Gender-affirming items are tools that can be used to express or experiment with gender. Gender is a social construct! Whether you’re gender fluid, non-binary, transgender, queer, or cisgender, these items are designed to help us feel as much ourselves as possible. We’ve got packers that are great for trans guys or anyone wanting a bulge — and stand to pee (STP) devices make a great addition for those packing and for anyone who wants to make peeing easier while standing. Harnesses can be used for any type of strap-on play, but they’re great for packing too! While we don’t carry clothing for compression, you can browse our recommendations for great place to find compression garments. And while dilators can be used for anyone needing a set of graduated insertables, dilation sets are a must have for anyone who has had a vaginoplasty for gender confirmation surgery. While these aren’t the only tools one can use for gender affirmation, these items are a huge help for many!