KegelBell Pelvic Floor Muscle Weight Training Kit

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Welcome to the pelvic floor gym! No apps or chargers are needed for this innovative system designed to help strengthen the pelvic floor. Strong PC muscles are able to both expand and contract with more control, and can even enhance sensation during sex. When the muscles of the pelvic floor are strong, the body can also prevent bladder leakage. Kegelbell is even an FDA-registered device! Within just a few minutes, a few times a week, you can prevent the natural weakening of the pelvic floor muscles that, when ignored or forgotten, leads to frustrating symptoms that affect so many of us. Kegelbell includes 2 differently-sized inserts and 3 weights, allowing for up to 16 combinations for a workout. The silicone bulb (2 sizes) is inserted like a tampon with a weight attached at the end. The body's natural reaction to grasp at the bulb allows your pelvic floor muscles to contract automatically. You may need to experiment first to find out the size and weight that's right for you. Performed 3 times per week for only 5 minutes at a time will can help greatly improve your pelvic floor strength. Will it feel like a workout? Yes, probably, but that's a good thing and part of the fun! The three weights and two insert bulbs combine to give you 8 to 16 training levels that go in 30-gram increments from 30 to 250 grams. Weights: 30g, 60g & 120g Insert Sizes: 30mm/30g & 35mm/40g
  • Silicone (inserts) & silicone rimmed zinc alloy metal (weights)
  • Detailed instruction booklet and storage bag
  • Compatible with hybrid and water based lubes
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