Spicy Holiday Shopping Guide

There's a fine line between sexy Christmas gifts that are actually sexy and ones that miss the mark. You know your giftee best, so use your intuition! To help narrow it down, here are some of the most popular items in every category to get your creative juices flowing.


Bliss Club: Sex Tips for Creative Lovers. Perfect for lovers just learning each other’s preferences to those looking for new ways to explore this book will show you new ways to touch every erogenous zone. Including ones you might not have even considered exploring before. Perfect even for those looking for new ways to explore their own bodies.



nJoy G-Spot Pure Wand. Simplicity is its strength. The Pure Wand is a must-have for a reason. Its weight and curve weigh itself onto the G/P spot and put pressure so its user can apply pressure and wring out their sponge essentially.


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Rechargeable Magic Wand Vibrator. This toy has been called a universal pleasure device for a reason. You’ll find more people who love this vibe than people who don’t like it, and if for some reason the recipient of this gift doesn’t want a high-powered vibrator, they get an amazing body massager. Still a win in my book!



Mood Naughty Pride Rainbow Anal Training Set. Confetti makes an appearance again with this graduated anal set perfect for those exploring their backdoor.


Think back to conversations you have had with your partner about things you’ve wanted to try. Then you can get them a gift to make their sexiest fantasy come true. It’s not about the amount of money you spend, but the thought you put into your gift!


Tenga Spinner Spiral Masturbation Cup. The internal coil makes the Tenga Spinner twist as you stroke, delivering unbelievable sensations with each thrust. Each color is a different texture so you pick your adventure.


#7. BDSM

Kink Spike 3 Wheel Metal Pinwheel. Send tingles up and down your partner’s spine. Spike produces a variety of tantalizing sensations and effects depending on the pressure applied.


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