Nexus Eclipse Review

A Hitachi You Can Put Your Dick In?

One time at a nude resort, I got stung in the dick by a yellow jacket! More on that in a moment, I’m here to tell you about things I’ve intentionally done to the head of my dick. Like the time I put a “vibrating and stroking male masturbator” on it. The Nexus Eclipse is the sex toy for every penis-having person who has quoted the Wedding Crashers punchline, “just the tip”, ad nauseam. Yes, this is a sex toy specifically designed to pleasure the tip of the dick! Good times, right? Well, maybe… it depends on your dick. As you know, all dicks are different.

Could this be a Hitachi you can stick your dick in? I hope so!

My dick has been through a lot! It has been stabbed with a screwdriver (childhood accident nothing malicious). It has been caught in the teeth of a metal zipper (stripper mistake nothing malicious). And my dick head has been stung by a yellow jacket (yellow jackets are assholes completely malicious). In case you’re wondering, I was mostly naked, squatting down to pet a kitten, and then ZAP! Holy shit, that was the most humbling pain experience of my life! Game changer really! After all that, I can now say that my dick has gone head to head (heh heh) with stroker technology! It’s like my dick has been in a fight with someone from the future! That’s what I’ll tell my next Tinder date. I won’t blame the yellow jacket, but my dick head isn’t really sensitive until after I ejaculate. How sensitive is your dick head? If you’ve never put it through as much abuse as mine has endured, maybe the Nexus Eclipse will help you ejaculate. As you’ll soon find out, this toy gave me multiple orgasms, so I’m certainly not complaining.

Before it arrived, I was really excited about the Nexus Eclipse. Could this be a Hitachi you can stick your dick in? I hope so! As a reflex, I charged the Nexus Eclipse as soon as I opened the box. It didn’t seem to be in need of a charge, so kudos to Nexus for shipping it with some juice. It was ready to go after a short charge. Sweet!

I’m usually aroused by my shaft. I enjoy wet, long strokes. My past experience with vibration has always been with a partner’s vibrating dildo pressed between us in missionary (or on their clit with me behind them). In those cases, I didn’t enjoy the feeling of the vibration enough to apply it directly. However, I didn’t completely dislike it. I felt the possibilities. Knowing that vibration hasn’t aroused me in the past, I made sure to try the Nexus Eclipse a few times.

I tried a cold start, beginning with a flaccid dick. It just felt like I was leaning on a speaker at the club. The feeling was interesting but far from arousing. You know that feeling when you can tell something cool is happening nearby, like your neighbor having sex, but you don’t have any physiological response to it you just enjoy the idea of it? Yeah, it was like that when I put the Nexus Eclipse on while flaccid.

I began to wonder if I was using it wrong or if there was some technique that I should try out.

I tried a hot start, beginning with a hard dick. The response was… interesting. I wouldn’t say that I “lost” my erection, I mean I know where it went. My erection ended. My dick was just straight up like, “Nah!” Have you ever been in the middle of getting head and then the person starts singing into your dick like a microphone? Yeah, my erection ended like that. My body screamed, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” The vibes literally killed my vibe.

I began to wonder if I was using it wrong or if there was some technique that I should try out. I looked through the manual and there were no pointers beyond the basic, put-your-dick-here-and-enjoy sort of instructions. So, I ran down my mental checklist. Mind focused on pleasure? Check. Body relaxed, jaw unclenched? Check check. No time constraints, worries of interruption, plenty of lube on my dick? Check check check.

Then I tried a gentle start, beginning with an aroused (heavy not hard) dick. That felt the best! That was definitely the ticket! I stopped trying to get off with it and I just decided to go with the flow. I took some time and watched a few favorites on OnlyFans (pay for your porn) while I lubed up and gently rubbed the Nexus Eclipse on and around my head. Eventually, I slid it on and made sure not to apply any significant pressure. At this point, I was only using the vibrating feature. I turned on the stroker pad and that was not my favorite feature.

For me, it was the sound, not because the manual makes reference to “stroker technology” (you can’t make this shit up). The sound the stroker pad makes is louder than I expected. It’s louder than the fastest vibration on a We-Vibe Wand with a higher pitch. Imagine the sound of a windup robot toy. (Yes, I’m old.) It felt like it could have been amazing if I had a more sensitive head. I turned that off and just focused on the vibration settings. I began to get into it, in a whole-body connection sort of way. The Nexus Eclipse didn’t get me anywhere close to ejaculating, but I did have a few minor orgasms. Yes, penises are capable of multiple orgasms and orgasms don’t always mean ejaculation. I had several orgasms with the Nexus Eclipse and that left my entire body feeling good!

Any sex toy that brings me multiple orgasms easily gets my endorsement.

I enjoyed the Nexus Eclipse! There’s a lot to love about it. The shape, size, and functions were all spectacular! It felt comfortable in either hand and never got too slippery when my hands were covered in lube. Because of the position of the buttons, I was able to easily adjust features and speeds without frustration. Something else I loved was pressing the Eclipse mouth against my perineum. I know that’s not in the manual. But, it felt great! The only less than stellar element for me was the volume of the stroker pad, but that didn’t diminish its functionality. The sound is just an acquired taste. Any sex toy that brings me multiple orgasms easily gets my endorsement.

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