2023 Sexy Holiday Shopping Guide

Welcome to our Holiday Shopping Guide, your passport to a world of intimate wellness and pleasure! Let us help you discover an array of tantalizing treasures designed to ignite the sparks of passion and enhance your overall well-being. Whether you’re searching for the perfect holiday gift to add a little sizzle to your relationship or a personal indulgence to make your festive season unforgettable, our carefully curated collection promises to fulfill your desires. Join us in exploring the art of intimate indulgence and well-being this holiday season – it’s time to unwrap pleasure in style! Are you on the hunt for the perfect gift, whether it’s for a friend with benefits, a significant other, or a little something special for yourself? One powerful way to convey desire is by presenting a sexy gift that reveals your intentions. Even if you choose a gift for a platonic friend, you can still make their day by gifting something they’ve had their eye on but haven’t treated themselves to. You’ll find plenty of alluring gift options that tastefully toe the line between sexy and inappropriate, such as a book on a spicy topic or even massage candles. It’s essential to strike the right balance when selecting sexy Christmas gifts, and nobody knows your recipient better than you, so trust your instincts! To spark your imagination, here’s a selection of the most unique and popular items in each category.


Books make for the ideal gift for that voracious reader in your life who thrives on knowledge and enjoys sharing intriguing facts in polite conversations. And here’s the twist – books also serve as an excellent, less risqué alternative to an actual sex toy. Believe it or not, books can be just as alluring! Delving into a well-written tome can mark the beginning of your sensual exploration, sparking inspiration for your next intimate accessory, or simply enhancing the allure of your bookshelf because, let’s face it, reading is undeniably sexy.

"Slow Pleasure" is a profound exploration of the art of savoring life's most exquisite moments.
  • Slow Pleasure, Explore Your Pleasure Spectrum By Euphemia Russell. This book will help you embark on a transformative journey. “Slow Pleasure” is a profound exploration of the art of savoring life’s most exquisite moments. In a world perpetually racing against time, it’s often daunting to embrace the luxury of slowing down. This book, a creation of pleasure coach and educator Euphemia Russell, is a profound guide to reconnecting with yourself through the power of pleasure. Through insightful reflection questions and pleasurable practices, you’ll rekindle your connection with your own body, prioritize your well-being, and celebrate pleasure in every facet of your life.
  • Sex Is Fun! Graphic Novel Style Creative Ideas For Exciting Sex By Kidder Kaper. A fully illustrated, interactive book that infuses the charm of a graphic novel with expert advice and hands-on activities for spicing up your love life. Host of the popular “Sex Is Fun” podcast, Kaper redefines the art of lovemaking with whimsical characters and stylish illustrations. Whether you’re seeking to add some zest to your bedroom adventures or enhance a long-term relationship, this entertaining and informative guide covers everything from sex toys to erotic massage with a fresh perspective. With its clever illustrations and witty dialogue, it takes the intimidation out of exploring new territories in the bedroom, offering workbook-style activities and games that promote communication and heightened pleasure. 
  • Bang!: Masturbation for People of All Genders and Abilities 2nd Edition By Vic Liu. “Bang!” is back and better than ever! This expanded edition, with a thought-provoking foreword by Adrienne Maree Brown, is your ultimate guide to the art of self-love. Masturbation isn’t just a physical act; it’s a journey of self-discovery, body awareness, and pleasure enhancement, open to everyone, regardless of gender or ability. This inclusive and joyful book focuses on amplifying voices often underrepresented in sexual literature, providing invaluable insights and breaking down myths. With sections on history, techniques, sex toy selection, transgender experiences, advice for wheelchair users, and more, this beautifully designed guide is the perfect gift for those looking to explore and celebrate the wonders of solo pleasure.
  • Queer Heroes of Myth and Legend: A celebration of gay gods, sapphic saints, and queerness through the ages by Dan Jones. A captivating journey into the world of gay gods, sapphic saints, and a diverse array of queer heroes hidden throughout history and myth. With 50 profiles and illustrated portraits, this book unveils the often-overlooked stories of love, bravery, and fantastical characters that transcend time. From classical tales to modern pop culture, Dan Jones’s witty and upbeat style brings to life these legendary figures who have shaped the narrative of queerness through the ages.


