nJoy Pure Wand

The Holy Grail of Dildos?

The word “dildo” evokes an image of a phallic, penis-like shape. If a dildo is non-realistic (although no dildo is truly realistic) it tends to at least have a head, and perhaps a vein or two — something reminiscent of a penis. The nJoy Pure Wand is one of the most popular dildos we stock at Spectrum Boutique, yet it couldn’t be more different from the most well-known dildo silhouette. In sex toy world, it’s common to see someone take a selfie with it, pretending it’s a futuristic phone. While people understand that it is an insertable toy, the dramatic C-curve of this piece tends to raise some questions, namely, how do you use the damn thing?

The first thing I ever heard about this dildo was that it’s the “holy grail” of dildos. It’s got a steep learning curve, but once people get the hang of it, they fall in love. Like the other shapes from nJoy, the Pure Wand is made from deliciously weighty stainless steel which gives it a lot of heft considering how slim it is. Weighing in at 1.5lbs and 8” in total length, it has two useable ends; one a bit larger (1.5”) and one a bit smaller (1”). Even though this dildo doesn’t have a definite stopping point on it, the dramatic curve makes it suitable for anal play as well. 

One thing that’s interesting about the sensation of stainless steel is that the smooth surface has less grip than a silicone dildo, which tends to catch a bit more even when it’s lubed up. This provides an entirely different feeling from silicone or other “rubbery” feeling toys, and the slickness combined with the weight makes it really fun to rapidly thrust and rock the toy. While most materials can hold onto hot and cold temperatures to some extent, stainless steel changes temperature much more quickly and dramatically. On particularly cold days, it emits steam after exiting my body.

Because the widest parts of it are the two bulbous ends, it “pops” inside of you once you press it into your body. Sometimes I just like to leave the bulb sitting *right* inside my body, and play with the sensation right at the opening. Tucking it right behind the pubic bone so that it hooks into place is one of the most exquisite feelings a dildo has bestowed unto me. If I insert it further, I like to rock it like a see-saw without actually moving it in-and-out, eventually getting to a place where I am scooping it back as far as I can manage, pressing down on the end I’m holding onto, and pulling forward with all my might. This dildo has taught me that the g-spot can truly take quite a lot of pressure.

You can use the Pure Wand in a multitude of ways, however! It’s enjoyable to use in swively side-to-side motions, and more delicate thrusts and probing motions too. While I mainly use the larger end vaginally, I have really enjoyed using both ends anally too. It was more difficult for me to figure out how to use it on someone else, but it was absolutely doable. It’s just as beloved for prostate stimulation as it is for g-spotting!

This dildo is often referred to as one of the best tools for squirting when used on a vulva, and there’s a couple reasons why. Squirting can be induced by intense stimulation of any kind, but intense, rapid, jostling of the g-spot is a very reliable route. The g-spot is an area within the urethral sponge, which also contains the Skene’s Gland which is involved in ejaculation. By rapidly stimulating it, you’re encouraging this gland to create ejaculate. With the Pure Wand, I’ll keep going after I squirt and I usually don’t stop until I orgasm. Then, I collapse. My mind goes blank, and my body feels like a lead brick.

When I really get going, it looks more like I’m jacking a penis off rather than jostling a dildo.

I personally find that any form of intense g-spotting leads to some amount of ejaculation, but the main issue I encounter is that the shaft size of most dildos blocks my urethral opening, therefore no squirt can come out. The shape of the nJoy Pure Wand bends down and away before bending upwards, leaving my urethral opening happily exposed and able to shoot out squirt! I’m convinced that this is the true magic feature that has made us lovingly know it as a reliable squirt tool.

One of my favorite things about the nJoy Pure Wand is the way in which I hold it. Dildos with a harnessable base require me to grip the end with a claw-like grasp, further exhausting my wrists. I hold the Pure Wand as though I were gripping my penis (if I were to have one.) My thumbs rests on top for pressure and stability, and my four fingers wrap back and behind it to control the rocking and thrusting. When I really get going, it looks more like I’m jacking a penis off rather than jostling a dildo, and I enjoy that. 

When I want to use the nJoy Pure Wand, I don’t have to think twice about it. I pluck it out of my collection without so much as a glance at my girthier friends. As someone who craves size from a dildo, a toy with these dimensions generally wouldn’t interest me… but this one’s different. Sometimes it feels as though the largeness of a dildo detracts from the other sensations, namely g-spotting. Don’t get me wrong, I love my girthy g-spot dildos like Randy, but when there’s intense g-spot pressure without the sensation of fullness, I’m able to mentally focus on what’s happening on my g-spot a bit more. As someone who tends to stick to the same types of toys, I really appreciate it when a sex toy makes me enjoy new types of stimulation.

Ultimately, this toy can truly be enjoyed by anyone, just know that it’s not going to be fireworks for you right off the bat. G-spot/prostate stimulation is all about consistent, rhythmic, pressure, as well as finding the specific angles you enjoy. The nJoy Pure Wand takes it a step further, and definitely requires more exploration to get the hang of it, but that’s one of the many things I like about it! So, is the “holy grail” of dildos right for you

I recommend the Pure Wand to:

  • People who like intense, direct g-spot/prostate stimulation
  • People who like hard materials
  • Dildo collectors looking for a variety in sensation
  • People who like to use silicone or oil based lubricants

I don’t recommend the Pure Wand to:

  • People who are getting their first sex toy
  • People who exclusively want a girthy toy
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