Pris Toys

An Out Of This World Dildo Review

Pris Toys is a new independent company that creates beautiful handmade dildos and plugs. Their specialty is bright colors and unique mostly non-representational designs. All of their molded designs have been handcrafted, and then hand poured with colorful body-safe silicone. Their designs live somewhere between hyper-realistic, and sci-fi fantasy toys. A nice and bespoke middle ground if you ask me, and it makes the shapes of the toys more anatomically pleasing while still being unique and looking less than phallic.

Their dual-density toys are pleasantly squishy while still having a firm core. If you’ve never had the chance to hold a dual-density dildo in your hands, they tend to feel the most realistic and similar to actual human flesh. This is thanks to their firm inner cores and squishy pliable outer layers. The combination of the feeling of the different silicone densities makes it feel incredibly stable for penetration and thrusting, while still maintaining a comfortably soft, pretty realistic feel. Where Pris toys excel is how firm the firm core of their toys is. It gives you much more control over the softer toys whether the toy is in your hand or your harness. Another feature all of the Pris Toys share is that the base is thick and sturdy without being cumbersome. It gives you more control if you’re holding the toy in your hand, or if you’re putting the toy in a harness. And more control is always nice when you’re wielding a dildo! Now onto the nitty-gritty of the individual designs


The Gemini is a great shape for those who love to grind on their toys. The curved shape with bulbous tip is the perfect shape for vulva owners to get a great g-spot massage with the external piece rubbing on their clit, or for penis owners to use in the backdoor with the prong rubbing on the taint. 

Most toys that are rabbit-style aren’t harnessable, so being able to put this in a harness opens up some fun hands-free possibilities.

This harnessable design is what makes this toy truly unique. Most toys that are rabbit-style aren’t harnessable, so being able to put this in a harness opens up some fun hands-free possibilities for this toy. Adding a nice strong rechargeable bullet like the OMG Bullet or the Realm Silver Bullet is a way to add vibration to the Gemini since the silicone transmits vibration extremely well.

Ursa Minor

Beginner butt stuff is perfect for the Ursa Minor because it’s finger-shaped and not textured. The rounded end is ideal for teasing the outside of the sphincter to help it relax so you can just slip this toy in with plenty of lube. It’s soft enough to be comfortable, while still being firm enough to be able to easily insert this toy into the front or backdoor.


Of course, this name caught my eye, but Ursula’s shape is what kept me coming back for more. The Ursula is mostly smooth with some light texture on it but on the girthy side. So ideal for backdoor lovers but ones that are looking for more girth than the Ursa Minor will provide. gave more direct stimulation to the spongy tissue of my G spot!

This is a winner for a G-spot toy since it has a more bulbous head than the Ursa minor as well, so it gave more direct stimulation to the spongy tissue of my G spot!


The Nova is ideal for those who prefer shallow penetration since this toy comes in at a 5.5” insertable. It has a similar squish level as the tip of a factory-installed penis or a relaxed muscle, with a glossy surface for minimal drag. Since it’s a shorter model, it gives a great popping sensation during penetration. The Nova is on the more realistic end of their designs while still having a fantastical color scheme to bring fun and whimsy to your toy collection. The Nova is out of this world!


The Comet is slim but curved. Every once in a while a dildo comes along that just fits your body. While I, unfortunately, can’t say that’ll be your experience with this toy, the Comet is my new favorite toy and has earned a coveted space in my “heavy rotation”. This toy has everything I want in it, the pronounced head like the Nova but with a longer body. With minimal texture and a thick base, this toy is easy to harness or grab in my hands.

...this is just a goldilocks size for me.

Because this toy has a pronounced head with a smooth shaft it makes it ideal for thrusting and targeting G or P spots. Then it just comes down to a size preference and this is just a goldilocks size for me. Not too big, and not too small. I truly can’t say enough besides that I found my favorite toy and thank you to Pris Toys for creating such a masterpiece!


Slender but curved, the Solaris is Pris Toys’ ultimate harness accessory. They really paid attention to every little detail when they designed this toy. This particular dual-density model includes an outer layer with a slightly firmer density to help with insertion since it’s on the thinner side. But because it’s still dual-density the exaggerated curves and textures still feel as soft and squishy as all the other Pris Toys models and still hold firm enough for G and P Spot stimulation.

I’m someone who doesn’t particularly love texture and enjoyed the texture on the Solaris dildo.

This is a great toy to try out some texture since it still has a lot of squish to it. I’m someone who doesn’t particularly love texture and enjoyed the texture on the Solaris dildo. They also include a slight buffer at the base for an o-ring to sit more comfortably and securely during harness play. Or you can use the buffer so the dildo can sit more like a plug and give you that sensation when fully inserted. This is a choose your own adventure-type model for sure! So many options.

Choose Your Own Adventure

The best part of Pris Toys is all the different options they make. They have a pretty wide variety of options from fairly representational models to fantasy options. From insertables that start about the size of a finger to models that get pretty large, they run the gamut. So you can explore your desires and find a beautiful functional dildo to add to your toy collection and expand your repertoire of sensations with all the new insertable designs these lovely independent designers have come up with. I’m excited to see what new designs are in store for this brand!

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