New Sensations: 8 Unique Toys to Try in 2020

Dildos have been around for practically forever — at least 28,000 years. Early vibrators originated as medical devices in the 1700s. Since then, new sex toys have come a long way in material safety, technology, and creativity.

For those seeking the latest and sensations, here are some quirky picks from Spectrum Boutique’s selection. Fluttery “tongue” vibrators, day-glow silicone tentacle dildos, and self-thrusting toys are just a click away. 

In this post:

  • External powered toys
  • Insertable powered toys
  • Silicone dildos and plugs

External Toys

Pipedream Fantasy For Her Ultimate Pleasure

You might have seen viral tweets about the Fantasy For Her Ultimate Pleasure. It’s not hard to understand its appeal: the FFHUP combines rhythmic, wide-area suction with a fast-flicking silicone “tongue” and insertable handle. In past years, pussy pumps were chiefly quarantined to fetish play, but they’ve made it to the mainstream. There’s been significant demand!

You can independently control the motors in the FFHUP, and there are two suction attachments for versatile sensation play. Despite the unnecessary gendering, it’s a toy that potentially any body can use. Maybe you want to just the licking and vibrating tongue against a frenulum, or only suction on nipples, or (of course) both sucking and licking at the same time against a vulva. It’s a buffet (and potentially a symphony) of delicious sensations.

There’s a lot of ground to cover about this toy. Read my full Pipedream Fantasy For Her Ultimate Pleasure review.

There’s a reason why the first line in my Volta review notes was, “I HAVE DIED.”

Blush Novelties Aria Flutter

For a flickering sensation in a more discreet and compact package, check out the Blush Novelties Aria Flutter. It’s the shape and size of a chicken egg, with an adorable cap for cleanliness and travel.

As the name would suggest, its thinner tongue’s back-and-forth is fluttery, propelled by a traditional vibrating motor. The Fantasy For Her Ultimate Pleasure and NU Sensuelle Trinitii’s motors, in contrast, are tiny wagging robots.

The Aria Flutter’s sensation is far sharper than the FFHUP’s, perfect for pinpoint princesses like me. My favorite way of using it is sideways over my hood, but many users will love it for direct clitoral stimulation. In that case, I recommend getting some good lube to cut down on friction and let the soft silicone tip glide.

It packs a punch for its size, but the power is nevertheless limited and best for light, surface-level flickering. Those who demand more pressure should look into a NU Sensuelle Trinitii.

For $30, though, the Aria Flutter has a fantastic quality-to-price ratio. It’s a super affordable way to test the waters and see if a bigger and more powerful fluttering toy, like the Fun Factory Volta, might be right for you. For clitoral use, I’d much rather readers try the Aria Flutter than the smaller Fun Factory Volita!

Fun Factory Volta

There’s a reason why the first line in my Volta review notes was, “I HAVE DIED.” Quoting myself:

I am a cervical orgasm connoisseur. Deep penetration and hard poundings with elephantine phalluses are what I live for. Clitoral stimulation alone seldom satisfies me to this extent. There are clitoral vibrators that get the job done, but then there are those that can knock me out.

With the Volta, I fucking need to catch my breath. And take a nap afterward, when I’ve somehow decided to stop using it. And set aside the squirt-soaked laundry. (As we say in the midwest USA, “Ope!”) That speaks volumes about Fun Factory’s G5 motors!

Read my full Fun Factory Volta review.

Insertable Powered Toys

All of the toys in this section feature movements beyond vibration: gyrating, sucking, thrusting, and pulsing. If you like internal stimulation but are “meh” about G-spot vibrations, these might be better matches for you!

Blush Novelties Lush Iris

The Lush Iris’s shaft thrusts, its head is bulbous and gyrates, and its external clitoral arm pulses air (sucking and blowing). All at once. Its sensational smorgasbord might sound gimmicky, but consider: it allows for thrusting without breaking clitoral contact.

Also, when I go through dry spells, what I miss most isn’t oral sex, but fingers circling behind my cervix. Silicone dildos can’t replicate that feeling, nor can my dainty fingers. The Lush Iris can. 

There are other rabbit vibes that wiggle and circle, but they often come with pokey rabbit ears that my clit finds irritating. For these reasons, I called the Lush Iris “the hero I didn’t know I needed. My front wall and my cervix are effortlessly pleased.”

