So You Want To Fuck a Power Tool?

Kink Power Banger Review and Guide

A kink is any kind of sexual activity or desire that exists outside the realm of culturally approved norms, which, is typically everything that’s not hetero penis-in-vagina, monogamous, missionary sex with the goal of making babies. Basically all the truly fun stuff can be considered kink! Many folks feel ashamed of their turn-ons and inner erotic thoughts, but no matter what your fantasy is, it’s completely normal! When researchers say something is “normal,” all it means is that it’s “statistically common”. Basically a normal fantasy just means that it’s a fantasy that many people have. And just because a fantasy is statistically common doesn’t mean you should act on it. Keep in mind that all sexual activity needs to remain consensual! The more we talk about sexual fantasy and normalize the conversation, the less we’ll beat ourselves up for having sexy and kinky thoughts.

The appeal of fucking machines is power and sensation.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Dr. Lehmiller surveyed over 4,000 Americans, asking them more almost 400 questions about their personalities, sexual histories, and all about their fantasies. The surveyed subjects ranged in ages from 18 to 87, but also importantly included a huge range of races, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds. About 97% of folks surveyed by Dr. Lehmiller admitted to having sexual fantasies. One of the most important takeaways are, while there are huge variations in fantasies from person to person, Dr. Lehmiller came to the conclusion that many of those fantasies fall into seven major categories, and even more specifically there are three that are the most prominent fantasies. Multi partner sex, BDSM, and novelty/adventure. People’s sexual fantasies don’t necessarily translate to sexual actions. According to Lehmiller, less than a third of study participants said they had actually acted on their biggest sexual fantasy.

Sex machines, the thing many different types of fantasies are made of. The appeal of fucking machines is power and sensation. Most importantly, the power fucking machines can provide is unmatched. They tend to be large plugin toys, with motors to match. Secondly, fucking machines offer the sensation of partnered sex or being fucked by someone else, even when you’re by yourself. Or, for the kinkiest amongst you, the feel and visuals of being fucked by a machine while someone watches or watching someone get fucked by a machine. Fucking machines can cover many bases for different fantasies. Wanting to invest so much in your pleasure, or even wanting a toy so powerful can still be considered taboo, so owning one can be your naughty secret. You only live once, so why not live out your fantasies while you have the chance. There’s just something about the unyielding power of a machine that has unlimited thrusting, pumping, and rotating. Imagine if you will, a tool that can fuck you into oblivion and not get tired, need to be recharged, or need new batteries. The one major drawback of these machines is the typically hefty price tag of owning a fucking machine. You understandably want to know if it’s worth the price tag. Luckily the Kink Power Banger is on the more affordable side of luxury. I’ve seen fucking machines with a hefty price tag in the thousands.

Fuck Machines are also pretty damn big. You can tuck a vibrator away easily, but even the more compact sex machines take up a bit of floor space. For me, it’s not a deal-breaker but something you should take into consideration before purchasing something that can’t fit into your underwear drawer. There are smaller options like the Stronic, Teddy Thruster, even the Commotion Rabbit, but these while strong in their own right, will never be able to match the power and speeds that the Kink Power Banger can reach. Also, take into consideration the noise factor. Power means mechanical noise in this instance. So if the mechanical whirring is something you’ll never be able to hide then this might be a viable option for your life.


The best part of the Kink Power Banger is that it is customizable with quite a few different attachment options. Any toy that is Vac U Lock compatible is usable with the Kink Power Banger, just make sure to pick body-safe options made of silicone. Unfortunately, some of the Doc Johnson attachments are made out of material that absorbs bacteria. This G spot dildo would be perfect for any g spot, or prostate, or there is a smooth option with a slight head for those who like no texture. Or on the flip side, for folks who love textures, the ripple might be a dream. Use the Power banger, face-up, face down, in any hole, for people of any gender. It comes mostly assembled and is pretty light for a machine of its size. It doesn’t include a Vac U Lock attachment, so make sure you grab the one of your choice.

