Juicy AF Pill Supplements to Increase Arousal and Wetness

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Looking to make your WAP even Wetter? Designed to help vulva owners increase arousal, wetness, enhance orgasms and sexual appetite. 1 Capsule has been scientifically designed to increase sensitivity and lubrication. Specifically formulated to promote vaginal lubrication which can enhance pleasure with longer and more frequent orgasms. Drink at least 16 ounces of water when taking the capsule.

How to use. Take 1 capsule with 8-10 ounces of water 30-45 minutes prior to sexual activity. For best results, take 1 hour apart from other supplements and/or medications. Effects are felt only upon stimulation. Do not exceed 1 capsule every 24 hours. Consult a physician prior to taking if you have heart problems.

Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Use as directed. Consult a physician before using. Do not use if you take any other medications or have any medical condition such as heart disease, high blood pressure, seizures, stroke, cancer, liver failure, severe headaches, allergies, or any other condition. Stop using immediately if undesirable effects develop. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not take if you are pregnant. Store this product in a cool and dry place. If you are currently under treatment for ANY medical conditions, please consult your physician before taking Minx. Some Ingredients might flare herpes or HPV

Each herbal supplement has different effects for different individuals based on work habits, body type and size, age, daily activities, lifestyle, and even food! Try these steps if pills don't work: Take pills on an almost empty stomach and eat very lightly afterward. If you have a full stomach, there will be more blood circulating in your digestive system rather than where you need it to be during the intercourse. Drink lots of water, 12 to 25 ounces at least. Foreplay is very important, longer foreplay prepares the body and increases blood circulation. Don't stress about it! These are only suggestions and not medical advice and should be treated only as suggestions.

  • Ingredients: Proprietary Blend: Den Seng Extract, Go Ji Extract, Atractylodes, Cinnamon Bark, Cordyceps Sinensis, Dismutase, Licorice, Dang Gui, Comus, Cuscuta, Codonopsis, Rubus, Panax Ginseng, Pueraria Lobata, Superoxide Dismutase.