Fun Factory Stronic Surf

Fun Factory’s Stronics are exciting hybrids of dildos, vibratorsand fucking machines. They’re essentially dildos with weights inside that propel the entire unit back-and-forth in small jiggles — about a half-inch stroke length. The Fun Factory Stronic Surf is my favorite among them, and that’s saying a lot.

It’s moderately girthy, with 1.75” diameter towards the handle, and its spaced-out waves are like surround sound for my pubic bone — heaven for my internal clitoris.

Rapid, focused strokes, like a partner whose fingers won’t quit.

From my Fun Factory Stronic Surf review:

I wouldn’t swim the ocean for Kelsey, but I would do so to tell you how much I love the Fun Factory Stronic Surf.

Rapid, focused strokes, like a partner whose fingers won’t quit. My entire clitourethrovaginal complex jostled to oblivion. Ridiculously quick and effortless orgasms.

“Do I have to take it out?” I whined in my head. Cue pleading-eyes emoji in a puddle of lube and body fluids. “Can I just leave the Stronic Surf inside me forever?”

Read my past posts to find out which Stronic is the best fit for you:

Silicone Dildos & Plugs

LuzArte Luna

If you’re a regular Spectrum Boutique shopper, you probably already know about the polka-dot LuzArte Jollet, a girthy dildo that conforms to the pubic bone during vaginal use. For those who like butt stuff, the LuzArte Luna’s shape is the rectal equivalent!

With 1.5” max diameter and 6 inches of insertable length, it’s not a small toy, but the taper and glossy surface make it relatively easy to insert. And its scalloped base is both adorable and useful for gripping. Just make sure to go slowly and listen to your body. When I used the plug, it rotated to the most comfortable orientation on its own.

Though the Luna is marketed as a butt plug, I think it’s way better as a playtime dildo — enjoyable for significant internal pressure, with small thrusts and little stretch at the sphincter. And while it’s a lot of fun to play with as is, I think its shape would suit a dual-density version in the future.

Split Peaches Screw You

Calling all fans of twisting G-spot stimulation! If you like textured and ridged dildos, you’ll love the Split Peaches Screw You. The helical threads slide along my G-spot as I insert and turn the dildo.

It reminds me of the Crystal Twist, but with more of an overall stretch and just a little more friction. From my Crystal Delights Crystal Twist review:

When twisting, the sensation is distinctly internal clitoral. That’s the best way I can describe how it feels to me. Imagine wetting your fingertip and gliding it over the rim of a glass to make it resonate and ring.

Now envision how that would feel, with a thicker rim against your clitoral glans (or prostate). And internally: persistent diagonal internal clitoral sliding.

As with LuzArte, I like how Split Peaches’ silicone is glossy for minimal drag. You can get the Split Peaches Screw You in three sizes: 1.45” max diameter, 2.45”, and 2.85”. I got the large option and wish I hadn’t — it was a bit much for me. But I could see myself buying a small or medium Split Peaches Screw You in the future.

Uberrime Xenuphora

Last but not least is the Uberrime Xenuphora. It’s an alien tentacle dildo with a very average (by human standards) size of 5.5” long and 1.4” wide. Silicone fantasy dildos are usually HUGE, so it’s refreshing to have an option that a wider audience can enjoy.

The Xenuphora tentacle has suckers all along the outer edge of the curve, and an angular body with vertical edges galore. My G-spot very much appreciates sharp silicone toys for pinpoint pressure, which the Xenuphora’s pointed head excels at.

It’s by no means a traditional dildo, though. The shaft is too flexible to pound my G-spot. I prefer using it with the curve against my back wall for perineal sponge stimulation (stimulating my anus via the shared wall).

While doing that, I can bend the shaft to slide the tentacle suckers against my clit. It’s one of the few cases where I like direct clitoral touching, as long as it’s slow and with lots of lube. You can also use the nubs on the base for external stimulation if you wish.

Read my full Uberrime Xenuphora Tentacle Dildo review.

Wrapping it up!

This decade, we’ll inevitably see more toys that go beyond conventional dicks and vibrations. That’s not to say that realistic dildos and powerful wand vibrators will ever go out of style. It’s just that, as technology exponentially advances, toymakers have more options for creative concepts that are wilder, quieter, more powerful, and more affordable than before.

Even when it comes to silicone dildos, the accessibility of information means that more artisans can start and build up their indie dildo empires. What sensations would you like for them to create?

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