The Power Banger has a fully adjustable arm, so you can position it to your liking. When you fuck a dick without a person attached to it has a bit of a learning curve. How do you control the depth of penetration? What angle is gonna feel best? Where do you put your hands?  The reason for this is because most sex machines will pretty much require you to position your body to the toy, rather than the other way around. The Power Banger can be adjusted to your body by changing the angle of the arm and you have control of the depth of penetration. There are strong suction cups that help the Power Banger stay in place and can make holding it and getting the right angle much more comfortable.

Imagine the Power Banger thrusting away in your partner while you tease their nipples, or rub their butt.

Group sex options in Quarantine

It’s no wonder many of us feel guilt, shame, and anxiety about what we desire. Sometimes it is exactly that very guilt, shame, and anxiety that fuel our desires because nothing is hotter than wanting what we’ve been told we should not want. Sex with many different partners is ostensibly America’s favorite fantasy; in particular, threesomes (89% of Lehmiller’s survey), followed by orgies (74%), and gang-bangs (61%). Group sex can be appealing because of the sensory overload (visually, tactilely, and possibly emotionally!). The more stimulation that is occurring the more all that stimulation ramps up arousal levels. So by adding a powerful thruster you are adding another tool to stimulate your partner. Then you open up double penetration possibilities or even different stimulations. Imagine the Power Banger thrusting away in your partner while you tease their nipples, or rub their butt. Have a fantasy of getting fucked while being eaten out? The Power Banger is an amazing way to roleplay it. The possibilities become endless. Most folks think that a fucking machine is only for penetrating a vagina, but truly the options are endless, you can have it fuck your ass, or even your mouth if that turns you on. There are also attachments that you can attach a stroker to the Power Banger and let it stroke a penis!

We crave the forbidden, so it makes total sense that sexual fantasies that are considered taboo are more popular than love and romance focused fantasies.


Submission gives people the rare chance to place control in another’s (trusted) hands and let them do the decision-making for once. Keep in mind that submissives don’t entirely relinquish control, and that’s an important detail. Most bottoms let their dominant know how they want to be pleased and in what contexts, so the submissive is ultimately the one most in charge of the scenario. So important accessories to consider for your fucking machine are blindfolds, impact toys, nipple toys, etc. How can you use this in your kink scene? Will it be punishment, with orgasm denial? Or reward with forced orgasms. Nothing can force an orgasm better than a Fuck machine combined with a powerful wand like the Le Wand, and nothing can overload the senses like a butt plug filling you up as well. The weighted Snug Plugs would be the addition I’d add if I wanted to fill up a willing submissive.

New and Exciting

As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life and can be especially true in the bedroom. The third most common sexual fantasy involves sexual activities one has never done before, unique settings, and a “surprising or thrilling” encounter (such as public play, or trying out a new toy). The concept of “novelty” will be different to every person. One of the ways people come to explore new fantasies is through porn. And fucking machines are the epitome of sex toy porn! The desire to incorporate dildo and fucking machines into one’s fantasy life is unsurprising when we take into account that nearly two-thirds of survey respondents (of all genders!) had fantasies about receiving anal sex. Keep in mind that anal play doesn’t have a sexuality, so enjoying the nerve endings in the backdoor means just that. You enjoy anal pleasure. We crave the forbidden, so it makes total sense that sexual fantasies that are considered taboo are more popular than love and romance focused fantasies. The three most common taboo fantasies are, in order of most popular, voyeurism, fetish objects, and exhibitionism. All of these exciting taboo fantasies can be made even better by adding a fucking machine.

Will you prioritize fantasy?

So while fucking machines aren’t for everyone, these big powerful machines can take so many popular fantasies to the next level. It certainly took mine to the next level. The beauty of these machines is that truly anyone can use a fucking machine because it can provide so many different options.  You can use a fucking machine when you are trying to learn about sex, or you could use a fucking machine on your submissive partner or put on a show for your partner.  The options are only as limited as your imagination.

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