Who can resist the allure of choices? Sex toy kits offer you the convenience of pre-selected combinations of sex toys and accessories that perfectly complement each other, providing you with all the necessary tools in one package and substantial savings compared to individual purchases. These kits are an excellent way to embark on new avenues of pleasure, sensation, and exploration. For those with a taste for something spicier, BDSM kits merge elements of bondage, sensation play, impact, and more, ensuring your partner’s delight in every tantalizing moment. Whether you’re looking for a starting point, seeking to expand your repertoire, or desiring an all-in-one gift for your next playtime adventure, these kits have you covered!

  • ROMP Pleasure Kit With Three Silicone Rechargeable Vibrators and Carry Bag. This is the ultimate all-in-one gift for a couple seeking unbridled pleasure this holiday season. With three versatile rechargeable vibrators, including the powerful ROMP Flip wand massager, the sensual ROMP Juke vibrating couples ring, and the ROMP Free clitoral stimulator with Pleasure Air Technology, this kit offers a world of exhilarating possibilities. Plus, it all comes neatly organized in a durable roll bag, ensuring that the Romp Pleasure Kit is ready to accompany you on any adventure life has in store.
This kit promises an unforgettable and closer connection with your partner.
  • Je Joue Naughty Collection Luxury Vibrator And Game Kit. For that extra special someone, the Je Joue Naughty Collection Luxury Vibrator And Game Kit is the ultimate holiday gift. Housed in a beautiful rose gold feather design box, it’s a complete package for a night of intimate exploration. The Limited Edition Black & Rose Gold Mimi Vibrator offers pleasure for any desire, from nipples to perineum, and the scented Massage Candle sets the mood perfectly. With a satin blindfold and restraint for soft bondage play, as well as the unique Truth or Dare Intimate Card Game to build intimacy and trust, this kit promises an unforgettable and closer connection with your partner.
  • We-Vibe Forever Favorites Set Tango X Bullet Vibration And Touch X Layon Vibration Set. The We-Vibe Forever Favorites Set is the ultimate holiday gift, offering the best of both worlds with the Touch X lay-on massager and the powerful Tango X bullet vibrator. Don’t settle for just one amazing toy; now, you can have them both. The Touch X is designed for stimulating erogenous zones, while the Tango X offers pinpoint accuracy and fits in the palm of your hand. These forever favorites are your go-to pleasure companions, ensuring satisfaction wherever you go.
  • Close Encounters Holographic Vegan Leather Bondage Kit. For an otherworldly experience, the Close Encounters Holographic Vegan Leather Bondage Kit is the perfect holiday gift. This comprehensive set includes all the vegan leather gear you need to explore your deepest bondage fantasies, from wrist and ankle cuffs to a hogtie, collar, leash, silicone ball gag, flogger, and blindfold. Elevate your collection with these easy-to-clean essentials that add a touch of sparkle to your kinky adventures.
  • Lux Active Equip Complete 7-Piece Silicone Anal Training Kit. This set includes three silky-smooth, multi-sized silicone anal plugs with a tapered shape for gradual progression. The 100% silicone anal douche features a unique backflow prevention feature for efficient and hygienic use. The kit also includes a syringe for precise lubricant application, a vibrant blue athletic tote for discreet storage and travel, and a bonus PowerBullet for deep and rumbly external vibrations. It’s a comprehensive and pleasure-enhancing collection for all your anal desires.


If you’re looking to add a touch of diversity to the world of pleasure, dildos offer a vast array of shapes, sizes, and textures to explore. The choices are as unique as the desires they cater to—representational or non-representational, soft or firm, vibrating and harnessable; the possibilities are endless. Shopping for a penetration toy involves several considerations. Why choose a dildo, you ask? Dildos can enhance sensations, provide a sense of fullness, and serve as a tool for gender expression, whether for sexual work, personal pleasure, kink, or solo adventures.

