If you’re looking for products designed specifically with body safety in mind and a truly unique taste in kink and fantasy in form, look no further than Tantus toys. Tantus isn’t just about using premium silicone in their products, their products have range! Their collection includes premium silicone dildos, strap-on sets, beginner and advanced butt plugs, cock rings, extra large and fantasy dildos, and kink items like gags and paddles.

Tantus products cover the gamut and truly have something for everyone.

Recently having joined forces with POP dildos, they now even have medical-grade silicone squirting dildos and even a squirting packer that you can use for daily wear or play. With a wide variety of toys in each of these categories and more, Tantus products cover the gamut and truly have something for everyone.

I have a couple of Tantus butt plugs that I’ve had for about 20 years (they have the year of production hand carved on the bases to prove it), and they’re still part of my regular sex toy rotation and show no sign of deteriorating. That’s the standard of quality Tantus sets for sex toy manufacturing.

I’m thrilled to be reviewing a sampling of Tantus products. Some of these I’ve been using for years and some are new to my rotation. Check out my thoughts and recommendations below:

Small Ripple 

The small Tantus Ripple beaded anal plug is a hybrid between a butt plug, anal beads, and a small dildo. It has 4 graduated beads that get progressively larger as you insert them. The smallest bead is smaller than the tip of a finger while the largest has a 1” diameter, which is approximately the girth of two fingers. 

Unlike traditional anal beads, which are connected by a string or flexible piece of silicone, the Ripple is one piece, so though it is flexible enough to conform to the body’s curves when it’s inserted, it won’t kink up inside the body as some beads do. It’s firm enough to be used for in-and-out thrusting, which most beads aren’t. The flared base of the Ripple is flat and round which makes it extra safe for anal play and compatible with a harness if you want to try using it for strap-on sex. Because there is no string and the whole toy is made of premium silicone, it’s really easy to clean by washing or boiling.

Whether it’s your first time ever, your first time in a long time, or your first time today, start with something small...

The Ripple is one of my go-to anal warm-up toys because the first bead is small; it’s a great way to start exploring. Whether it’s your first time ever, your first time in a long time, or your first time today, starting with something small (and a lot of lube, as always) helps get your sphincters relaxed and comfortable with opening and closing.

It’s possible to go slow with the Ripple and insert and remove one bead at a time and slowly ease your way up to both deeper penetration and more girth. Though the Ripple is an excellent toy on its own, it’s also a great training toy to help you work your way up to penetration with a larger toy, more fingers, or a penis. Like traditional anal beads, it also feels good to pull the Ripple out at the time of orgasm because the opening and closing of the sphincters as the beads are removed enhances the muscle spasms that happen when you get off!

If you’re looking for the many functions of the small Ripple, but are ready to size up, the large Ripple might be right for you!

Tantus Super Soft Stretchy C-Ring

Stretchy cock rings used to be considered disposable because they were made from materials that were hard to clean and ripped really easily. The Tantus Super Soft C-Ring is an excellent, durable, easy-to-clean alternative to single-use cock rings because it’s made of platinum silicone that provides both a tight grip and enough elasticity to take on and off comfortably without breaking.

There are a few things about the Tantus Super Soft C-Ring that just make it make sense as a cock ring. First, the ring is flat so it won’t roll off in use. Rounded cock rings can sometimes roll and shift in use, making them less comfortable for the wearer. The Super Soft C-Ring has a matte finish which makes it more comfortable to wear than other cock rings that have a more sticky or tacky glossy finish. The Super Soft C-Ring won’t pinch the skin or pull on hair in sensitive areas.

Using your favorite water-based lube can make the ring more comfortable for long term wear.

This is an excellent cock ring for beginners who are looking to enhance their erection but aren’t sure what size to get and don’t want to spend a ton of money. The internal diameter of the Super Soft stretches from 1.5” to 4.75” so it can accommodate different sizes. If the wearer wants to take it off in use or put it on after they’ve already got an erection, the stretchiness of this ring can usually make that possible very easily. Using your favorite water-based lube can help ease this process and make the ring more comfortable for long term wear.

