Dildos are sex toys that are designed for internal stimulation and can be used in an array of ways. All of our soft dildos are made of body-safe silicone and some have a very lifelike feel. Some of our dildos are vibrating dildos and can add stimulation during penetration. We have representational dildos which are sex toys that are designed to resemble penises and non-representational dildos which come in an array of shapes and colors. Most of our dildos are harness-compatible strap-on dildos. Double-ended dildos are great for couples where both partners want to experience penetration. Dildos made from hard materials like stainless steel or Pyrex are excellent sex toys for g-spot or prostate stimulation. Packing dildos or pack-and-play toys are flexible or poseable so they can be worn to pack more discreetly, so you can wear your dildo on the go or use your dildo for packing.
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