Guide to Suction Sex Toys

Sex toys for clitoral and external stimulation have evolved rapidly in the last few years. Vibrators are no longer the only option for intense external play. Check out our guides to suction toys which explore everything from air pressure stimulators, also known as clit suckers, to pumps designed for all different erogenous zones. Learn how to choose, use, and enjoy the world of suction sex toys!

How To Use Clit Suckers

Clit suckers, air pulse, suction toys… these sex toys offer intense, clitoral stimulation for quick climax!

Clit Suckers vs. Vibrators

Learn the difference between classic vibrators and new air pressure stimulators, aka clit suckers!

How To Use Pumps

Learn how to use clit, nipple, and penis pumps for firmer and enlarged erogenous areas!

Air Pressure Toys vs. Pump Toys

Are you confused about the differences between air pulse / clit suction toys and pumps? Curious about the way they work? Check out this guide to learn more.