Butt Plugs Beginners Guide

Gettin’ into Anal

So you want to try an anal plug? I hope so, because the booty has a lot going on!

Anal sex toys are a hot category, as more people than ever are exploring anal pleasure. We’re wearing anal plugs, checking out strapons, maybe even going extra WIDE with stretching penetration. 

But let’s not dive right into the deep end: Anal play is most comfortable if you ease into the shallow end first. You gotta give your rectum a chance to adjust to having something inside! 

These are my tips for finding a great butt plug for beginners—to keep your first anal explorations sexy, and keep you coming back for more.

People have been deriving pleasure from anal play for as long as people have existed and been sexual! 

So Why Wear an Anal Plug?

First, why do people want to put things up their butt in the first place? Is it “normal”?

Very much so: People have been deriving pleasure from anal play for as long as people have existed and been sexual! 

The anus contains many nerve endings, which can provide a lot of sensation by themselves. Stretching the sphincters and rectum has a pronounced effect on those nerves: feeling filled up is a super-sexy sensation for many people. 

And truly, the whole pelvic floor is interconnected.

The outer sphincter (muscle band that closes up the rectum) is supplied with blood by a vein that feeds into either the penis or clitoris. It’s very common to experience vaginal wetness, clitoral arousal, or an erection from anal penetration. 

Also, when you press into the front wall of the rectum, you’re pushing toward either the prostate or the vagina. Prostate orgasms can be a very, very intense kind of pleasure: some people with prostates can achieve waves of orgasms lasting over 30 minutes at a time. And many people with vaginas report more G-spot sensitivity when they have something in their butt. 

Others can orgasm from deep anal penetration: from having the sigmoid bend of their colon, and beyond, stimulated.

As always, individual preferences and anatomy do vary, so some folks will enjoy anal more than others. And that’s OK!

And finally, since anal has been seen as “taboo” or “kinky” for a long time in the puritanical history of America (and elsewhere!), it’s not uncommon to see butt play as more “naughty” than penis-in-vagina sex or jerking off. That may make it even hotter!

But for your first plug, it’s good to keep it simple. Start small, be gentle, and get used to having something in your ass.

What to Look for in a Beginner’s Butt Plug

So what should you look if you’re trying to pick out your first anal toy?

It’s a fact: not all butt plugs are made alike! Like vibes and dildos, you’ve got a lot of variety to choose from—even in 100% body-safe materials. Some plugs are made for stretching, some are for show (like jewel plugs, heart plugs, and tail plugs), and others are for powerful vibrating sensation.

But for your first plug, it’s good to keep it simple. Start small, be gentle, and get used to having something in your ass.

The best beginner butt plugs share a few qualities:

They have a gradual taper. You want a plug that’s going to be easy to insert. And what’s easy to insert? A strong taper—so the plug starts small and expands gently outward. 

They’re slim (and not too long). Beginner butt plugs should be 1.2 inches diameter or less, optimally between 0.75 inch and 1 inch maximum width. As for length, under four inches is easiest.

My favorite to recommend is the absolutely classic shape of the Mood Naughty 1 Anal Trainer Kit 3-Pack because each plug’s taper goes in easy, then the bulb locks right into place, and finally the anchor-shaped base sits perfectly between the ass cheeks.

No coincidence that the Mood Naughty Kit is first in Spectrum’s Best Beginner Plugs category. Another excellent choice is the slim Fuze Pleasure Plug 1, in sparkly metallic silicone. 

Also see booty toys here, ordered with the smallest ones first: I would recommend anything up to about 1” diameter as a first plug.

Collection of Anal Plugs - Butt Plug Beginners Guide - Spectrum JournalAnd if you’re looking for a first vibrating plug, consider the VeDO Bump: it’s very usable if you have a little anal experience. (Consider the Mood Naughty 1 medium first, before Bump, if you’ve never used any anal toy, or had fingers in your butt, before.) 

You want your first anal plugging experience to show you that butt play can be FUN, can be a huge turn-on, so do take it easy with your body! Insert slowly, rather than forcing the plug in. Stop if you feel discomfort (rather than just the newness of having something inserted). And above all:

Please Use Lube with Your Anal Play!

All sex educators agree: Using a safe personal lubricant is a good thing, no matter what kind of sex play you’re engaging in. With silicone sex toys especially, lube increases comfort by reducing drag. 

For anal, lube is especially important. The anus does not truly self-lubricate. (In the way that vaginas and vulvas might.) The rectum can sometimes create a bit of mucus deeper in, but it’s not enough to insert toys or larger body parts (multiple fingers, a penis) safely. 

Collection of Anal Plugs - Butt Plug Beginners Guide - Spectrum Journal  Adding a good lube to anal play will make it so much easier to get even the best-designed plug past your sphincters. It’ll prevent the tearing and injury that can occur with dry anal insertion and thrusting. 

For the slickest lube, The Butters is awesome. The all-natural shea butter and aloe formula lasts and lasts. I most recommend The Butters for anal play that involves thrusting and for extended plug-wearing. 

Sliquid Sassy was formulated with extra plant cellulose, so it’s thicker than Sliquid H2O water-based lube. Sassy is easy to apply, with its flip-top squeeze bottle; and very easy to clean off your toys too. 

So: What are you looking for from anal? Have you done it, did you like it, and would you do anything differently if you had to do it over again?

If you’re into it: Go forth and be anal!

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