One note about the Tantus Super Soft C-Ring is that it has a small seam on the inside that some people who are very sensitive to textures might be able to feel when they wear it. Though my partners have not been able to feel the seam in use, I have heard feedback that others can.

Overall, the Tantus Super Soft C-Ring is an excellent ring for beginners and experienced users alike. Its quality and durability will also cut back on the number of times you have to replace your cock ring. Check out the Vibrating Super Soft C-Ring for an easy way to incorporate vibration into your play. As a bonus, you can even put the vibrating c-ring on your favorite internal vibrator or dildo to turn it into a dual-action toy!

Tantus Flurry

The Tantus Flurry is a dual-density silicone dildo that has a pronounced head and a second pronounced ridge to make it a top choice for g-spot or p-spot play. The firm inner core is flexible enough to move with the body during play but firm enough to make insertion easy. The outer layer of silicone is very plush and squishy. The head is made entirely of the softer density silicone and the shaft has a thinner but substantial layer of the softer silicone coating the core. The sturdy base is backed by firmer silicone which makes it very stable in a harness.

Because it is so squishy and pliable, it might be easier for some people to insert...

This semi-representational dildo has a phallic shape but it’s made of either purple and white or pink and white silicone that doesn’t look like skin. The insertable length of the Flurry is 7” and the diameter goes up to 1.5” at the widest point. Though this dildo is not as big as some of Tantus’ extra-large toys, it is also not small by any means. However, because it is so squishy and pliable, it might be easier for some people to insert than other toys with a comparable girth.

I recommend the Flurry for people who enjoy a squishy texture that feels fleshy when it’s inside the body. The extra soft tip is great for folks who like deeper penetration but don’t like the sensation of anything too firm touching their cervix.

Tantus G-Force Dildo

Tantus’ selection of dildos with handles is brilliantly designed to make penetration more accessible and comfortable. The G-Force dildo in particular is one of my go-to dildos for both solo and partner play.

The G-Force is an excellent dildo for folks with larger bodies, shorter arms, and limited mobility. The insertable part of this dildo is 6” and the textured handle adds 4” of reach. I have particularly found this dildo a lot easier to use for solo play because I can grip the handle comfortably and reach past my belly with ease, so I don’t lose a lot of insertable length and am better able to angle the curve to hit my own g-spot. Being able to have a tighter grip on the handle is also both easier on my hands and makes it less likely that I will lose my grip and have the toy pop out during solo play.

The handle opens up many other possibilities for partner play.

This dildo doesn’t have a flared base, so it can’t be used in a harness, but the handle opens up many other possibilities for partner play. Besides being easier to hold manually than dildos with large bases, the additional length of the handle also makes it possible for you to penetrate a partner at unique angles and from closer or further distances. This means you get more options for positions and depth of penetration.

Tantus Pop N’ Play 

The Tantus Pop N’ Play is a multifunctional packer and squirting dildo that can be used for daily wear and for play. This silicone packer is soft and pliable enough to be worn under your clothes to create a bulge, though for the most comfortable packing experience, I would recommend wearing it with packing underwear or with snug briefs because since it’s designed to be usable during penetration, it has a tendency to pop up because it’s firmer and more erect than most packers.

The syringe and tubing that come with the Pop N’ Play are made of medical-grade materials which make this one of the most hygienic squirting toys available. The tubing can be easily removed from the packer for cleaning and reinserted when you’re ready for play. Pop N’ Play comes with 3 tips and 3 tubes, so you can replace them as needed. One very smart feature of the Pop N’ Play is that it has a slit on the side that you can run the tubing through so it sits flush against the body for more comfortable wear.

The Tantus Pop N' Play is great for blow jobs and hand jobs...

The insertable length of the Pop N’ Play is 4”, so as an insertable, it’s a great length for folks who prefer shallow penetration. I have found that it’s great for blow jobs and hand jobs, but it doesn’t work too well for me for strap-on play because a lot of the length gets lost when you take into account bellies and thighs, etc.

As a squirting toy, I like filling the syringe with my favorite hybrid lube for the aesthetic, but you can fill it with whatever you’d like, just remember not to use silicone lube with your silicone toys and if you’re using something other than lube, be careful with how the ingredients of the liquid you’re using will interact with someone’s internal anatomy or skin. The syringe looks kind of small at first, but I found that in use, the amount of fluid it holds works well for the ejaculation effect.

