BMS Factory Pillowtalk Sassy vs. We-Vibe Rave

A G-Spot Vibrator Faceoff

I stand on a podium, a crowd gathers, I hush whispers. The moment everyone’s been waiting for. Who will be crowned victor? Pillowtalk by BMS Factory’s sleek and gorgeous Sassy G-Spot Vibrator, or We-Vibe’s uniquely shaped Rave G-Spot Vibrator? The road to this decision has been long and hard (pun intended), so stay tuned to find out!

I love Spectrum Boutique. Everyone knows this about me and getting a chance to help the boutique was too good to pass up. Comparing sex toys is my favorite hobby. I’m good at it. I’ve never been stumped with a comparison, and I’ve never had to pause on reviewing something because I just didn’t know what to say.

However, times are changing and so is my vagina because boy-oh-boy did Sassy and Rave have me completely thrown for a spin! Many afternoons and nights I lay in my bed, breathless and hearing  ringing sounds and seeing bursts of color, wondering if I’d ever be able to put into words exactly how different two similar toys are. 

I had no G-Spot toys when I was given the opportunity to review these two vibrators. Crazy right? A sex toy reviewer with not one G-Spot toy to her name. A shameful thing that I didn’t advertise. Be that as it may, I feel like it allowed me to truly approach both of these vibes without any bias clouding my judgment from other ones. I got to have a fresh and clean slate.

Many afternoons and nights I lay in my bed, breathless and hearing ringing sounds and seeing bursts of color, wondering if I’d ever be able to put into words exactly how different two similar toys are.

Clean slate aside, I had my biases of the Sassy before I even got the toy in me. Why? I hated the name of Sassy. No really, I hated the name of Sassy. It struck me as overtly girly, especially so with the crystal at the base of the vibrator. I thought “Hey! I hope we’re not making toys that people will feel is for one specific gender.” I know a lot of men and people that have vaginas that might not appreciate their toys bedazzled and labeled “Sassy”.

I sucked on my bottom lip while I examined it top to base. It’s made with body-safe silicone and the box says it’s a good 8” long, with 5” insertable length. It wasn’t girthy, but the head was nice, bulbous and pronounced. Something all G-Spot toys should have in my opinion.

Though I hated the bedazzled base, I did love the pastel blue color I got the toy in. I’m a sucker for pastels and wish I had more of those colors in my toy collection. The Sassy is splash-proof, so while you can run it under water or not worry about it malfunctioning if you manage to squirt on it, you can’t submerge it. It comes with a charging cable, a satin storage bag, and a small cleaning brush so you can really get into the grooves along the on/off button.

The Rave was much better than Sassy though. The name sounded like I’d have a blast using it. I had no qualms when I took it out of the box. As a matter of fact, I was totally fascinated by its shape. It reminded me of a purple banana. It curved slightly, and while the head wasn’t too pronounced, it looked like it would work a G-Spot well.

It’s nearly 8”, with 4” of insertable length. It was smooth from its silicone exterior, and even compatible with the We-Vibe app to make your own patterns and even use with a partner. The Rave, unlike Sassy, had no bedazzling. Its color was, in my opinion, neutral enough, and the toy felt a lot less gendered. I was basically in love already.

I know what you’re all thinking- “You’ve got your biases right there, Wendy!” and you’re right. I was already leaning towards the Rave being my favorite toy, leaving the Sassy just sitting on the backburner, like an unwanted pot of beans waiting to be forgotten.

You know what they say about looks though.

Both toys required a full charge before going into use and my patience was at its absolute limit. While the toys charged I cleaned, read books, and even cooked a meal. I was ready to test them, and I was ready to test them now. When the allotted hours were up and both toys glowed a steady light to show they were fully charged, I quickly snatched them up and hopped to my bed.

The Rave and Sassy in play are definitely competitors, but it’s the small, nuanced things that makes one better than the other.

