Zoë Ligon Gets Candid with Sexual Health Magazine

Check out Spectrum’s founder and CEO, Zoë Ligon on the cover of the current issue of Sexual Health Magazine! In this interview, Zoë chats candidly with Gustavo Turner about the trajectory of her career so far, the history of Spectrum Boutique and Spectrum Journal, our awesome customers, sex-positive education, her book Carnal Knowledge, sex toy design and collaborations, upcoming endeavors and aspirations, and much more. Preview a snippet of the article below and head to Zoë Ligon on Enriching Pleasure Seekers With Sex-Positive Prowess in Sexual Health Magazine for the full interview.

From Sexual Health Magazine:

Zoë Ligon on Enriching Pleasure Seekers With Sex-Positive Prowess 

by Gustavo Turner

“It should go without saying that “women, age 18-35” is a very coveted demographic for pleasure product companies – and few people in the sexual health and sex education space have managed to capture the attention of the sex-curious millennial/Gen Z crowd better than Zoë Ligon, aka @Thongria, aka “The Dildo Duchess of Detroit.”

The multi-entrepreneurial Ligon may be only 29 years old, but she’s run a successful, progressive online sex toy shop, Spectrum Boutique (SpectrumBoutique.com), since 2015. With a combination of striking looks – though, like many digital natives, she has a love/hate relationship with the camera – and a natural inclination to get both really silly and really personal, Ligon was also a perfect fit for the mid-2010s explosion of “sexfluencers,” which turned social media platforms like Tumblr, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, and especially Instagram into a playground for oversharers and marketers alike.

Ligon’s multi-hyphenation is indeed impressive.

She has written about sexual health and about herself for Refinery29, the Huffington Post, Vice, Nylon, and Allure, and has hosted and participated in podcasts. An accomplished collage artist, she has engaged in debates with major artists like Richard Prince, who “appropriated” one of her Instagram posts without her consent for a 2019 art show. For a couple of years, she was an internet celebrity thanks to the innovative online show “Sex Stuff with Zoë Ligon,” produced for the experimental new media pop culture company Super Deluxe. Oh, and she also runs a sexual health publication, Spectrum Journal.

Last year, during the pandemic, Ligon branched out even further. She authored a sex-ed book for Prestel Publishing, “Carnal Knowledge: Sex Education You Didn’t Get in School,” a collaboration with friend and photographer Elizabeth Renstrom, who just happens to be the photo editor at The New Yorker. She also cultivated a different audience through her non-sex-toy hobby, a Discord server where a group of like-minded weirdos can discuss “effed up movies.” Plus she has an OnlyFans, where people pay for her uncensored social media feed and her explicit sexual expression.”

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