Oxballs Drain-O Flow-Thru Gape Training Silicone Butt plug

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On the hunt for a butt plug to give you that max-stretch feeling, no matter the size you choose. DRAIN-O has a pencil-thick airhole vent through the center of the plug. This feature helps stabilize the pressure inside and out. That feeling when you want a plug to stay put but your muscles want to expel it is partly built-up pressure behind the plug, this feature aids with that. There is also “double seal” with one flare at the tip and then a second lip halfway to the base. There are also subtle indentations around the middle that helps the lube and air front to back and help the plug to stay centered and keeps twisting to a minimum.

Hand-poured in small batches, finished in Los Angeles California, USA. Measurements are as accurate as possible; the liquid silicone toys are handmade so slight size variations can occur.

Small Length: 4.75" Small Diameter: 1.56"- 2.26" Small Air-Flow hole: .3" Large Length: 5.5" Small Air-Flow hole: .3" Large Air-Flow hole: 1.83"- 2.71"
  • Silicone
  • Compatible with hybrid and silicone lubes