  • Addiction Confetti Suction Cup 7.5in. The Addiction Confetti Suction Cup 7.5in dildo is the life of the party and a perfect gift for the holidays. Its frosted silicone design with a playful rainbow confetti pattern and realistic texture offers a delightful twist to intimate moments. Featuring a superior suction cup and harness compatibility, it provides versatility in your play. Are you just looking to gift confetti or rainbows? Also, check out the Hanky Panky or the Velvet Alley Rainbow And Cloud Dildo. 
  • Pris Toys Monolith Dual Density Suction Cup Squishy Silicone Semi-Realistic Large Girthy Dildo. The Pris Toys Monolith is the perfect gift for those seeking an exhilarating size and texture. With 9″ of insertable length and a 2.7″ diameter, this toy offers a satisfying experience, complete with an impressively strong suction cup base for stability. While it’s more suitable for attaching to the ground due to its weight, it can still cling to a wall with surprising tenacity.
Each Uberrime dildo is a one-of-a-kind work of art, making it a truly special gift.
  • Uberrime The Hydrus Water Dragon Soft Fantasy Textured Harnessable Silicone Dildo. The Uberrime The Hydrus is a unique and enchanting gift for the holidays. Crafted in intricate 3D detail, this dildo boasts a knotted design with mesmerizing scales, adding a touch of fantasy to your intimate moments. Made from durable body-safe platinum silicone, it’s easy to clean and built to last. Handmade in a stunning marbled coloration, it features a soft and squishy density that’s both delightful to the touch and visually captivating. With highly textured dragon scale detailing, each Uberrime dildo is a one-of-a-kind work of art, making it a truly special gift.
  • Addiction Unicorn Fantasy Suction Cup Ribbed Dildo With Bonus PowerBullet. With its enchanting hue and uniquely ribbed texture, this dildo offers a captivating journey of pleasure, culminating in a prominent head for satisfying penetration. Its generous girth takes your experience to another dimension. Whether you prefer hands-free fun with its powerful suction base or the flexibility to use it with your favorite harness, this dildo caters to your desires. Plus, it comes with a separate battery-operated bullet for added vibrations, making it the perfect gift for a truly enchanting experience.
  • Gender X Lustrous Galaxy Double-Ended Beaded and Curved Glass Wand. Crafted from sleek, nonporous, and hygienic glass in iridescent blue-green-violet hues, this wand offers a delightfully smooth surface that becomes even more sensual with your favorite lubricant. Whether you prefer the gently curved end with its generous bulbous head for G-spot stimulation or the triple-beaded end with a precise, tapered tip, this versatile toy caters to your desires. A convenient grip ring between the shafts ensures your control, allowing you to focus on the extraordinary pleasure that only glass can provide.


Embrace the gift of good vibrations and infuse some excitement into your holidays! Vibrators, being among the most sought-after sex toys, offer a diverse array of options. From vibrating bullets and wand massagers to G-spot stimulators, rabbit vibes, backdoor delights, and discreet finger vibrators, there’s something to cater to every desire. Start by defining the kind of stimulation you seek. If you’re in a sharing mood this holiday season, consider app-controlled and wireless remote vibrators to relinquish control to your partner. Additionally, explore the world of hands-free couples’ pleasure with C-shaped vibrators and vibrating cock rings. Here, we present some of the popular choices to add that extra buzz to your festivities.

