Pot Luck Kit

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Hash It Out Smoker Discussion Party Game   + $0
Stoner Vibes Wacky Leaf Print Wand Massager   + $0
On Hemp Seed Oil Arousal Stimulating Oil for All Erogenous Zones   + $0
Edible Lickable Vanilla Leafy Brownie Pasties   + $0

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Pot Luck Kit
Pot Luck Kit

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    Need an all in one kit for the stoner in your life? Start with the Hash It Out party game where players take turns selecting one of the 50 joint discussion sticks and reading it aloud. As if your lover needs any more reason to lick your nipples, these sexy Lickable Vanilla Leafy Brownie Pasties will keep them coming back for more. The benefits of hemp seed oil extract are added to ON Hemp, a popular stimulating oil. Deeply moisturizing oil hydrates and soothes. Using ON Arousal Oil, can help your erogenous zones respond more easily to physical stimulation, and help you get more full-body awareness that can in turn raise your arousal. The classic wand massager just even more lit! The Stoner Vibes Wacky Leaf Print Wand Massager offers deep, satisfying, external vibrations at both low and high speeds for a truly mind-blowing trip! This vibrant and fun leaf design plugs into a wall outlet so you never have to go without. Light one up and enjoy!