About Us

Spectrum Boutique is a sex-positive toy store that has a no-nonsense approach to sexuality and sexual education.
Our Mission
Since Spectrum is geared towards all identities, we avoid gendering our products or telling people how our toys are “supposed” to be used. There’s no such thing as a toy that’s solely “for couples only” or “just for women”, everything in our store can be used by anybody! By being totally transparent about sex, health, and relationships, our hope is that sexuality will become a topic we can discuss without fear or shame.
Our Beginnings
We are based in Detroit, and have been in business since 2015. Our selection of toys and personal care products are 100% body safe and carefully curated by Zoë Ligon, a celebrated sex educator, journalist and “Dildo Duchess”. We believe that fulfilling your sexual desires is a very important self-affirmation and human right. We welcome all identities, curiosities, and experience levels!

Delve into a world of comprehensive sexual education with our curated selection of sex books, offering sex-positive education and empowerment. One standout recommendation is "Carnal Knowledge" by Zoe Ligon, an insightful exploration of sex tips & tricks that is inclusive, and educational. In addition to providing top notch sex education, Carnal Knowledge is filled with colorful and artful photography. This book, alongside others, serves as a valuable guide to sexual pleasure and understanding. From an introduction to dildos to the intricacies of a manual penis pump and vulva manuals, our collection caters to various desires. Whether you're seeking a guide to anal sex, BDSM wisdom, or body positivity books, our curated assortment ensures a well-rounded and informative journey. Embark on a path of self-discovery and heightened intimacy with these resources, each page a gateway to a richer understanding of the diverse realms of human sexuality.
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