel offers an entirely new option for stimulation. Stainless steel is easy to clean, and it also retains both hot and cold temperatures for sensation play.
Yes, rabbit toys and dual stimulation toys are awesome in a vagina, but just about all of them are also ANAL friendly!


The term “guybrator” makes me cringe, yet I do appreciate that there are companies making vibrators that are marketed towards men! Any vibrator can be used on a penis, but here are some toys that are contoured and concave for surround-sound stimulation.

  • Both the Fun Factory Manta and Manta Black Line have flexible “wings” that can fit a shaft of any size, and they’re great for pinpointed stimulation of the head of the penis as well as the frenulum beneath the head. Also, gotta love a handle!
  • The Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo is a contoured vibe that has a pulsating plate that creates a low pitched, percussive sensation against sensitive spots along the shaft. It’s typically used against the frenulum, and it’s also a great toy for grinding against and using with a partner!
  • Hot Octopuss Jett is like a cock ring… for the end of your penis! Designed to sit just below the head, each bullet in this silicone sleeve has a different “pitch”, kind of like treble & bass. One bullet delivers lower, rumbly vibrations, while the other provides higher pitched exciting stimulation. You can control each motor independently, too!
  • A cult classic, the Magic Wand is beloved as a powerful plug-in vibrator with intensity that is unmatched by any other toy of its size. People press it against the head or shaft of a penis, but it’s also a great toy to kind of sit on, and put pressure against the taint for some indirect prostate stimulation. You can also use attachments for the Magic Wand if you want a penetrable option or a prostate stimulation option!


Pumps won’t *permanently* make your body parts grow, as some pump brands advertise, but they CAN help you temporarily engorge your parts even more than usual. Pumps increase the blood flow to the area you apply them to, which also increases sensitivity.

  • Take playtime into the shower or bath with the Hydromax! What’s brilliant about this pump is that the water makes the pump aspect more gentle on skin and pubes as opposed to a dry pump.
  • Different than typical air pumps, the VeDO Hummer is the penis version of clitoral suction toys like the Womanizer. It will auto-blow you to bliss!


Yes, rabbit toys and dual stimulation toys are awesome in a vagina, but just about all of them are also ANAL friendly! The external stimulator often makes for a good stopping point, making them anal safe as well. 

  • One stand-out fave for anal prostate play is the Fun Factory Bi-Stronic. Unlike other rabbits, this is actually one part vibrator, one part thruster! This amazing toy jiggles back and forth on it’s own, and can even be used hands-free!
  • If you are curious about the rotation aspect of rabbits, the FemmeFunn Ultra Rabbit is a powerful toy with a rotating inner arm and vibrating external arm. The little bump feels extra yummy as it passes the sphincter, too! 
  • For a more dual-stimulation vibration experience, the Fun Factory Miss Bi Black Line is sturdy pick that has a firm neck and can withstand the pressure of your ass. The gentle curves are delicious against the P-spot, and the handle makes maneuvering a breeze!
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