I used Rave first. It’s interesting shape pulled me in, and didn’t let me go. This is where things get tricky though. The toy has three small buttons near the handle and they all feel very similar so it makes it hard to navigate which button does which at first. When you do get it on, much to my dismay, it starts on a pattern. 

This causes confusion as I try to cycle through all ten patterns to find the steady vibration. The problem with this though is that all of the patterns kind of feel the same in hand, and the pattern right before you get to steady vibes, feels almost like steady vibes unless you have the toy inserted.

This is a major downer for me, and it takes me a few minutes to figure out my Rave’s controls. When I finally get to where I want to be, I lay back and get ready to experience nirvana. Or so I had hoped.

The ergonomic shape may have looked great, but in play it took away from the toy. The head, while pronounced, is angled at a weird position, and you have to kind of tilt your hips and twist it to get it to hit the G-Spot. This is a problem. Not everyone has the ability to tilt their hips in a way such as I did, and if I have to twist the toy to get it to hit the G-Spot (something it should do effortlessly), we have an issue.

After angling the toy correctly and getting it to get to the right place I can say it did a good job at bringing me to orgasm. I enjoyed it, despite feeling tired in my lower back. The vibrations were deep and rumbly. The toy’s head, though tilted, had a small point that did stimulate my G-Spot. However, for all the work I did to get the toy to do its job… Well, I was let down.

Bummed out, I sighed and moved onto Sassy. I said a silent prayer that this toy would be better than my last. Words cannot explain how disappointed I was that Rave did not do all I had expected it to.


It’s profound rumbling vibrations and bulbous head brought me to orgasm within mere minutes.

Here’s where I take a moment and have to compose myself because Sassy in action… My god. When I say I saw stars, y’all, I’m not playing. The toy looks simple enough. It’s got a bit of girth to the toy, it’s got its pronounced head. It looks like your standard G-Spotty vibe.

Standard is not what I’d use to describe this toy. Maybe Gold Standard, but certainly not standard. I can actually see why it’s called Sassy. You think it’s going to be your run-of-the-mill toy, but in fact it’s everything but.

One thing I loved about this toy is the on/off button also functions as the control button. It slowly goes faster the longer you press it, and when you click it once, it turns off. Now, for me, this is nothing but a plus. I love toys that have gradual speed increasing. It reminds me of my Palm Power wand (my favorite wand I’d like to add). They have similar controls since they’re by BMS Factory, and honestly I couldn’t be happier with them.

For a toy that looks so simple, I can’t believe it out performed We-Vibe’s Rave. We-Vibe is hailed to be an outstanding company, and it is, but this toy just fell desperately short.

Sassy, while plain on the outside, packs a punch. It’s profound rumbling vibrations and bulbous head brought me to orgasm within mere minutes. I’m talking less than five minutes, y’all. The orgasm was long, powerful, and like something from a book. You know, throes of passion, gripping sheets, stars behind your eyes. My heart was racing from using this toy and I can honestly say that not a lot of toys get that reaction out of me.

I suppose this goes to show that sometimes unusual, forward-thinking design isn’t as great as what is simply known to work. Like, if it’s not broke then don’t fix it. Don’t try to build upon it. Sometimes it’s exactly that which ruins a good thing.

It’s for those reasons why I have to say that Sassy is crowned the victor in this side-by-side comparison. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it works. There’s no hip tilting, toy angling, brow furrowing confusion. Once it’s in, it does its job wonderfully. 

However, if you don’t mind being a bit more active, you’re a fan of patterns, like the option of having controls for your vibe,  and an app that allows you to customize your vibration and vibration patterns, the Rave might be for you!

For the price the Sassy can’t be beat either. Spectrum offers this toy at a mere $59. That’s it. Only $59 stands in the way of you and the most mind-blowing orgasm you’ll ever have. Whereas We-Vibe’s toy is double the price coming in at $119.

Now, I know I’m bad at math and reasoning, but something tells me that Sassy’s price beats We-Vibe’s by a long shot. You get better for cheaper. You get better period.

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