  • Spectrum Essentials Vibrators. The Spectrum Essentials vibrators are the perfect holiday gift, offering a carefully curated range of classic shapes crafted from lab-tested body-safe materials. Designed by Spectrum’s team of sex educators and experts, these toys have been meticulously selected, refined, and tested to provide pleasure-oriented designs at affordable prices. With Spectrum Essentials, you can enjoy the fun and safety of high-quality toys without breaking the bank.
  • Magic Wand Micro Rechargeable Mini Wand Vibrator. Introducing the latest addition to an illustrious family of toys. With impressive power, multiple speeds, and the renowned quality of Magic Wand, this micro-sized gem holds its own as a legacy in the making. Boasting a soft silicone head and a flexible neck for a comfortable massage, it combines compact portability with potent performance, making it your ultimate travel companion and the MVP of pleasure.
  • One Of the VibePads Remote Control Grinding Pad. The GrindPad is the perfect holiday gift for those who love to grind their way to ecstasy. With three different versions to choose from – the original vibrating, the one with a tantalizing flicking tongue, or the one with a G or P-spot stimulator – it caters to various desires. Suitable for everyone, the GrindPad offers an exceptional experience with two quiet yet powerful motors, each offering seven distinct vibration modes. You can independently control and fine-tune each motor to find your perfect rhythm. Plus, the included remote control allows for seamless adjustments mid-ride without needing to move, or it can be wielded by a partner for an electrifying shared experience.
  • Snail Vibe Curve. You might have seen the original Snail vibe, but now the Curve has an ergonomic design tailored for G-spot stimulation and a textured clitoral head for added excitement. Thanks to the innovative Slide’n’Roll Technology, it synchronizes clitoral and vaginal orgasms, creating a pleasure party like no other. Backed by science, the Snail Vibe Curve is designed for ultimate satisfaction and complete control over your pleasure.
The Lovense Vulse is the perfect holiday gift, offering customizable pleasure.

Lovense Vulse App Enabled Vibrating and Thrusting G-spot Wearable Vibrator. The Lovense Vulse is the perfect holiday gift, offering customizable pleasure. With the app and Bluetooth connectivity, it delivers thrilling thrusting sensations to target your G-spot, taking your satisfaction to new heights. This rechargeable, waterproof vibrator is always ready for your next adventure, and its body-safe silicone construction ensures both safety and pleasure. Sync it with other Lovense devices to connect with your partner no matter the distance, and explore immersive adult video games for a truly unique experience.

Butt Toys

Discover the hidden treasure of pleasure in your backdoor, regardless of your front bits, by exploring the delightful world of anal play. Unleash a world of orgasmic potential by giving the gift of the right tools. Anal play sex toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes, offering multiple functions for your satisfaction. Remember, safety is key, so ensure they all have flared bases. Vibrating anal sex toys can aid in sphincter relaxation and make penetration more comfortable, all while stimulating the nerve-rich anus for heightened sensations. And don’t overlook the importance of lube; it’s an essential accessory for a smooth and enjoyable anal play experience.

  • Nixie Plug And Handcuff Set.  Presenting three unique versions to choose from. Whether you opt for the plug and metal handcuffs, the plug and furry handcuffs, or the comprehensive 8-piece BDSM kit, this all-in-one set seamlessly combines anal play and bondage for an exhilarating experience. The cuffs are expertly linked to a detachable, jewel-adorned butt plug crafted with a smooth-plated finish in lightweight aluminum alloy. Additionally, the lockable metal novelty handcuffs ensure secure restraint with a convenient click-release clasp. Elevate your intimate moments with this enticing combination of pleasure and bondage.
  • Lovense Ridge App Enabled Vibrating And Rotating Rechargeable Anal Beads. With app-controlled vibrations and rotations, it caters to individuals of all genders and sexual preferences, regardless of their experience level. Offering both vibrating and rotating sensations, it unlocks a world of full-body orgasms, providing direct prostate stimulation and indirect arousal of the G-spot and A-spot. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned explorer, Lovense Ridge promises an unforgettable play adventure, setting the stage for truly pleasurable moments.
Each plug provides girthy, ridged pleasure, allowing you to gradually size up or down for a fulfilling experience.
  • B-Vibe Stainless Steel Prostate 3 Piece Weighted Training Set. Perfect for anyone looking to level up their prostate pleasure this holiday season. This set of three steel anal plugs offers a satisfying range of length and girth, allowing you to train your body for more intense and fulfilling experiences. Crafted from body-safe stainless steel, each plug features a wide tapered base for comfortable and safe insertion and removal. They are compatible with all types of lubricants, ensuring a seamless experience. Each plug provides girthy, ridged pleasure, allowing you to gradually size up or down for a fulfilling experience. Additionally, you can experiment with temperature play, taking advantage of the adaptive texture of steel. The curved and swerving design of these plugs precisely targets and stimulates your pleasure zone.
  • Skins Rose Buddies Bums n Roses Rotating Rimming Toy. This groundbreaking rechargeable rotating rimming toy is designed to revolutionize your intimate experiences. With a perfect blend of vibration and rotation, it offers electrifying rimming sensations. This toy features a thicker appendage and customizable pleasure settings that mimic the tantalizing sensations of a partner’s tongue, creating waves of delightful unpredictability. Immerse yourself in a world of sensory delight as this remarkable toy guides you through sensations that mirror the most intimate attentions, leaving you in a perpetual state of anticipation and euphoria.
  • Je Joue Egon, Onyx or Vesta. Explore the multisensational journey of pleasure with Je Joue’s Egon, Onyx, or Vesta, making them exceptional gifts for the holiday season. The Egon is a rechargeable vibrating butt plug crafted from silky-soft silicone with powerful triangular edges for intense P-spot or G-spot stimulation, accompanied by deep, low-frequency rumbling vibrations for an empowering and discreetly quiet experience. For an incredibly fulfilling experience, the Onyx offers a weighted rechargeable remote-controlled vibrating butt plug adorned with multiple gem-like edges, whisper-quiet operation, five speeds, seven patterns, and user-friendly features. Or, indulge with the Vesta, a petite rechargeable remote-controlled vibrating butt plug that provides an exquisitely smooth and satisfying experience, featuring whisper-quiet operation, five speeds, seven patterns, and a range of user-friendly features.

