Top Toys Under $50

Looking For Toys On A Budget? You’ve Come To The Right Place!

So, you’ve been browsing for hours, trying to find the right sex toy. Maybe this is your first foray into the magical world of sex toys and tools, or maybe you’re a seasoned collector looking for a spicy new gadget. Wherever you are on the sex toy spectrum, no one can resist a good bargain.

Where is the sweet spot of safe, high quality toys that don’t gouge your wallet?

The price range of toys can certainly be daunting, especially for those who are just dipping their toes in! On the one hand, you have super inexpensive vibrators, which might cost less than $10. (Take this as a PSA to resist the urge to grab those! Body safety comes first, and toys made out of jelly and other ingredients used in these products are often not safe for internal use.) On the other end of the price spectrum, you’ve got futuristic sex machines worth a small fortune. Where is the sweet spot of safe, high quality toys that don’t gouge your wallet? Luckily for you, I have a lot of experience with toys and helping folks shop for them. Read on for my highlights of favorite toys for under $50, all available here at Spectrum.

Best Insertable Vibrator

Blush Gaia Eco Biodegradable & Recyclable Vibrator

You might be skeptical of a $12 vibrator, but fear not. The Gaia Eco is actually one of my all time favorites! It is, as everyone says, a great starter vibe. And, beyond my humble beginnings as a sex toy owner, it has found its way into my regular rotation. This vibe is nice and rumbly, with one simple on/off twist and multi speed function. Plus, you can use it as a dildo or as an external toy. The Gaia is super user friendly. If you are in the market for your first vibrator or smooth dildo, be sure to check this one out. (Plus, if you’re in the market for a bullet vibe, they also make a mini version!).

Best Dildo

Blush Temptasia Twist Set Of Three Silicone Dildos

My nomination for best dildo is actually a set of three! Honestly, what a steal. This kit includes three sizes of toys, which leaves plenty of room for exploration. I continually recommend this set to anyone new to penetration (whether anal or vaginal) or unsure of what length and girth feels comfortable for them. Even if you are not looking to test the waters with penetration, this is a great set of dildos to own. Maybe you consistently use the smallest for anal penetration and the largest for vaginal, the possibilities are endless! These dildos are also harnessable, which makes them great for strap on play. They’ve got suction cups, too, which opens up opportunities for placement on walls, mirrors, and more. Moreover, if you’re interested in texture without “representation” (penis-looking), this is a great option.

Best Anal Toy

Mood Naughty Pride Rainbow Anal Training Set

I firmly believe that anyone interested in anal penetration should purchase an anal training set. Anal newbies to fisting pros, everyone deserves this kit! Penetrative anal is all about taking your time and gradually moving up in terms of size. The tapered heads on these plugs make that process even easier. Plus, the design of the flared base is nice and comfortable on the body, allowing the wearer ease of movement (please only use toys with flared bases in your butt! Spectrum has clickable “anal friendly” tags on these types of toys). This specific anal training set is not only great for function, but also for fashion. I mean, come on with that pattern! Take it from a seasoned toy user, you’re much more likely to gravitate toward toys that visually excite you.

Best External Stimulation Toy

VeDO Yumi Compact Silicone Finger Vibrator

Calling all external stimulation lovers: this is your next favorite toy. It is not surprising that reviewers have a lot of good things to say about this vibrator— so do I! A highlight for me is the versatility of it. This vibrator is wonderful for external stimulation, both pinpointed and broad. It is also waterproof, making it great for bathtub play (perfect for folks who struggle to find private moments at home). This toy can go anywhere your fingers can reach (externally, that is). That means it is a good choice for general erogenous zone stimulation. Additionally, when it comes to external vibrators, ergonomics are important. This toy achieves that, with designated features for your fingers to grip. Whether you enjoy grinding, erogenous zone stimulation, or want something more from partnered sex, this toy might be a great fit for you.

Best Unique Material Toy

Curved Dual Ended Beaded Glass Dildo

Versatility, who? This dildo has a whole laundry list of options for play. Glass toys, unlike most plastic or silicone ones, have the capacity to be heated and cooled. Temperature play can not only be fun, but great for folks who struggle with painful penetration. Plus, this dildo can be used anywhere, because it’s anal safe. This toy is also dual ended, which means double the possibilities for exploration. One end of the dildo is curved, making it great for g-spot and prostate play. The other side features tapered bubbles, which, if you have yet to try, are fun and allow you to ease into length (think anal beads). Overall, if you’re looking for a unique, versatile toy, I would highly recommend adding this to your arsenal.

If you do happen to be hungry for more, check out Spectrum’s whole collection of Sex Toys Under $50.

Best Harness

Blush Temptasia Harness Brief Shorts

Do I love Blush? Clearly. But my love is not baseless. They have some great, budget-friendly products. One of those products is their harness briefs. I will try not to exaggerate here… this is the most comfortable harness you’ll ever wear. Unlike some harnesses, these do not come with a million straps that are difficult to untangle. Instead, they wear just like underwear or booty shorts. Also, these babies go up to 5X in sizing, which is wonderful. For functionality’s sake, the O ring in these briefs makes them compatible with most dildos and packers. They also (of course) have some extra pockets for a little vibe or bumper. Overall, a great buy, whether or not you’re trying to stick to under $50!

Best Lubricant

Sliquid Sassy Water Based Anal Lube

This is not a toy, but I will promote it whenever I can. If you’re purchasing any toys you plan on using clothes-less, buy this lube! It is the longest lasting water based lube I have tried to date, and it deserves a spot in your toy chest.

Well, there it is, laid bare, my collection of the top toys under $50. Hopefully you’ve found something to love. I give them all my stamp of approval, and I’ve tried a lot of different toys. Whether or not you’re on a budget, these toys are all great for exploration and opportunity. If you do happen to be hungry for more, check out Spectrum’s whole collection of Sex Toys Under $50.

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