Svakom Pulse Union, Pure, and Lite Neo Review

All air pressure sex toys are not cut from the same cloth and Svakom’s Pulse Union, Pulse Pure, and Pulse Lite Neo are perfect examples of how toys that may at first appear very similar can create completely different sensations and experiences.

Finding the right fit when it comes to pulsing toys depends on several factors including the intensity of the suction, the size of the opening, ergonomics, and more. When I first received these toys from Svakom for review, I expected that besides fit, the experience of using the three toys would be pretty similar. I was surprised, however, by how distinct each of the toys was in use.

We get a lot of requests from transmasculine customers looking for suction toys that might be a better fit for people with some bottom growth.

At Spectrum, we get a lot of requests from transmasculine customers looking for suction toys that might be a better fit for people with some bottom growth. As a resident transguy on T with some bottom growth, I was excited to try these for you, for myself, and for science! At first glance, Svakom’s Pulse line’s openings appear deeper than most other air pressure toys I’ve tried, so I was curious to see which of these models would provide the best fit.

Specs Comparison Svakom Pulse Lite Neo, Pure, and Union

As you can see in the table above, each of these three toys has a unique set of specs that affects the overall user experience. The Pulse Lite Neo is the most compact of the three, being the lightest and smallest of the models. Notably though, the opening has the widest diameter while also being the shallowest. This introductory model is compatible with the Svakom smartphone app, which increases the functionality and interactivity of the toy. The Pulse Union is also app enabled and has a deeper opening, but the diameter if the opening is narrower than that of the Lite Neo. The Pulse Pure is very similar in size to the Pulse Union, but it is not compatible with the Svakom app, so the intensities and functions are limited and the toy is a bit less interactive. All of these differences have pros and cons that will be discussed further in this review. I will also summarize my experience with using the Svakom app, which is also compatible with any other app enabled Svakom toy, later in this review.

Svakom Pulse Lite Neo

The Svakom Pulse Lite Neo is technically the introductory model of the Pulse line. At the time of this review, the Svakom Pulse Lite Neo has a retail price of $39, which is significantly lower than pretty much all other rechargeable suction toys. It’s definitely the most affordable app-enabled sex toy at Spectrum Boutique. Because of the price, I assumed the Lite Neo would be just that, the “lite” version of the three toys in the collection. In use, however, this toy actually proved to be the most versatile and to have the most range in intensity. At the highest of the 5 suction intensities, Pulse Lite Neo feels stronger than either of the other two models.

For someone with a girthier phallus, the Pulse Lite Neo will be more accommodating than the other two.

This toy has a wider opening than the other two models which means that for someone with a girthier phallus, the Pulse Lite Neo will be more accommodating than the other two. Even though the opening is shallow, I was personally able to get a better fit with this toy as long as I didn’t try to insert myself fully into the hole. If you press too hard against the pulsing plate at the base of the hole, just like with most other air pressure toys, the plate will stop moving and you won’t feel any suction.

I mentioned earlier that the Pulse Lite Neo is compatible with the Svakom smartphone app. This feature makes it more versatile than one would expect for a toy at this pricepoint. The app makes the toy more interactive by allowing it to be remote controlled by a partner over the internet or it can be used locally as a remote over bluetooth. It also allows the user to choose between preset suction modes or to create new patterns and custom routines. The app is particularly helpful with the Lite Neo because the toy itself only has one button, which means you have to cycle through all of the different functions if you want to return to an intensity or pattern you enjoyed. Using the app allows you to click and slide through functions and intensities much more easily.

The Svakom Pulse Lite Neo is not just an excellent choice for people who are new to suction toys. It’s a great option for anyone who is looking for a way to expand their partner play even over long distances, and it’s especially good for folks who like stronger suction. This toy is great for all experience levels while still wielding an entry-level price tag!

Svakom Pulse Pure

Svakom’s Pulse Pure deep suction stimulator is aesthetically my favorite of the Pulse toys. The curved shape of the Pulse Pure makes it easy to hold, and the three buttons are placed in a smart location where you won’t accidentally press a button in use, but they’re still very easy to access if you want to change the intensity or pattern. This S-shape makes the toy ergonomic and very accessible and user friendly.

When I first saw the Pure, I assumed that it would be my favorite of the three because of its ergonomic design and because the opening is a lot deeper than most other suction toys. However, I didn’t account for the fact that the diameter of the opening is pretty small. For many people, this shouldn’t pose an issue in fitting their genitals, but for some folks, especially for folks with bottom growth, the opening might be a little too narrow to comfortably insert your phallus into.

I found that the Pure worked well when I moved it around to stimulate different areas, but I couldn’t insert myself into it super comfortably. If you’re wondering whether this toy might work for you, try measuring your genitals and comparing that to the dimensions in the chart above. The easiest way to do this is when you’re erect or engorged. Use a flexible measuring tape or a piece of ribbon or paper to measure the circumference, then divide by pi (3.14). This should give you a pretty good idea of whether any of these toys will work for you.