Lubricant And Stimulating

The top piece of advice for enhanced pleasure is a simple one: always keep plenty of lubricant on hand! Lube should be an indispensable staple in your pleasure toolkit. Discovering the perfect lubricant that suits your body and the type of play you desire can truly revolutionize your experience. It may take a little experimentation to find the ideal formulation, regardless of your natural lubrication. Still, the results can be genuinely transformative, enriching your sex life in ways you never imagined.

  • Pjur Infinity Silicone-Based Personal Lubricant. This premium lubricant ensures long-lasting pleasure and leaves your skin silky smooth. With this luxurious lubricant, you can enjoy indulgent massages or heightened sexual experiences. Rediscover passion, embrace liberation, and enjoy unrestricted pleasure with Pjur Infinity.
  • Southern Butter Body Butter Fragrance-Free Oil-Based Lubricant. Enriched with Calendula, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, and Sunflower, this body butter encourages soft and nourished skin while providing natural hydration and moisturization. Free of added scents, it’s perfect for those seeking a more natural experience. Plus, it’s free from petroleum, silicone, parabens, mineral oil, lanolin, and artificial ingredients, and it’s gluten-free. To use, simply warm a bit of butter in your hand and let your imagination guide you. It’s the perfect addition to prepare your skin for your next intimate adventure.
  • Tantus Water-Based Extra Thick Fisting & Masturbation Cream. This extra-thick glide is perfect for all your intimate play, whether it’s with Tantus toys, your partner’s fist, or solo enjoyment. With a creamy, water-based formula, this cream is compatible with various activities, and it’s free from fragrances, artificial coloring, parabens, glycerin, phthalates, and sugar, making it a safe and cruelty-free option. The cream’s extra-slick and long-lasting formula not only enhances pleasure but also conditions and moisturizes your skin while you explore your desires.
  • Exsens Nipple Arousal Cream. Enhance your intimate moments with Exsens Nipple Arousal Cream, the perfect gift for those looking to add an enticing tingle to their play. This vegan, paraben-free formula not only hydrates your skin but also creates a gentle tingling sensation that will send shivers down your spine. Simply apply to your nipples, massage as desired, and get ready for deliciously chilly sensations. Available in peach, strawberry, or cherry flavors, it’s a delightful way to spice up your nights of passion.
Not only is it a gift for enhanced sensations, but it's also a gift for a good cause.
  • Special Edition Wicked Simply Aqua Lubricant. Elevate your pleasure and support LGBTQ+ communities year-round with the Special Edition Wicked Simply Aqua Lubricant. A percentage of the proceeds from this clean, pH-balanced water-based lubricant is dedicated to various LGBTQIA organizations and communities for perpetuity. Not only is it a gift for enhanced sensations, but it’s also a gift for a good cause. Free of Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, and Parabens, this vegan, cruelty-free lubricant is enriched with antioxidant-rich Olive Leaf Extract for moisturizing and biostatic properties, ensuring a clean and delightful experience. 