This is a fun product for gender affirmation and it can also be used by anyone who is looking for a squirting packer to incorporate into their sex toy repertoire.

Plunge Paddle

Silicone paddles can be deceiving because they look and feel soft to the touch. They are, however, some of the impact play toys that produce the most stinging sensations. I think the Tantus Plunge Paddle is an excellent piece to add to your kink collection because it’s so versatile and durable.

The Plunge Paddle is both a rectangular silicone paddle and a 6” insertable dildo for g-spot or p-spot play. The handle of this paddle has a very nice rounded and curved head perfect for reaching the spots while being firm enough so you can apply the firm pressure most p-spots and g-spots prefer.

The stinging sensations switch off well with bare-handed spanking to give your top’s hand a breather.

In use, the Plunge measures up. I especially like how this paddle delivers a lot of bite even without a ton of force. It’s truly an excellent toy for the person in your life who really enjoys sting and is a great asset to a top during longer sessions. I find that the stinging sensations switch off well with bare-handed spanking to give your top’s hand a breather.

My only qualm with the Plunge Paddle is that it has a small hole that goes through the head of the insertable part. Though it makes sense if you want to put something through it if you want to hang your paddle for display or storage, it does make it a little harder to clean. Though you can sanitize the paddle by boiling it, I would recommend using a q-tip to get any fluids out of the hole. That said, the fact that the paddle is boilable also makes it a tremendous asset to your toybox because it makes it much easier to share than a wood or leather impact play tool.

Tantus Fantasy Gag

The Tantus Fantasy Gag is one of my favorite gags for a number of reasons. First, the silicone part of the gag, which is the part that actually goes inside the mouth, can be completely removed from the leather straps so you can wash it thoroughly, and because it’s silicone, you can even boil it to sanitize it. The gag is shaped like the head of a penis, which can make for some really fun play and just looks really cool, and it also means it’s a little longer than some ball gags.

The removable leather straps of the Fantasy Gag have a velcro closure, so the gag is pretty easy to adjust. It’s also adjustable enough to fit a lot of different sizes of heads and lengths of hair!

Make sure you have an alternate method of communicating since your voice will be muffled.

This gag is great for both beginners and advanced players alike. My word of advice for anyone exploring a gag for the first time is to make sure you have an alternate method of communicating since your voice will be muffled. You can try a few different methods like holding something that will make a loud noise if you drop it or holding a squeaky toy that you can squeeze if you need to get your play partner’s attention.

Tantus Cone Squat

Tantus has a collection of XL toys that are designed specifically for advanced players who want to take their play to the next level. The Tantus Cone Squat is one of those toys! This toy is designed for advanced anal players that want to use a toy for stretching. The tip, which has a 1.125” diameter, is blunt, so I would highly recommend warming up with fingers or a more tapered toy to prepare for inserting this toy.

As the name suggests, one of the easiest ways to use the Cone Squat is by lowering your body onto it. Placing it on a solid flat surface like a chair will give you the most stability and leverage. The Cone Squat is a large cone-shaped piece of solid premium silicone that weighs about 3 pounds. It might be a bit unwieldy if you try to thrust it with your hands. The silicone is solid, but it’s not hard. Besides having a matte finish, it also has a tiny bit of squish when you squeeze it. At its widest, the Tantus cone is a whopping 5” in diameter.

Take it very slow and don’t force yourself to take more than your body is able to.

If you want to try out the Cone Squat, make sure you use plenty of lube and keep reapplying it as needed. Take it very slow and don’t force yourself to take more than your body is able to. Anal play should never hurt, so if you get to a point where stretching hurts, stop or do more warm-up. Like all Tantus toys, the Cone Squat is non-porous and can be thoroughly cleaned and shared.

Tantus products cover a wide array of categories and they have toys for all levels of experience. From the Small Ripple which starts out smaller than a fingertip to the Cone Squat which goes up to 5” in diameter, Tantus has got so many bases covered. I highly recommend browsing our Tantus selection for sex toys that will last you a lifetime. There’s probably something there that can meet your needs!

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