The Pure is not compatible with the Svakom app, however it does have three separate buttons that allow ou to click back and forth between different modes and intensities. One detail that I enjoyed about Pulse Pure was that when I turned it on, it always started at a middle intensity. I could then choose if I wanted to increase or decrease the intensity to get started. Though it’s not as interactive as Svakom’s app-compatible toys, it’s still very versatile and easy to use.

The Pulse Pure is my top pick for users who are looking for a toy that is ergonomic and easy to hold and operate.

The Pulse Pure is an excellent choice for someone who wants all the features and functions of the Pulse Union, but isn’t looking for an app enabled toy. The Pulse Pure is my top pick for users who are looking for a toy that is ergonomic and easy to hold and operate.

Svakom Pulse Union

Pulse Union is Svakom’s more high-end app enabled air pressure stimulator. This toy combines a lot of the same specs as the Pulse Pure, but with the added bonus of being compatible with the Svakom app. As its name suggests, the Union is an excellent toy to use in conjunction with a partner.

This toy notably has a broader range of intensity that the Pulse Pure, having a low setting that feels a lot less intense than the other two models. It’s an excellent option for people who prefer more gentle stimulation. The highest intensity of the Pulse Union feels similar to the highest intensity of the Pulse Pure, but not as intense as the highest intensity as the Pulse Lite Neo.

The buttons on the Union are located on the back of the toy and light up in different colors that respond to the pulsation mode.

The Pulse Union is a little slimmer and lighter than the Pulse Pure. This means that although the shape of the Union isn’t quite as ergonomic as the shape of the Pure, it’s still pretty easy to hold. The buttons on the Union are located on the back of the toy and light up in different colors that respond to the pulsation mode. This makes possible for the person remotely controlling the toy to see the functions changing in real time. However, the placement of the buttons makes it little harder to switch between functions than the Pure. Using the Svakom app as a remote control for the Pure is a great solution for this.

Similar to the Pure, the Union also has three buttons and starts at a middle intensity when you turn it on. The buttons make it easy to operate, even without the app. I would recommend the Pulse Union to anyone who is looking for an interactive toy that has additional features that can be accessed through the app. It’s also great for performers who want a visual way of communicating with their audience in real time.

About the Svakom App

All of Svakom’s app enabled toys can be operated using the Svakom app. Though I am usually pretty skeptical about using sex toys with apps, I found the Svakom app to be really intuitive and easy to use. The app offers a number of different ways to play either solo or with partners.

On the home screen, you can switch between Touch Mode, Automatic Mode, Music Mode, Sound Mode, or Remote Mode.

Touch Mode allows you to use your phone as a remote control for your Pulse toy and lets you switch between intensities by swiping your finger on the screen. This intuitive feature also features boost mode, where you can tap and hold an icon to keep your toy at the highest intensity. It also offers a custom curve mode, where you can record your own patterns or routines for later use.

Automatic Mode features a range of pre-recorded modes (5 for the Pulse Lite Neo, 11 for the Pulse Union), and you can move a slider to increase or decrease the intensity of each function.

Music Mode is an interesting feature of the Svakom app. You can import music into the app over wifi, and as the music plays, your toy will also pulse to the rhythm of the music. It comes with two songs already installed, but you can also follow on-screen instructions to use your own music as well.

The Svakom app also features Sound Mode, which essentially makes your toy responsive to ambient sounds. Everything from music to moaning can change your toy’s functions. In Sound Mode, you can control how sensitive your mic is, so you can have it respond to different levels of sound based on the noise level in the space you’re playing in.

You can communicate over a chat box or video call within the app, which is especially useful for people who are doing cam work.

My favorite of the modes offered by the Svakom app, however, is Remote Mode. In Remote Mode, you can create a room where you can invite another person to join the room and control your toy using the app on their own device. You can communicate over a chat box or video call within the app, which is especially useful for people who are doing cam work and want a more anonymous way to engage with clients over video. The Pulse Union has color LED lights that indicate the function the toy is on, so the person controlling the toy over wireless can see as the toy changes colors when they adjust the functions. This is also a great feature for long distance couples looking for more interactive ways to play.


All three of the Svakom Pulse toys boast a range of features that make them excellent for all experience levels. If you’re interested in exploring air pressure stimulation and want to try out using an app-enabled toy, I would highly recommend starting out with the Pulse Lite Neo. This toy will grow with you as you become more familiar with the sensations and technology.

The Pulse Union is my top pick for any professionals looking for an interactive toy that works well with an app that keeps your play safe, anonymous, and real-time responsive.

The Pulse Pure is a great choice for anyone looking for a versatile air pressure stimulator without all the tech bells and whistles.

For customers looking for a suction toy that can accommodate bottom growth from HRT, I would recommend starting with the Pulse Lite Neo because it can be more accommodating for girth, just remember that if you press against the pulsing plate, it will stop moving. If girth isn’t a consideration, either the Pulse Pure or the Pulse Union should work for longer phalluses.

Svakom’s Pulse collection brings interactive, high quality, air pressure stimulators that meet a range of customers’ needs at affordable prices. Check out these and some of Svakom’s other luxury vibes for quality items that won’t break the bank!

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