Body Massage

Caring for your well-being is an ongoing commitment. It encompasses not only physical self-care but also prioritizing your mental health. However, don’t overlook the significance of external care. How about indulging in a self-care date night? Spend quality time with yourself, including a soothing massage and a relaxing bath.

  • A massage candle. Discover the perfect dual-purpose treat with massage candles. These exquisite candles not only set a romantic ambiance with their fragrant glow but, when melted, provide a luxuriously warm massage oil. Crafted to melt slightly above body temperature, these candles offer longer-lasting, cleaner burns and are enriched with a blend of natural oils. Pamper your skin and indulge in a romantic atmosphere.
  • Wicked Massage Cream. Indulge in the ultimate massage experience with Wicked Massage Cream. Designed to soothe, soften, and nourish the skin with each loving stroke, this cream is enriched with opulent oils, Vitamins A and E, and electrolytes for deep hydration. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or rejuvenation, this cream offers a truly satisfying touch. Use it to quench thirsty skin during massages or embrace its solo benefits. Give in to the craving for touch and elevate your sensual experiences with Wicked Sensual Care.
  • Jelique Hot Heart Massager Reusable Heating Heart For Body Massage. Elevate your sensual massage game with the Jelique Hot Heart Massager. This reusable heating heart is perfect for turning up the heat in your intimate moments. With just one click, the heart-shaped heat pack is ready to provide a warm and relaxing massage. Use it to enhance foreplay or simply warm your hands for a more sensual touch. Whether it’s for massages, foreplay, or relieving cramps and muscle soreness, this Hot Heart Massager is a versatile addition to your intimate toolkit.
It's perfect for soothing various irritations and discomforts related to yeast and bacterial infections or general skin irritation.
  • Momotaro Apotheca Organic Tonic Bath & Body Oil. Pamper yourself with Momotaro Apotheca Certified Organic Tonic Bath & Body Oil. Crafted with a blend of essential oils, including Cedar Wood and Oregon Grape, this tonic is designed to help you unwind and rejuvenate. It’s perfect for soothing various irritations and discomforts related to yeast and bacterial infections or general skin irritation. You can add it to a warm bath or apply it topically, providing a soothing and refreshing experience for your body.

Pure Instinct Pheromone Massage Lotion True Blue. This unique lotion combines with your skin’s pH to create an irresistible and seductive scent. With alluring notes of Australian mango, mandarin, cinnamon, honey, and white musk, it adds a sensual touch to your massages. Plus, it’s free from parabens, gluten, and glycerin, making it a thoughtful gift for enhancing intimacy during the holidays.


Masturbation sleeves or strokers, specifically designed for external stroking, are often associated with solo play, but they can also be delightful additions to partner play. Some masturbation sleeves feature realistic entries like Fleshlights, mimicking vulvas, mouths, or anuses. However, there are also discreet, textured options that provide additional stimulation and grip. While many strokers are manually operated, the market offers automatic self-thrusting strokers, vibrating options, and suction-based devices, all of which are gaining popularity. 

