Lelo Sila Sonic Wave Massager Review

Have we found a bottom growth compatible suction toy?

After being on Testosterone for a year, finding toys that are marketed or compatible with bottom growth is a necessity. Toys need to work with the growth, as well as other features like vaginal dryness and increased sensitivity. While skimming Spectrum’s Instagram, I came across the Lelo Sila Sonic Wave Massager and was intrigued by the shape of the opening. Others seemed curious as well, as the comments featured inquiries about bottom growth compatibility.

I had been researching suction-based toys to combat my growing curiosity about insertable toys, which in my opinion is one of the coolest things about bottom growth. Learning how to masturbate around bottom change could be its own article. I reached out to Zoë to ask if anyone had tested this toy who did have bottom growth, and she gave me the opportunity to do my due diligence to the Trans community and put the Sila to the test.

The first thing I did after receiving the toy was to stick my finger into the mouth.

First Impressions

The first thing I did after receiving the toy was to stick my finger into the mouth. I took some fancy photos measuring the mouth, and noticed that the mouth is uniquely shaped. Most toys don’t have deep crevices in them, and the cleaning regimen is fairly simple. The Sila has many curved edges, so I made sure I was attentive while cleaning it — especially since it is an penetrable toy.

(Measurements in photos are centimeters)

Lelo Sila Review - Spectrum Journal

Bottom Growth Compatible?

While the mouth opening was a great amount of room width wise, there is an expectation that the depth would be comparable. I don’t
have the most intense amount of length comparably for bottom growth, but I am larger than the depth of the Sila. However, the positive part of bottom growth is that unlike a penis, which grows rigid, the enlarged clitoris is still very flexible and malleable. There is a playful aspect to finding the best position with the toy, and during some sessions, I’ve held it as close as possible, and other times have edged with the toy by playing with the tip inserted.  

Lelo Sila Review - Spectrum Journal

(See photo of my finger marked at depth of Sila from the tip.)

My favorite accessory of the mouth is the lipped edges. Looking around at similar massagers, the wide brim seems special to the Sila. It helps to create a great suction and feels quite comfortable. There isn’t a need to hold the mouth of the Sila as attentively as other massagers without breaking the seal.

Comparing the Sila

Comparing the Sila to a common vibe, there are a lot of differences. The shape and size of the Sila make it easy to store and keep discreetly. Although Lelo markets Sila as being “Whisper Quiet”, I did notice that, like a vacuum, once the suction breaks we are entertained with a fun sound from the air escaping. After the toy is reapplied correctly it is quite silent, though unless you’re a pro at placement, the beginning and end of a session will include the noise of the toy running.

Sila is waterproof, and easy to charge with the included cable (though be warned the plug doesn’t insert to the base, that took me a second to realize after being scared the port was broken). The toy itself is very sleek and pretty, with super soft silicone and attractive metallic sides.

The enveloping shape of Sila gives sensation at the tip and around the entirety of the shaft into the labia.

The biggest difference was the type of sensation. With a typical bullet vibe, the flat point of connection works well for a clitoris, and after some finagling, I learned how to use it after my bottom growth, though it can be hit or miss. The enveloping shape of Sila gives sensation at the tip and around the entirety of the shaft into the labia. It provided a broader sensation than I had been used to, and paired with the thrill of insertion, I was quite thrilled with the experience. Sila has eight different settings that vary from pulses to a more natural rolling sensation, which if you close your eyes, can help take the mechanical nature some toys bring into much more human interaction.

The + and – buttons were also a great feature. I enjoy making my “jacking-off” sessions (as I so lovingly call them), into quite a night since I never take personal time for granted. The lowest speed with the rolling setting was my favorite as I could enjoy the steady rise in tension, before a strong climax. For a quick session, I played with combining a high speed with the pulses, and the orgasm was much different. I recommend taking the time to play with Sila, and really make a night of it.

Hand Compatibility

As a person with wrist problems, toy accessibility is always on my mind. While the shape is easy to grasp, my only complaint is the button placement. The buttons are on the flat edge of the toy and when the mouth is properly placed, the buttons are facing towards your feet. Coordinating speed and setting changes can be a bit difficult at that angle, though after finding what settings I enjoyed it wasn’t too much of a trouble. Obviously, you can remove Sila to change the settings, and reapplying helps create a teasing sensation. The button placement led me to experiment with how I held it, though.

With the hands-free feature, you can also dual play!

Think With Your Thighs

After squeezing my thighs around the toy during a session, I found one of the best features of the Sila. Your thighs can hold it!! This opened up a world of possibilities. My first thought was what my hands could do after being freed. There’s an opportunity to play with your own nipples, mouth, or my favorite, squeezing the bedspread. With the hands-free feature, you can also dual play! The Sila brings pleasure by adjusting the position over the vaginal entrance. Despite the “flatter” area in comparison to the clitoris, using the toy at the opening was quite pleasurable. Sila produces a great suction that flexes and intensifies with the various settings. The vibrations carry to your clitoris and provide dual sensation. With the Sila focused lower, there’s the added option for a friend to come in. I used my standard bullet vibe to focus on my clit, and the party began, which was surprising because I didn’t choose Sila with a multi-toy use intention.

Partner Play

Why not replace the second toy with a partner? I thought of many opportunities to bring a second into the experience, and despite my solo fun due to COVID, there’s no reason that others would need to restrict themselves. Focusing the Sila on the clitoris, there’s an opportunity for insertion sex, both vaginal or anal. The Sila is super compatible with stomach-down masturbation, given the nice size of the toy, though if you’re comfortable holding it while sitting upright or laying on your back, it would also work. Based on the shape it may be difficult for a partner to hold it against you, as the curve is made to be ergonomic for masturbating, but anything is possible.

While utilizing the “hands-free” feature of the Sila, partners can engage in overstimulation play. Edging is also super compatible as I mentioned before by simply teasing the tip in-and-out of the mouth. Especially with bottom growth, the clit can become much more sensitive to stimulation. There are a lot of kinks the Sila is compatible with, even using it on the nipples or other erogenous zones is incredibly easy.

My experience with Sila has been exemplary, as I have never come that hard in my life.

Final Thoughts

On Lelo’s website they describe the Sila as “gentle clitoral stimulation…without making direct contact”, and while that may be true for smaller clitorises, larger clitorises, especially those who have any sense of bottom growth, will have their head pressed into the back of Sila’s mouth. While that sensation is very pleasing, be aware that you may need to take the time and go slow. Your clitoris is much more sensitive and can be sore from growing, it’s important to listen to your body to create the exciting experience Sila brings.

My experience with Sila has been exemplary, as I have never come that hard in my life. I even got a leg cramp during one session, haha! Through the 10 days that I field-tested the toy, there was rarely a day that passed where I wasn’t finding some 15 minutes of quiet time I could sneak in a session.

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