Revo Stealth and Aneros Vice 2 Review

This is a review of two different prostate vibrators/massagers! As usual, it’s important that I mention that, as a trans woman who has been on hormone replacement therapy for several years, I don’t know how well my own experiences will translate to cis men. My body has changed a lot, sensation included. That being said, I hope that this review can still be useful to anyone with a prostate!

Up until this point in my life, I’d never really used butt toys. I love getting fucked and I love having things in my ass, but it honestly feels like too much trouble to prep myself for anal play, get lubed up, and then clean everything if I’m just going to be masturbating by myself. Being given the opportunity to review these toys gave me the permission to take, like… an extravagant amount of time for myself that I normally wouldn’t! I love getting paid to cum, it’s the fucking best.

Aneros Vice 2 Vibrating Prostate Massager With Remote Control

Let’s start with the more basic prostate toy, which is honestly already pretty deluxe. The Aneros Vice 2 Vibrating Prostate Massager With Remote Control has a very standard shape for a prostate-focused butt toy, with a button in the base that allows you to turn it on and off, and a nicely flared shape that felt comfortable as it rested against my taint. There’s nothing particularly fancy about the toy itself, but the remote is surprisingly complex. It’s shaped like a rounded guitar pick, with three face buttons, a small display, and an unusual, pressure-sensitive button embedded in the top of the remote under the silicone covering. If I hadn’t read the manual, I wouldn’t have known it was there!

The face buttons are very straightforward – a user can cycle through 18 patterns of vibration. The little display keeps track of which pattern is currently selected. At any time, the user can use the pressure-sensitive hidden button, which overrides whatever pattern is currently being used. The pressure-sensitivity really works! It was very responsive, and let me play around with different patterns and combinations of intensity.

In practice, I found the Vice 2 very pleasant, if a little underpowered for my taste. I’m the kind of girl who likes to put a Magic Wand directly on my dick on full power, and I found that, in practice, I just mashed the pressure-sensitive button as hard as I could all the time. The toy wasn’t enough to get me off on its own, but it did feel really nice to clamp down on, and I could see it being a cute warm-up before more intense anal play. I was able to get off using it in combination with a Magic Wand, but its vibrations honestly got lost. It felt nice after I came. I think I would really enjoy using it with a partner, but I don’t know if I’d use it on my own again.

I’m the kind of girl who likes to put a Magic Wand directly on my dick on full power

Nexus Revo Stealth Rotating Vibrating Prostate Massager

I was really excited to try the Nexus Revo Stealth Rotating Vibrating Prostate Massager. Every Saturday, I retweet a video of an animatronic sunflower gyrating around holding a plastic saxophone with the caption “It’s Saturday, baby.” When I showed the Nexus Revo Stealth to my spouse, they immediately observed that it operated using “Saturday, baby technology.”


As you can see, the Revo Stealth is a prostate toy with a large base and a rotating plug that puts pressure directly onto the prostate. Using the supplied remote, a user can alternate between two speeds of rotation in either direction, and several levels of vibration intensity. The toy is big – it felt intense inside my ass, even before I turned it on. I love the way it fills me up. It’s big – it’s not a beginner toy, really – but it’s an incredible feeling.

It was really amazing…it felt like a cross between getting fucked and having someone with strong hands fingering me.

Once I turned it on, I was completely hooked on the Revo Stealth. The vibrations were stronger than the Vice 2, and the rotation feature worked really well. I was nervous that the rotation was going to be a gimmick, or that my ass would be stronger than the mechanism rotating the head of the plug, but the toy was robust and felt extremely strong and persistent as it moved inside me. It was really amazing…it felt like a cross between getting fucked and having someone with strong hands fingering me. By squeezing my legs together, I could make the feelings even more intense. And the vibrations were so strong that I could use a wand at the same time without feeling like they were getting washed out. I came harder than I have masturbating in a long, long time… I came like I do when I’m getting fucked and using a wand at the same time. It was a huge, burning orgasm, the kind that starts as a tingling in my thighs and builds up into a raging, thrashing crescendo. The Revo Stealth feels like a tiny, personal fucking machine. It’s not cheap; at $176 it’s one of the most expensive sex toys I own, but it’s also the only butt toy I would use for a personal masturbation session.

I just can’t say enough nice things about the Revo! I kept turning it on again after I came, feeling it rubbing and vibrating on my prostate, watching my cock twitch involuntarily with every internal rotation. I got very close to cumming a second time almost immediately after my first huge orgasm, which really never happens for me. It’s delicious. I’m so excited to use it with a partner, too… I think giving another person control of the remote will add a really special dynamic.

The only downside to the Revo that I should mention is that it doesn’t seem to keep a charge between sessions very well. The manual says that a full charge is good for about three and a half hours of use, but I consistently had to recharge it after not using it for a couple of days, even if I had left it fully charged before. It’s not the biggest deal, but it’s important to be aware that you might not be able to pick up the toy and use it immediately—you might need to plan ahead before using it, just a little.

Both toys are easy to clean and largely waterproof, although I wouldn’t submerge either of them fully in water. If you have the money, I can’t recommend the Revo Stealth enough. Treat yourself…it’s Sunday, baby.

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