9 A-Spotty Dildos For Deep Penetration and Cervix Massage

Toys That Target the Anterior Fornix

Discovering cervical orgasms changed my sex life. For myself, the orgasms from deep penetration feel like potent hits of oxytocin — heart-eyes emojis and implosions far more full-bodied than clitoral or G-spot orgasms.

My love of cervix stimulation has raised some eyebrows. “Doesn’t that hurt you?” While your mileage may vary, people can and do enjoy pressure against the cervix. Ramming directly into it hurts me, of course. However, for many, slipping something behind the cervix to massage, it feels terrific. And there’s also a hot spot on the front wall just shy of the cervix, known as the A-spot or AFE (anterior fornix erogenous) zone.

(Curious? Find my full BS-free guide to deep erogenous zones at Super Smash Cache.)

For those who enjoy or want to explore cervix and A-spot massage, here’s a list of my favorite sex toys for deep penetration. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, but there are recurring features among them that make them outstanding:

  • Firm enough to target the right spot
  • Gentle forward curve or tilt for aiming
  • Bulbous, swelling, or otherwise defined head

I’ve sorted the following list by how (subjectively) intense the toys are, starting with what I consider the gentlest.

BS Atelier Max

BS Atelier

This dildo looks sleek and frill-free, but its elongated head is one of its greatest strengths. I wrote in my BS Atelier Max review:

Most dildo heads are about 1.5″ long, while the BS Atelier Max‘s is 2.6″ long— a full inch longer. With that longer head, I can let that slender tip slide behind my cervix on the “in” stroke, and have the ridge rub up against my G-spot on the “out” stroke … With most other dildos, I have to choose between my G-spot and my cervix. In contrast, with the BS Atelier Max, I don’t have to make excessively long thrusts to get both erogenous zones in one go.

As well, the gentle taper and average girth make it easy to slide in front of my cervix for A-spot stimulation. The BS Atelier Max‘s simplistic versatility makes it one of my favorite beginner-friendly dildos!

Chrystalino Champ

Chrystalino Gallant

The Chrystalino Champ also features a tapered head and defined “corona,” but glass’s firmness delivers more intense G-spot pressure than silicone does. During shallow penetration, this dildo’s flat head kneads the front wall. But if I want to go hard against my cervix and don’t feel like using a fat insertable, this dildo is perfect for that, too.

Overall, it’s another terrific sex toy for beginners. I wish I could go back in time and give my past self the Chrystalino Champ.

Désirables Dalia

Desirables Dalia

The Désirables Dalia‘s shape is in the same family as the LELO Mona 2— a classic for a reason. It’s gentle but filling swell nestles against the pubic bone’s dip. That means that whether your G-spot is most sensitive on the pubic bone or past it, there’s a good chance that the Dalia’s thick end will fit against both. There’s indeed no such thing as a perfect G-spot toy. However, the Dalia and Mona 2 serve a far wider variety of people than, say, the more specialized njoy Pure Wand.

The main difference between the Dalia and Mona 2’s shape is that the former’s bend isn’t as steep. That’s a perk because it means that I can insert it all the way and let the bulge do its thing against my cervix and A-spot. And why porcelain? It provides firm pressure, while the matte finish adds a bit of friction. Read my full Desirables Dalia porcelain G-spot dildo review at Super Smash Cache.

Tantus Tsunami

Tantus Tsunami

This silicone dildo is a bit different from the previous ones on the list, featuring not one bump or ridge, but three. Pressing the Tsunami‘s curved tip against my A-spot and feeling the shaft’s waves against my G-spot? Fuck yeah! Front wall stimulation galore, whether you hardcore thrust it, minimally move it, or clench around it for a stationary stimulus.

LuzArte (formerly Jollies and ChavezDezignz) Jollet


Speaking of stationary stimulation, the LuzArte Jollet is perfect for clenching around, if you can handle the firm, 1.75″ diameter. Its unique form is a cast of the inside of a vagina, designed to tessellate along the G-spot’s contours. At the base is a cavity for inserting a bullet vibe (may I suggest the We-Vibe Tango?) to make the entire unit vibrate.

Everything I said before about elongated G-spotting heads and the Dalia‘s shape applies doubly to this dildo. I’ll admit that many other reviewers say not to thrust the Luzarte Jollet. However, I love that I can get intense pressure on my G-spot and cervix in one go, with even shorter thrusts than the BS Atelier Max. It’s one of my holy grail toys for a reason. What’s more? It’s cute AF. The polka dots are tiny pom-poms suspended in clear silicone.

Vixen Creations VixSkin Outlaw

Vixen Creations VixSkin

If you’ve never heard of VixSkin, then I’m honored to be the one to introduce you to it. It’s a luxurious combination of two silicone densities, forming a firm inner core for thrusting and squishy outer core for a fleshlike feel. So while the VixSkin Outlaw is far more massive than the average penis, it doesn’t feel especially harsh, thanks to the squish. The entire head is plush and pliable, perfect for pushing behind my cervix and going hard.

If your cervix and front wall are more demanding, also consider a VixSkin Maverick, which is about the same size as the Outlaw, but with a curve and protruding corona. Or put a VixSkin Colossus sleeve on the Velvet Thruster for hands-free thrusting. Or maybe a VixSkin Gambler, if you want something even bigger.

Blush Novelties Avant D3/D4

Blush Temptasia Elvira and Avant D4

Like the Tantus Tsunami, the Blush Novelties Avant D3 and D4 come with bumps galore. The boxy, 2″ wide head is girthy cervix heaven, the corona feels fantastic against my A-spot, and the vertical textures on the lowest bump are delightful for twisting. Think of it as multiple “heads” on one dildo. Its matte silicone comes with only the slightest drag, but I recommend using lube liberally with its intensity.

And for under $60? This dildo is a steal.

Self Delve Eggplant

Self Delve Aubergine

The Self Delve Eggplant dildo looks silly from afar, but at 2.4″ max diameter, it has serious girth. The curve is gentle, but the combination of width and silicone density is perfect for me. I wrote in my Self Delve Eggplant dildo review:

It’s squishy enough to conform to my pubic bone’s dip and tessellate against my G-spot, while fat and firm enough to give my G-spot intense resistance … Once it’s in, there’s no escaping the pressure and the bulging forward tilt. Perfect for when I’m craving something exceptionally thick…

If you’ve ever fantasized about fucking yourself with vegetables, Self Delve’s designs can fulfill that. But with all of the perks of silicone dildos.

njoy Eleven

njoy Eleven

“I could kill someone with this bludgeon steel dildo if I wanted to. Wielding the njoy Eleven is what it means to be alive. I feel invincible.” I wrote that sentence in my njoy Eleven review, and I stand by it. It’s not for the faint of orifice. The njoy Eleven’s S-curve is the crème de la crème of firm A-spot and fornix stimulation.

Its bulbous head on the “small” 1.75″ end glides into the pockets around my cervix, while the ridges rub against my G-spot. And the 2″ wide end? “I clenched. I came. I cried. I repeated until I collapsed into my tears.” I’d be content with it being the only dildo I use for the rest of my life. Read my full njoy Eleven review at Super Smash Cache.

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