Living Libations Petal Primer Yoni Oil

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Take the utmost care for your body with Living Libations oil that can bring your body care to a whole new level. Tone the delivate tissues of your vulva with the Petal Primer Yoni oil. This organic serum is ideal to be enjoyed daily or weekly to tone and strengthen vulva tissue and during pregnancy to prepare body. This pleasant preparatory massage blend is perfect to be used in the three months leading up to birth (or before). Massaging regularly with this revitalizing serum will aid in coaxing the tissue to stretch. Perineal massage is an ancient midwife tradition.

Directions: Perineal massage may be performed individually or with a partner. If you will be serving as your own masseuse, be sure to have a mirror handy so you can become better acquainted with your perineal area. While perineal massage is effective in many cases, it is not a guaranteed practice. Be sure to discuss your expectations concerning tearing and episiotomies with your doctor or midwife. Patch test inside the elbow before applying to more sensitive skin.

  • 30 ML/li>
  • Oil Based
  • Not compatible with latex and non-latex condoms/barriers
  • Ingredients: Jojoba, Seabuckthorn Berry, Calendula, Tamanu, Saint Johnswort, Vitamin D3, Lavender, Rose Otto, Cape Chamomile, Cypress, Frankincense
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