  • Gawk Gawk 3000. The Gawk Gawk 3000 is a sensation for penis owners and has taken the internet by storm. Often referred to as “The Rose for a penis,” this innovative sex toy offers an array of pleasurable experiences. With ten different vibration modes and five rotating modes, it provides an abundance of options for exploration. Its unique 360-degree spinning motion and soft textured nubs add intense stimulation. The soft, clear material enhances the visual appeal, and it’s waterproof for easy cleaning and versatility in your playtime. Plus, you’ll never need batteries, as a USB charger is included. 
The mouth-like design of the masturbation cup offers an oral sex experience that will tantalize your senses.
  • Gawk Gawk 4000. Building on the popularity of the Gawk Gawk 3000, this innovative toy takes it a step further with a high-quality dual motor and powerful vibrations that will leave you in ecstasy. Its handheld and portable design makes it incredibly easy to adjust modes for double stimulation. The mouth-like design of the masturbation cup offers an oral sex experience that will tantalize your senses. The internal 3D textures and projection provide intense friction, and its premium yet stretchy material accommodates various widths. Additionally, the transparent cup satisfies voyeuristic desires.
  • Automatic Rechargeable Open-Ended Textured Hairdryer Shaped Stroker. Feel the empowering touch of the robust, ergonomic handle as you press the button – a simple action that propels you into an unrivaled experience of indulgence. Let the gentle yet thrilling motion envelop you, guiding you into a realm of unparalleled delight. With six stroking speeds at your fingertips, the Automatic Open-Ended Stroker is designed to match your every desire. Inside, you’ll discover textured nubs that delicately caress and awaken your senses, turning every second into a sensation-packed journey.
  • The Goodhead Helping Head Silicone Glow In The Dark Sleeve. Light up your intimate moments with The Goodhead Helping Head Silicone Glow In The Dark Sleeve. This specially designed 2″ mini stroker enhances the sensations and pleasure during fellatio or hand stimulation. Crafted from super-soft silicone, this glow-in-the-dark stretchy stroker features a soft exterior and stimulating massage beads on the inside for the ultimate pleasure experience. It’s perfect for those under 2 inches, while those over 2 inches can enjoy other simultaneous activities. With its squishy and soft texture, this mini stroker is suitable for everyone, including trans folks, ensuring limitless pleasure without boundaries.
  • Svakom Hedys. Looking for a stress-free gift option? Consider the Svakom Hedy, a soft and stretchy masturbator that conveniently tucks away into its discreet egg case. The Hedy sleeves offer remarkable expansion and are designed to provide a snug fit, accommodating users of various sizes. These sleeves feature a range of unique textures, offering a diverse spectrum of sensations, so be sure to explore them all to discover your favorite. With their double-sided design, they provide dual pleasure during your playtime. The ultra-soft material ensures a lifelike and gentle touch. While this toy is typically considered disposable, you can enjoy up to 10 uses from this stroker. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Humping Toys

Explore the world of humping and grinding toys, where texture and sensation take center stage. These delightful toys are crafted for external pleasure, offering an array of shapes, colors, and functions to cater to your desires. Whether you prefer squishy, non-vibrating silicone pieces for delightful rubbing, cushions that attach to the base of dildos, or versatile flat and flexible vibrators for an exhilarating ride, there’s a grinder that’s perfect for you. Elevate your sensory experiences with these innovative pleasure options.

With its incredibly soft and marshmallow-like center, it's a delightful tactile experience.
  • Pelle Orange Slice Silicone Grinding Toy. Discover the Pelle Orange Slice Silicone Grinding Toy, an exclusive collaboration between Pelle and Spectrum Boutique. This unique toy, designed to resemble a beloved orange slice gummy candy, is handmade from Pelle’s signature luxuriously soft, body-safe silicone. Whether you place the flat backside in your palm, on a pillow, or use it with a partner, it offers the perfect amount of pressure exactly where you desire. With its incredibly soft and marshmallow-like center, it’s a delightful tactile experience.
  • Velvet Alley The Shredder Super Soft Silicone Stroker And Multi-Texture Grinding Toy. Its four distinct surfaces – Mincer, Shredder, Slicer, and Grater – offer a variety of sensations to explore. The bottom of The Shredder can be used for suction and penetration, making it incredibly versatile. With super soft silicone construction, you have control over pressure and intensity by simply adjusting your grip. Add your favorite water-based lube to enjoy the external textures, allowing you to caress, slide, and pulse on your preferred erogenous area for an unforgettable experience.
  • Cute Little Fuckers Starsi Grindable Silicone Vibrator. Starsi is a versatile silicone vibrator perfect for exploring all erogenous areas. Its unique design, with gentle curves on the back, makes it easy to grip and hold in your hand. Notably, transfemme individuals find Starsi particularly enjoyable as it provides a vulva-like sensation, aiding their exploration of new sensations and euphoria. However, Starsi’s pleasures are not limited to any specific group, as it can be a delightful and sensual companion for anyone.
  • Uncover Creations The Tentacle Grinder Silicone Cock Ring. With its carefully designed tentacle featuring a textured surface and realistic suckers, it promises delightful sensations with every touch. Whether you’re using it with a dildo or a penis, this grind ring will take your pleasure to astonishing new heights, making it an adventure you won’t want to miss. It also comes with a versatile black nylon strap, allowing you to securely attach it to various body parts for an extraordinary grinding sensation.
  • CalExotics Lust Remote Control Rechargeable Silicone Textured Grinding Pad. With 12 functions of intense vibration, two powerful motors, and an intimately contoured design, it provides deep, rumbling stimulation. The remote control allows easy access to a variety of orgasmic options, and you can enjoy this waterproof massager in the bath, shower, or hot tub, with a range of up to 32.5 feet away. It’s versatile and suitable for stimulating various genital areas, making it a thrilling addition to anyone’s intimate adventures.


