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Masturbation Month

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What is Masturbation May?

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Masturbation May is a great time to touch yourself, treat yourself, and get to know yourself a little better! This masturbation month (and every day, tbh), we encourage and celebrate all types of solo play. Whether you’re a solo sexpert, first time explorer, or somewhere in between, this month offers an added incentive to explore more of your body, seek new forms of pleasure, or switch up your routine. There’s no right way to masturbate and solo sex doesn’t have to be a race to the big O. Explore new pathways to solo pleasure by experimenting with nipple play, anal play, new toys, and more.

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Touch yourself with robots

Rub, vibrate, put it inside, wrap it around, put it outside, slip, stimulate...Just a few of our favorite things.

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ZOE top 5 tips for solo play

Try a Variety of Stimulation We all like different stuff! You may be under the impression that masturbation happens in a specific type of way based on your genital configuration and what we see in porn and movies, but there is no limit to the ways you can self-stimulate! Clits can be stroked and jacked off, and penises can be rubbed and vibrated. If you don’t like manual stimulation, toys are a wonderful way to add some variety. Ultimately, do what YOU want to do, not what you think you’re supposed to do. Be patient! Goal-oriented thinking is a great way to scare off an orgasm. Solo playtime can be a great opportunity to float and drift instead of going through the motions that inevitably lead to orgasm. Lie under the tub faucet and soak in the goodness! Put a vibe on its lowest setting and watch something erotic! As arousal builds --or plateaus --focus on all the different sensations and try to stay present in your body instead of drifting off into planning, worrying, or wherever your brain wants to go. Change venues! If you love masturbating in the exact same position in the exact same place, hey, go for it. But in the spirit of becoming a more versatile masturbator, you may enjoy the challenge of changing your environment, or how you interact with it. Are you used to lights off? Try lights on. Are you usually horizontal? Prop yourself up a bit or try a different position. While there is certainly no requirement to experiment, it can make the entire experience feel new, and as humans, we crave novelty. Watch (or listen) to porn Perhaps porn is already a part of your solo playtime, but adding visual or audio stimulation can heighten the experience even further. “Good porn” has a different meaning to everyone, but just make sure you are paying for your pornand supporting performers/content creators directly if that’s an option. You can find performers who appeal to you on Twitter, or directly on the websites that host their content. Interact with different body parts We’re often told that solo play primarily concerns the genitals. While playing with our genitals and butts is certainlya fun time, there are many other body parts that can be a part of solo playtime. The chest and nipples can be a world of fun, and you can even play around with solo-bondage.

Why Solo Play Rules

If there’s anything we’ve learned after over a year of social distancing, it’s that pleasure doesn’t always have to come from outside of ourselves. There’s something very powerful about claiming our autonomous sexual selves and learning new ways of connecting with our bodies that feel good, nourishing, and fulfilling. Solo play can be a time of self-discovery, an opportunity to learn more about what types of touch and stimulation are pleasurable to our bodies. We get to focus attention on our senses and sensations and enjoy the journey toward pleasure (and possibly orgasms!) by taking the slow scenic route if we so choose.

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Celebrate Masturbation May with Spectrum Boutique and Fun Factory!

Join Spectrum Sex Educator, Carly S. and our friends at Fun Factory for tips on finding and expanding your orgasm! We’ll share creative tips and tricks that you can use tonight on your journey to becoming orgasmic, having multiple orgasms, or learning ways to shift from goal-oriented solo play to pleasure mapping!

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