Ready to indulge in some winter kink with your partner? Equip yourself with the tools to explore restraint, teasing, clamping, and spanking—all with their enthusiastic consent, of course. Whether you’re eager to tie them up or tantalize them, we’ve got the full array of equipment to make their bottom light up like Rudolph’s nose. Embrace the world of BDSM, which encompasses bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism, for a holiday season filled with unforgettable pleasures.

  • Tantus Leather Scented Spanking Cream To Enhance Impact Play. Elevate your impact play with the Tantus Leather Scented Spanking Cream. Featuring a captivating leather top note and a subtle tobacco bottom note, this cream adds an enticing aroma to your play. Formulated with aloe vera and shea butter, it enhances the sting and burn of impact play, creating a sensual and luxurious experience. 
  • Tantus Arnica and Chamomile AfterCare Cream To Soothe The Skin. Experience the ultimate soothing sensation with Tantus Arnica and Chamomile AfterCare Cream. Designed to provide gentle and tender post-play care, this cream features arnica to minimize inflammation, discoloration, and striping and soothing chamomile to support your skin after intense play. With a creamy yet non-sticky formula, it spreads effortlessly over the skin. Free from dyes, fragrances, artificial coloring, parabens, glycerin, sugar, and phthalates, This cruelty-free cream ensures a gentle and caring touch for your skin after intense play, making it an excellent gift choice for the holiday season.
  • The Sex Positioning Chair. It is a perfect gift for those looking to enhance their intimate experiences. This chair allows you to explore new positions with ease, alleviating strain on your thighs and enabling weightless sex, exciting bounces, and adventurous moves you never thought possible. It’s built to last with a heavy-duty tubular steel frame that can be disassembled for convenient storage. The 4-ply elastic bands with Velcro fasteners provide adjustable spacing, while smooth-finish foam covers the metal parts to ensure safety and comfort during your passionate moments—a thoughtful and adventurous gift choice for the holiday season.
It's a unique and light-hearted gift idea to spice up your holiday season.
  • WoodRocket Novelty Paddle. Add some playful kink to your intimate moments with Woodrocket novelty paddles. Perfect for fetish fun in the bedroom or anywhere spanking is welcome, these paddles feature cheeky and flirtatious designs like “Daddy.” It’s a unique and light-hearted gift idea to spice up your holiday season.
  • Sportsheets Pivot Collection. Enhance your intimate experiences with the Sportsheets Pivot Collection. Whether you’re looking for positioners, restraints, waterproof blankets, or straps for added leverage, this collection has something to suit every desire. Explore new dimensions of pleasure and intimacy with these versatile and innovative products, making it a fantastic gift choice for the holiday season.

Now armed with these exciting options, all that’s left is to recall those conversations with your partner about the desires and fantasies you’ve both wanted to explore. Gift them the tools to turn those sultry dreams into reality. Remember, it’s not about the price tag but the thought and effort you invest in your gift. If you’re still unsure, a gift card offers a fantastic solution, allowing you to enjoy a special date night shopping together and selecting the perfect items that ignite your passion. Happy holidays and unforgettable adventures await!

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